29 year old man: he suffered from schizophrenia

 29 year old man: he suffered from schizophrenia

Never forget your face again

Crazy Temptation

December 22, 2019

Qingdao Public Security Bureau subway branch

The police station of Qingdao station has finished

A case of indecency

Its like this:

Not long ago, Ms. Wang, a passenger, called the police at May Fourth Square Station.

It turns out that when she and her friend Ms. Lin were waiting for the train at the platform, a young man suddenly hugged her from behind.

Terrified, Ms. Wang pushed away. Just then, the subway came. She and her friends quickly stepped into the carriage.

Its not over

Police soon received a call from the passenger, Ms. Xue.

At that time, Ms. Xue was also waiting for the bus with her friends, and a strange man came forward to chat up. As he was talking, he suddenly put his hands on Ms. Xues shoulders and tried to kiss her.

Ms. Xue pushed the man away and bravely reprimanded him for his indecency.

In broad daylight

At the subway station

How dare you stretch out your hand

Big brother, you want to go to heaven

The police soon arrived at the scene

Take the suspect back to the police office

Its him, Du

29, unmarried

Du Mou confession

That day in search of excitement

He rushed to the platform and hugged

Miss Wang waiting for the bus

After they broke away quickly

He forced Ms. Xue into his arms again

When the evidence is confirmed, Dus family members appear They provided the police station with a medical record of Dus early schizophrenia. But whether there was a mental problem at the time of the crime can not be explained by a medical record.

Later, the police took du to Qingdao mental health center judicial appraisal office.

After identification, Du did not have mental symptoms at the time of the crime, and has criminal responsibility ability.

Finally, according to Article 44 of the law of the peoples Republic of China on penalties for public security administration, Du was detained for 15 days.

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