Nanye Tuoshis first show 9 times of losing the ball right is encouraged: I am very satisfied

 Nanye Tuoshis first show 9 times of losing the ball right is encouraged: I am very satisfied

On December 19, Liverpool announced the arrival of Topo Nanye. Due to the relevant regulations of the Football Association, Topo Nanye can not officially represent Liverpool until today. Klopper has a high expectation for Tano, so he will start the game immediately today. This game, dregs uncle to the lineup has made the substantial rotation, the south field rubbings with origi, Eliot partner front line.

Liverpool fans should remember that 2 years ago, Van Dijk also made Liverpools debut against Everton in the FA Cup, when he made a perfect debut in that game. This time, will nanyo topology shine like Van Dyck? Unfortunately, such a thing did not happen. In the 70 minutes of playing, Ono worked hard and ran a lot, but he didnt cooperate with his teammates.

In Salzburg Red Bulls time, Nanye TOPO can obtain a lot of ball rights, but he does not have such treatment in Liverpool at present. In todays game, after several times of Nan ye Tuoshis running out of position, his teammates failed to pass the ball to his feet. It seems that Nanye has to win the support and trust of his teammates if he wants to play well.

Nanyos best chance of the game came in the 34th minute. Origi in the left cross, the middle of the restricted area of the south field Toushi jump header, but he did not grab the landing point, can only watch the ball from the top of the head. In the 70th minute, Nan Ye was replaced by Chamberlain. Two minutes later, Liverpool scored. Chamberlains threat of attack was significantly greater than that of the Japanese star after replacing Ono.

Data statistics show that Nanye touch the ball 33 times, pass 19 times, pass success rate is 86%, shoot once, lose the ball right 9 times. British media gave him a low score, only 6.2 points. From the data point of view, Nan Yes debut is obviously not perfect, but the British media pointed out that this is understandable. After all, Nan Yes last official game was on December 10, and his running in time with the whole Liverpool team is too short.

The heat map shows that today, Nan Ye mainly works on the right side of the road, which may not be what he is good at. Next, uncle Zha has to think about how to use Nanye topology. After the sky sports match, he commented on nanyos debut: he is very active. It seems that klopper likes him very much. He will be an important attacking choice for Liverpool. In the second half, he seemed to disappear. Despite some shortcomings, this is not a bad start. He will have more wonderful nights at Anfield in the future

In an interview, klopper praised Nanye Toushi: his performance is outstanding, top-level, just the kind of player we want. Its his first show in our team and its very difficult. In addition, the squad we have chosen today has only practiced twice in training class. In such a case, nanyo topology shows his excellent understanding of the game, excellent football skills, excellent attitude, I like it very much.

Why did you replace Nanye? Uncle Zha explained: he doesnt look tired. However, we are not very familiar with him, so we have to save some time. I think he just started.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656