Britain, France and Germany: urging Iran to withdraw measures to suspend the implementation of Irans nuclear agreement

 Britain, France and Germany: urging Iran to withdraw measures to suspend the implementation of Irans nuclear agreement

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Earlier, according to the associated press, Irans state television reported Friday that Iran will no longer abide by any provisions of the 2015 nuclear agreement. The New York Times said the Iranian government sent the message in a statement.

On January 5 local time, foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi told the outside world that the Iranian government would hold an important meeting on the evening of the 5th to discuss and finally decide on specific measures to reduce the implementation of the fifth phase of the Iranian nuclear agreement, according to Mehr news agency.

Agence France Presse noted that the statement made by the spokesman of Irans foreign ministry was made two days after general Sulaimani, senior commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, was killed by us air strikes. In the early morning of the 3rd local time, the U.S. military launched a drone attack on Baghdad International Airport, killing general Sulaimani, commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard in charge of overseas operations, and muhandis, the actual leader of the Shiite militia organization peoples mobilization organization in Iraq. In a series of responses from Iranian leaders on the 3rd, they mourned for Sulaimanis martyrdom, lashed out at the atrocities of the United States, and vowed to severely retaliate throughout.

On November 5, 2019, Iranian President Mahmoud Rouhani said in a speech that he would start centrifuges at the fuldo uranium enrichment plant from November 6, taking the fourth step of suspending the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, according to the state news agency. He also stressed that if the parties to the Iran nuclear agreement resume to fulfill all their commitments, Iran will also resume to fulfill their commitments.

In response to the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear agreement, Iran has suspended part of the terms of the agreement in three stages since May 2019. On July 1, Iran announced that the enriched uranium stock exceeded 300 kg, on August 8, it announced that the uranium enrichment abundance exceeded the upper limit of 3.67% stipulated in the Iran nuclear agreement, and on September 6, it announced that it would abandon its commitment to nuclear energy research and development and no longer abide by the restrictions on centrifuges in the agreement.

In July 2015, Iran reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue with the six countries on the Iranian nuclear issue (the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany). Under the agreement, Iran promised to limit its nuclear program and the international community would lift sanctions against Iran. In May 2018, the United States announced to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement and gradually resume the sanctions on Iraq suspended due to the agreement.

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