Press undercover childrens massage class: students can get the certificate in three days without foundation

 Press undercover childrens massage class: students can get the certificate in three days without foundation

According to a survey conducted by a reporter from Beijing News, the pediatric massage industry that relies on no injection, no medicine and pure Chinese medicine as propaganda is flourishing everywhere. Behind the popularity of the industry, there are so-called three-day quick success and zero Foundation Certificate training institutions, as well as numerous childrens massage practitioners with questionable qualifications.

Located in Changping District, Beijing, China push United (Beijing) medical research institute is one of many fast-growing training institutions. Its main thrust is three-day fast-growing childrens massage training. After graduation, you can obtain the childrens massage teacher certificate with working qualification. In December 18, 2019, the reporter went undercover into his 3 day intensive training class for pediatric massage. In class, the teacher teaches massage techniques for different childrens diseases, and admonishes the students never say treatment, because we have no qualification certificate for practicing medicine. However, the treatment effect of massage is suggested many times in class, massage for children to reduce fever, even faster than infusion. After the 3-day training, some students who are going home to open a massage shop still dont know where the childrens acupoints are.

Sun Wuquan, director of the massage department of Yueyang integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Affiliated to Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine, said that the treatment of childrens massage requires years of study to obtain the qualification certificate of licensed doctor. After only three days of training, it is impossible at all. Without the qualification certificate of licensed doctor, diagnosis and treatment can be carried out. Even under the banner of health care, it is illegal to practice medicine.

According to LV Dongsheng, executive vice president of Beijing Traditional Massage Therapy Research Association, at present, there is a large demand for childrens health care market, but there are few employees with real medical background. Coupled with the lack of supervision, childrens massage industry is full of chaos.

u25b2 on December 20, 2019, the three-day intensive course of childrens massage has not been completely completed, and the students have obtained the graduation certificate. Intern sun chaophotographed

Massage Market: cold, fever and other diseases can be cured

At the end of November last year, Xiaoyun, a 14 month old girl in Xian, had a slight cough. Her family took her to the community health service center near the community. At the suggestion of the community doctor, Xiao Yun did massage. 15 minutes after leaving the hospital, Xiao Yun had a strange appearance, with bloody nose and purple lips. The family rushed Xiaoyun to the emergency room. After 27 hours of ineffective rescue, he died of multiple organ failure.

About a month before the incident, Xiao Yun had a physical examination. All indicators on the form are normal without disease. Family members are wondering why something happened after massage? In nearly 20 minutes of massage, the family heard Xiaoyuns scream. At the end, Xiaoyuns face was red. Family members believe that the last massage before death resulted in the death of the child. After that, Xiao Yuns family members agreed to carry out the cause of death appraisal after consultation with the hospital involved. At present, they are waiting for the result of judicial appraisal.

After the death of Xian infant massage, infant massage has become the focus of public opinion. In December 2019, a reporter from Beijing News visited many childrens massage shops in Beijing, and found that most of them were open in residential areas or office buildings, and many adult massage shops and post natal repair shops also started childrens massage business.

Li Yun, an assistant of a chain of childrens push shop near Guangqumen, said that childrens massage can save their children from injection and medicine, without any side effects. Fever can be cured after three times of general conditioning, the diseases on the price list can be cured, no problem..

Reporters from the shop price list see a variety of diseases, in addition to the regular fever, cold, tonsillitis, tracheitis, vision correction, and even emotional instability, inattention are also listed in the table. One time of predisposition and hyperactivity conditioning was 268 yuan, and one time of psychological intervention was 368 yuan, lasting about 20 minutes.

Many shop assistants said that they had studied for several years and obtained the certificate of pediatric masseur before engaging in this industry. But in the reporters visit, the person in charge of the massage shop said that he could recommend learning, get the certificate in a few days and go to work in the shop.

New Beijing News reporter network search found that there are hundreds of children massage training institutions in the network enrollment, most of the training period is about a week, the shortest only needs 3 days. These training institutions also promise that after training, they can obtain vocational certificates with qualification issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security.

The reporter checked the above certificate information provided by some training institutions and found that the issuing unit is actually national personnel training network. The network staff confirmed to reporters that they have indeed issued the certificate of pediatric massage teacher, but only to prove that you have been trained, does not mean that you have the qualification to work..

u25b2 in the office building of China push United (Beijing) Medical Research Institute, the 3-day quick course of pediatric massage is here for teaching. Intern sun chaophotographed

Training institution: Zero basic trainees, 3-day quick child massage teacher

Among many childrens massage training institutions, a series of advertising words named China push United (Beijing) Medical Research Institute attracted the attention of the reporter: childrens massage 3-day quick completion, 5-minute fast childrens massage, can treat a variety of diseases, saving children is saving the future.

Yu, a staff member of the training institution, told reporters that childrens massage can save them from the trouble of injection and medicine. It only takes 5 minutes for massage to treat fever, asthma, tracheitis and other diseases.

According to the course publicity materials, the students are taught to replace acupuncture with finger points and medicine with acupoints. The effect of childrens massage is achieved in one minute and the operation is completed in five minutes. Cold, cough, massage 1 time effective, fever 5 minutes effective, suppurative tonsillitis 3 days high fever basically cured.

Yu told reporters that the training fee was 4800 yuan. Our teachers are different from others. This class can really teach you how to treat diseases.. He also promised that after the training, he could apply for the certificate of child massage issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security at the expense of money.

Does this so-called Medical Research Institute really study medicine? Yu said that the China push United Medical Research Institute is not a medical research institute, but a training company.

Industrial and commercial information shows that the company was founded in 2012 and its legal representative is Pang Zhenhua. The business scope of the company includes medical research, economic information consultation, sales of class I medical devices, etc., but excluding massage or medical training.

According to the information on the official website of China push United Medical Research Institute, China push United Medical Research Institute is affiliated to China push group, which mainly focuses on comprehensive education and trains 150000 students in total.

China push group has 8 subsidiaries, including medical school, all located in an office building in Changping District. A field visit by a reporter from Beijing News found that the training institution is located in an office building on the West Road of building materials city. Apart from the office building, except for the red sign of zhongtui roast duck shop, there is no sign related to zhongtui group.

In fact, these subsidiaries serve the trainees of the training course. According to the needs of students, a director of the company introduced that various companies had been established. Media companies were responsible for publicity and enrollment information, and most of the medical devices of medical device companies were sold to students. In addition to childrens massage training, the institution also has acupuncture, bone setting, bleeding and other TCM related courses, most of which are quick courses of about three days, and are open in many places in the country.

In this seemingly low-key training institution, there is a different look. The phone calls in the room keep going one after another. Dozens of salespeople are introducing the training details to consultants all over the country.

A screenshot of a massage for a child with a high fever released by the instructor on the short video website.

Lecture by lecturer: treatment without doctors qualification certificate

In December 18th last year, the Beijing News reporter paid a training fee of 4800 yuan and became a student of the 3 day accelerated pediatric massage training elite class.

Half of the 30 trainees in the training course are new ones and half are old ones who come to return to the furnace to study again. Students come from all over the world, and their previous occupations are different. There are many people who sell houses, drive trucks, and do food and drink, but few of them are engaged in childrens massage or medical related occupations.

Er Tuis classroom is about 50 square meters, with the slogan of zhongtui National Medical University lecture hall written on the wall. There are two white boards for writing on the platform, and a skeleton model stands on one side. At the back of the classroom are medical devices, and the staff are selling them to the new students. The wall corner is covered with golden plaque, excellent talents of folk therapy of traditional Chinese medicine and promotion base of green therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, all issued by China push United (Beijing) Medical Research Institute. Staff told reporters, money can do, hanging in the shop to show the guests..

u25b2 on December 19, 2019, the lecturer is teaching the students the corresponding massage techniques of various diseases. Intern sun chaophotographed

Li Rui, the Star lecturer of China push group, usually starts classes all over the country. Mr. Li, who introduced the senior pediatric massage masseur and other halos in zhongtui group, is actually doing pediatric massage in a mother and infant products store.

Li Rui is wearing a gray sweater and a headworn loudspeaker, which is all his teaching tools. The three-day training course is mainly oral instruction by Mr. Li. Students need to record more than 40 acupoints and massage techniques for various childrens diseases.

By observing the hand information, we can do a general physical examination. We call it hand examination. Li Rui said that if you look at the blood vessels on the finger side, you can know the time of the patients illness. If the blood vessels appear and disappear, it proves that the disease has not been cured. From the thumb to the little thumb, the five tripods represent the spleen, liver, heart, lung and kidney respectively??

Li Rui asked a trainee to cooperate with him in explaining the technique. He fixed the trainees hand with one hand, and then pressed the finger belly of the others little finger back and forth with the finger side of the other hand to invigorate the kidney for her.

Although Li Rui stressed many times in the class that childrens massage cant be regarded as treatment, when talking about various adaptive diseases, such as fever, tracheitis, tonsillitis, he still hinted at the treatment effect. When talking about fever, he said that childrens massage can reduce fever even faster than infusion.

Dont talk about treatment, because we dont have a doctors certificate, but you can tell the parents in the process of marketing that the disease can be cured.

u25b2 on December 19, 2019, the lecturer demonstrated massage techniques for the students in class to recuperate the disease. Intern sun chaophotographed

It is understood that the former Ministry of health and the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine issued the notice on Relevant Issues in the management of massage activities of traditional Chinese medicine in 2005, which clearly stipulated that non-medical institutions should not publicize the therapeutic effect of massage, massage, scraping, cupping and other activities.

In a group of two practice sessions, a trainee grabbed the reporters hand, turned it over to find no acupoints, and finally she directly pinched her little finger and rubbed it, its almost the same meaning, she consoled herself. Another student, holding his notes and looking down, complained that so many acupoints cant remember at all.

Another student lifted his partners clothes and pressed back and forth towards his back. Two deep red marks appeared on the back of his student. The teacher stopped him quickly, with such great strength as you, the child is pushed to death by you!

At noon on December 20 last year, the training was not finished and the students did not pass any assessment. The staff of the training institution came in with a stack of graduation certificates, which were printed with the words after examination, qualified and approved for graduation.

Return to the furnace students: recuperate childrens aggravation and learn from scratch

In the classroom, the reason why students share to learn to push is nothing more than high profit and low risk.

Zhang Lin, a trainee, confessed that she came to this training class to study because of the slogan of five minute quick massage for children, that is, push a few times and earn hundreds of yuan in five minutes. Just think about it and feel comfortable..

For new students like Zhang Lin, its the first thing to start a shop immediately after learning, but for old students like Bai Yu and Wang Lei who return to school again, its because they find that they cant massage at all after quick completion, so they have to study again.

Bai Yu is the owner of a postpartum rehabilitation shop. He also works as an acupuncturist, but does not have a doctor qualification certificate. Bai Yu said that because acupuncture will always worry about being reported, so he came to learn childrens massage, its much better to do childrens massage. You dont need to have a doctors qualification certificate, even if you cant do it well, you cant do it badly..

But the three-day quick completion left Bai Yu with no bottom in mind. In fact, she enrolled two months ago in the 5 minute rapid pediatric massage manipulation clinical application class. After 3 days of training, she went back to the child directly to start the massage. The child who has been massaged by her is 7 years old at most and 3 months at least.

I dont understand, Bai Yu confessed that her embarrassing experience, just learning for three days is not enough.. Theory is one thing, practice is another. After Bai Yus treatment of a child, it was only a slight cough, but later developed pneumonia, which was sent to the hospital by the parents.

Bai Yu also gave massage to the child who had a cold in his family, but the cold did not improve, so he had to take the child to the hospital for treatment and prescription. Childrens massage is neither bad nor bad. Bai Yu began to worry about the news of Xian baby girls death after massage. Even if she couldnt do it well one day, its over. so she packed her bags and went back to Beijing to learn it again.

Bai Yu is not the only one who does massage for children after 3 days. Wang Lei, another student, lies on his side in the dormitory bed, describing the child after her massage as still feverish, diarrhea and cough. As for how to avoid the risk of being reported, she shares her own experience, suggests the therapeutic effect, but dont say it clearly..

After three days of training, Wang Jun went back and became an old Chinese doctor. anyway, when I was older, I told them that I had been doing massage for 10 years, and parents believed it. He was a little proud. Sometimes the technique is reversed. Wang Jun will tell the parents that there is a possibility that the disease will rebound. Its better to do it in reverse once more. It can always be done right. You dont believe in yourself. How can parents believe in you.

Everyone can do health care, but the treatment is not the same. many old students shared their experience of playing side ball with reporters. Hang the license plate of health massage shop and make diagnosis and treatment in the shop. When communicating with parents, try to avoid the word treatment and replace it with this disease can be cured.

Huang Bai, a student with a dignified look, didnt do a massage for children. Even the childrens model didnt touch it. What should I do if it breaks? but her childrens massage shop has been decorated, just get a health certificate and a business license. No medical qualification is required. It started at the beginning of the year..

The graduation certificate obtained by the trainees. Intern sun chaophotographed

Experts say: massage recuperates disease involving illegal practice of Medicine

According to a survey conducted by a reporter from Beijing News, the so-called child massage teacher certificate with working qualification is not included in the national vocational qualification catalogue. Beijing human resources and Social Security Bureau staff said that at present, children massage has not been listed in the national qualification catalog, and there is no unified certificate to regulate their qualifications for work. Human resources and social security department can only carry out appraisal examination according to the national vocational qualification catalog, and has never issued the certificate of children massage teacher.

Sun Wuquan, director of massage department of Yueyang integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Affiliated to Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine, told reporters that it takes several years of study to obtain a doctors qualification certificate to treat children with massage. Three days of training, its bullshit at all, he said. At present, most of these pediatric massage practitioners in the market do not have the qualification certificate of practicing doctors. The massage and massage they carry out cant claim to have therapeutic effect according to the regulations. To recuperate the corresponding diseases with the so-called massage, in fact, is to practice medicine illegally under the banner of health care.

Massage treatment definitely requires the practitioners to have the doctors qualification certificate. Lu Dongsheng, executive vice president of Beijing Traditional Massage Treatment Research Association, said that it is OK to use childrens massage to do health care for children, but only if the practitioners must be professional. The so-called specialty is not to obtain a doctors qualification certificate, but to have a strict supervision on the health care industry itself to regulate the qualification of personnel engaged in the health care industry. Lu Dongsheng proposed to examine the clinical effect of pediatric massage to assess the health care qualification of relevant personnel. Only by reaching a unified standard can childrens massage be used for health care.

On December 20 last year, it was 20 days since the death of Xian baby girl after massage incident happened. At the end of the course, some students asked the teacher about his opinion on this matter. Mr. Li on the podium said, people with ulterior motives want to fight against the baby massage like a bamboo shoot now. At the same time, he also admitted that the baby massage is lack of norms at present, and repeatedly asked we must not play children in pediatrics. However, under the podium, there are childrens masseuses who are going to push the market in the future after his three-day quick training.

(Li Rui, Bai Yu, Wang Lei, Wang Jun and Huang Bai are pseudonyms)

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