The cause of SARS has been eliminated in Wuhan

 The cause of SARS has been eliminated in Wuhan

According to the epidemiological survey, some of the patients were operating households in South China Seafood City (South China seafood wholesale market). Up to now, preliminary investigation shows that there is no clear evidence of human to human transmission and no infection of medical staff. Influenza, avian influenza, adenovirus, SARS and mers have been eliminated.

At present, with the support of the state and Hubei Province, Wuhan city has taken the following main prevention and control measures: first, to treat the patients with all strength; second, to carry out isolation treatment for all cases; third, to continue to carry out relevant case search and retrospective investigation in the citys medical institutions; fourth, to seriously carry out close contact tracking, and to implement medical observation for the close contacts that have been tracked according to the regulations, At present, no abnormal symptoms such as fever have been found; the fifth is to take off-season measures for South China Seafood City, and carry out environmental health disposal and further hygiene investigation; the sixth is to actively carry out epidemiological investigation; the seventh is to carry out pathogen identification (including nucleic acid detection and virus isolation and Culture) and etiology tracing, and the prevention and control work is in order.

Experts suggest that at present, it is in the season of high incidence of infectious diseases in winter and spring. We should pay attention to keep indoor air circulation, avoid to the closed and airless public places and places where people are concentrated. If necessary, we can wear masks. If there are fever and respiratory tract infection symptoms, especially the persistent fever, you should go to the medical institution in time.

Source: responsible editor of China Youth Daily: Geng Yiwen, nj6040