Wok? Mourinho: Mibos goal was offside and the ball was too light

 Wok? Mourinho: Mibos goal was offside and the ball was too light

Middlesbrough are currently only 16th in the championship, far behind Tottenham on paper. In this game, Tottenham arranged for most of the main starters and did not rotate too much. In the game, Tottenhams possession rate is over 70%, the whole team shoots 14 times, while mildsburg only has 6 shots, but both teams shoot 4 times, and the first goal is Middlesbrough.

Due to the absence of Kane due to injury, the Spurs can only partner Lucas and sun xingxuan on the front line in this game. Mourinho said: we created a lot of scoring opportunities, but only scored one goal in the end. The players have done their best, but you cant make little Lucas or sun Xingyun a No. 9 like Kane. Obviously, every minute of Kanes absence is a huge loss for us, but we have to accept and try something else, we have to play well with the players we have

Middlesbrough coach Woodgate played for Tottenham in his time as a player, and Mourinho joked: Woodgate can send two teams in the rematch to show his love for Tottenham. We dont have time to feel disappointed or cry, we have to react quickly. 1-1 is not a disaster. We have a chance to play again at home

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