Jin Canrong: US targeted assassination of Iranian generals is actually a sign of incompetence

 Jin Canrong: US targeted assassination of Iranian generals is actually a sign of incompetence

Jin Canrong: today, the United States used drones and Hellfire missiles to kill general Sulaimani, the leader of Irans Holy City Brigade, and the leader of Iraqi Shiite leaders and Shiite militias, also known as peoples mobilization force, at Baghdad airport in Iraq. This is a major event this year. Its not a good omen that this kind of bloody event will occur in the third decade of the 21st century, that is, just at the beginning of 2020.

From the normal logic, both Irans Holy City Brigade and Iraqs Shiite militia will take revenge measures, and the conflict will be a little intensified, which should be very unfavorable to regional stability.

People burn American and Israeli flags

As we all know, the holy city brigade is an important force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which has been very active in recent years. In fact, the best way for the United States is to negotiate. If we dont negotiate, the United States needs to contain or eliminate this power. Only to get rid of his representative figures, only to intensify the contradictions, can not solve the problem, because after Sulaimani left, there must be leaders behind. 60% of Iraqs population is Shiite, most of which are pro Iranian. The assassination of the leader of the Shiite military organization in Iraq is intolerable to them.

I think there are at least two contradictions.

The contradiction between the United States and Iran. In particular, the contradictions with Irans radicals will rise, and the conflicts between the United States and Iraqs Shiite militias will intensify. Its a general inference, but its hard to predict what will happen in the future. Things in the Middle East are hard to predict. What we can see is that conflicts will rise.

Theres another point to comment on. The American way of dealing with this problem is more domineering. We in China, including some Eastern countries, are willing to talk about conflicts and solve problems through some kind of interest exchange and concession. This is more favorable for problem solving. But the American way is to crush people with strength. Force rolling itself is not a good way to solve the problem.

This kind of assassination should have a bad effect. It may arouse peoples anger. Its better to negotiate. Its OK to overwhelm the other side militarily, because its only a targeted assassination. This should not be what a superpower should do. It seems normal for a country like Israel to do so, because it is relatively small and surrounded by many enemies. We can fight with this method. But the United States is a superpower, not a leader. In this regard, we can compare Chiang Kai-shek and Chairman Maos initial battle in the war of liberation. Chairman Mao engaged in ideological movement and education. Chiang Kai Shek directly assassinated Wen Yiduo and Li Gongpu with a single bullet. Its political consequences are too great. This way should not be what a big politician should do.

The U.S. has a wrong way of thinking and solving the problem. The physical attack on the other side in the form of assassination will be imitated. So intuitively and logically, it will certainly intensify the conflicts among the important forces such as the United States, Iraq and Iran. So the Middle East will be in turmoil for a while. Today we see that the international oil market has responded.

Increase in oil price and gold

Oil prices and gold prices are starting to rise, which is not very good for us. Because we all know that China is the largest oil importer, the cost of driving is going to be higher, and the cost of resource import for many enterprises will also increase. Although we are not directly related parties, we have indirect influence. Chinese companies should be prepared for rising oil prices and regional turmoil.

Reporter: some netizens said that bin Laden has given us a favorable opportunity for 10 years of peaceful development, and the Arab world has given us another 10 years. Can the United States and Iran work together this time to create another 10 years of peaceful development for China? Will it be better for China from this point of view?

Jin Canrong: maybe we Chinese people cant think from that angle.

China is a big country. All our strategies should start from ourselves and do our own work well. Build up your body and internal skill, so that you can deal with all difficulties. So I believe that our Chinese leaders look at the issue from this perspective. The key is to do your own business well, rather than rely on external opportunities.

Because as a human being, we will seize opportunities outside. As a strategic planner and policy maker, we must first base ourselves on our country. To do well in everything, to do well in economy, to strengthen the capacity-building and governance capacity-building of modern countries, and to unite the hearts of the people of our country are the prerequisite for all problems to be solved. In strategic planning, we should not rely too much on external opportunities that cannot be controlled. We should focus on ourselves when making policies. But if there is an opportunity outside, it must be grasped, but how to do it is what the diplomatic community should consider. I think the general principles of our government still hope that contradictions can be controlled.

Then I think it should be denounced that the United States used force and drones to assassinate the military leaders of political figures of the other side. This is not in accordance with public international law. If we all follow suit, it is bound to enter the Warring States period, and the world is in chaos. There will be no escape from the great chaos in the world.

I think our government can condemn this, but it doesnt have to be too positive. Denounce the act itself, and then express a position of hope to solve the problem through negotiation, and if there are contradictions, please sit down and talk.. Then the long-term strategy focuses on strengthening internal skills. At the international level, we should also maintain a basic stance, that is, to encourage peace talks and condemn those acts that undermine peace and intensify conflicts.

At least morally. And Ive just repeatedly said that if we rely on assassination to restrict our opponents, this is not the image of a superpower. Its not right for small countries to do so, but its understandable. In fact, it is a sign of incompetence. I dont think its very dignified if you are a big country with a strong ability and cant do this. So the U.S. claims to be a high-tech, long-range rocket attack using drones, which is essentially an assassination. Its the same as sniper shots from a distance. Although the factors are a little modern, the essence is the same. In terms of status, if we dont say it in violation of international law, the United States, as a superpower, has done a very shameful job.

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