After Teslas localization, the price of model 3 may be as low as 197000

 After Teslas localization, the price of model 3 may be as low as 197000

According to data reviewed by Securities Daily, in the first three quarters of 2019, Tesla delivered 255200 vehicles worldwide, exceeding the sales volume of the whole year of 2018. Among them, model 3 delivered 208200 vehicles, accounting for 82% of the total sales volume.

In particular, Teslas revenue in the U.S. market during the same period was $3.127 billion, down 39.08% year-on-year; in China, Teslas revenue in China reached $669 million, up 64% year-on-year. Thanks to the strong performance of the Chinese market, Tesla turned a loss into a profit in the third quarter.

According to the report of securities companies, as the production cost of domestic model 3 is 20% to 28% lower than that of American model, the gross profit margin of domestic model 3 is significantly higher than that of American model 3.

The reporter noted that at present, the price of domestic model 3 after subsidy is 29905000 yuan. If the price is reduced by 27% to 34%, the lowest price of domestic model 3 will be 197000 yuan. In this way, the domestic brand of new energy vehicles will undoubtedly usher in a positive impact.

Not long ago, Tesla China officially announced that the price of domestic model 3 was officially reduced by 32000 yuan. With the national subsidy of 2475000 yuan, the original price of 355800 yuan of domestic model 3 standard endurance upgraded model was lowered to below 300000 yuan.

For example, in the power assembly part, although Ganfeng lithium, a manufacturer of lithium compounds and metal lithium in China, has entered the Tesla supply chain, it mainly provides the raw materials of automotive battery lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

In comparison, in the field of lithium battery pack and other key parts, the local battery pack supplied by domestic Tesla models started production at the end of December last year, carrying Panasonic and LG products; in the aspect of complex firmware such as electronic power steering, Tesla uses Tier1 such as Bosch; in the aspect of BMS and automatic driving researched by Tesla, it is difficult to find Chinese suppliers.

He said Tesla has established a supply chain system from scratch, providing quality endorsement for a group of new parts suppliers. In the future, it will bring demonstration effect to traditional fuel vehicle enterprises, traditional electric vehicle enterprises and new forces of vehicle building.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Daily: Yang qian_nf4425