Conscience, the worlds largest adult website: being able to learn mathematics for postgraduate entrance examination

 Conscience, the worlds largest adult website: being able to learn mathematics for postgraduate entrance examination

Wen / Raven school Captain

Not long ago, P station, which old drivers all know, released their annual data.

In 2019, the number of polnhub visits reached 42 billion, with an average of 115 million old drivers driving every day, and the data set a new high.

Although YouTube is the most visited video platform in the world, ponnhub is the No. 1 adult video website and the No. 2 video website.

(in 2019, P station ranked eighth in global website traffic and second in video websites)

Because of the spirit of openness, richness, interactivity, diversity and freedom of ponnhub, the old managers in China call ponnhub as pilipili, P station.

However, P station is not sealed by adult content alone.

P station stands out from many adult websites by a set of advanced operation strategies.

Moreover, P stations ambition is not just to make adult content, but to build its own business empire from adult content, which is the most popular human just need.

In recent two years, the VR and big data of P station have also made a great achievement, just like a company driven by technology.

Pornhub is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Yes, Canada not only sells marijuana, but also the film industry is not inferior to Hollywood. Canada is not as populous as one province in China, but it has created the worlds top adult film websites.

After the millennium, the Internet is booming and the Internet era is finally coming.

For human beings, sex is the first power to do a lot of things, and the development of the network is no exception. According to at & T, an American operator, 20% of Americans go to open broadband services just to watch movies online.

Once the Pandoras box is opened, the adult industry in the United States will fall into the mode of warlord melee.

Vicious competition makes all kinds of small workshops full of viruses and Trojans, and the old driver is caught by accident.

At that time, it was popular to say:

If you want to try your antivirus software, go to the adult website.

The regular website with membership system has developed slowly, but the users at that time did not have the habit of paying too much, so the behaviors of stealing number and sharing were forbidden repeatedly, which made the website not earn money at all.

In this case, pornhub was born.

Its competitive thinking is simple and crude, which is free.

This game quickly attracted a large number of users, and a superstar of adult website is about to rise.

Just then, a man named Fabian Teman fell in love with station P, a man who dreamed of building the worlds largest pornographic empire.

In March 2010, he made an offer to mansoff, the boss of pornhub holding company.

At the negotiation table, he told the other side that he hoped the acquisition would be completed within one month. In fact, at that time, he didnt have much money, which was just bluff.

However, station P still agreed to pay down payment in advance and pay the rest in 16 months installments.

Based on mansoff, Teman gradually developed its own private company, manwin (now mindgeek). He then acquired youtube, REDTUBE, Brazzers, and mofos.

After these websites were acquired, they all became free websites.

Tyman doesnt want to make money, he just has a more advanced idea of operation. He thinks that as long as there is an endless stream of traffic, there will be no lack of money.

Slowly, the worlds mainstream adult websites have been under his command. Basically, in foreign countries, P station is the only choice.

At this time, P station began to upgrade its brand. Through various marketing means, he tried to make everyone realize that P station is not a website with only adult content.

In 2015, pornhub announced the plan to make the earth greener - every 100 films broadcast will contribute a tree to the earth, increase the flow and wipe out the guilt of everyone on the P station unconsciously:

Im not watching. Im saving the earth!

In 2017, station P was concerned about the giant panda again.

As we all know, one of the main reasons for the scarcity of giant pandas is the difficulty of estrus. The estrus period of giant pandas is only two to three days a year, and it is not certain that suitable mating partners can be found in these two to three days.

Moreover, this particularly important time will be missed because the male giant panda has to eat and sleep.

Therefore, in order to arouse the sexual interest of male giant pandas, the keepers will play some love action movies to the pandas. However, there are only a few little films for pandas to watch, and they are tired of watching.

When pornhub learned about this, he launched the panda challenge.

They called on users to put on the cos clothes of giant pandas, shoot panda films and upload them to the special channel panda style to promote panda breeding.

Pornhub will pay $100 for each video, and exchange 5 million views for one view for one cent, and donate them to panda research together.

In addition, all videos under the classification will be handed over to zoologists, who will play them for male pandas to improve the probability of pregnancy.

This activity quickly ignited the social network, and users were enthusiastic. They picked up the camera, in the park, in the woods and in the kitchen, and devoted themselves to the panda breeding.

Regardless of how much panda he helped in the end, this talented marketing plan has made p famous on the Internet. Many people who didnt know P station knew its name.

Bees are also one of the objects that pornhub saves. After investigation, pornhub believes that bees are dying at an alarming rate.

Due to pesticides, lack of biodiversity and habitat destruction, bees die at an alarming rate on earth. In the past 10 years, beekeepers have been reporting about 30% or more of their hive loss each year.

This attracted the attention of pornhub, because without these fluffy little pollinators, nature would not work well at all!

So, they found a famous movie star on their website to dub the documentary about bees with sexy voice, which makes people feel excited.

Pornhub also made one of the most dirty adult films in history, and they invited a couple of actors to a beach full of rubbish to make small films.

Originally, it was a time of deep love between the two people, but the shocking pictures in the picture remind us how important environmental protection is.

Station P will donate to marine conservation organizations according to the number of video clicks to help them protect our oceans.

There is no doubt that this move has made the video popular again, and the hundreds of millions of broadcast volume has made p station reap a wave of good feelings from everyone.

P station also launched a crowdfunding activity called sexploration. If it had raised enough US $3.4 million, P station would have completed the first space shooting feat in human history, helping people to explore such idle nonsense as how to have sex in space in the future.

Just look at this poster and youll even think NASA and station P are making a movie together.

Although the project finally failed because the amount of crowdfunding did not reach the goal, it has already made enough traffic on social platforms and attracted countless attention.

P station also held a very imaginative exhibition last year.

They imagined that, with the growing of the indigenous people of ponghub, the ideal of the people on the planet of ponghub was to establish their own Utopian society, ponghub nation (P country for short).

P people believe that Trumps election marks the death of democracy and leads to global chaos.

So in 2019, they formed their own island state. By 2022, they elected Riley Reid, who won AVNs best actress of the year, as president.

Until 2069, country P finally unified the world.

At that time, they built an Assa that matched NASAs, and they were working on the best way to have sex in zero gravity.

In order to get rid of the stereotype in everyones mind, station P has also set up a special area called SFW (safe for work), which is specially built for the professionals, so that people can stand upright and look at station P at work.

From Oscar to popular movies, from the US governments suspension to the super bowl, from Valentines day to Apples press conference, every hot event, P stations marketing is always at the forefront, which fully shows that an actor who doesnt want to be a cyber star is not a good driver.

It is precisely because of this non taboo way of development that the image of P standing in everyones heart gradually becomes serious, and becomes a comprehensive website integrating entertainment, making friends, education and academic discussion.

The huge traffic brought by marketing makes p stations advertising, e-commerce and other businesses flourish.

As a casual website, at the award ceremony, P station invited Kanye, Kim Kardashians husband, as creative director, to design the hosts clothes and trophies.

The reason why Kanye is invited is that Kanye is accepting a sentence from the American talk show Jimmy Rooster show: I often visit pornhub everyday, hehe hehe

Pornhub, the king of hot spots, will not miss this opportunity. It immediately announced on its twitter that it would give Kanye a free lifetime membership, and strongly supported Kanye, hoping that he would become the creative director of pornhub.

Kanye also took the opportunity to launch a series of award-winning female star printed guards under the joint name of yeezy and ponghub. The design is OK, but it needs some courage to wear it out.

In addition, P station launched the clothing brand of the same name in 2015, and launched the official website to sell its own clothing. The design style is the same as that of most trendy brands such as supreme.

He also made a joint name with the real fashion brand hoodbyair and went to New York Fashion week for a show:

At the same time, with the money from these channels, station P turns to invest in the development of new technologies.

As a technology company, P stands in some technical exploration even with the serious technology company.

P station has launched a video recognition engine, which can recognize actors, features and scenes in the video through machine learning, and can even subdivide and classify them according to tags such as girth, posture, etc., and then accurately recommend them through algorithm.

Station P also released high-level VR glasses toys. In addition to 3D viewing, there are practical functions such as massage, humidification, shaking, etc. for viewing VR films in station P.

According to the research of our colleague (kuaiye) who didnt want to be named, the VR effect of station P is better than that of his experience at ZHENGJING science and technology conference.

P station is so good in user experience that many people would like to watch videos in P station even if they dont drive.

Some netizens even come to see P station for the purpose of learning.

In P station, you can see the classic cartoon:

Enjoy the rhythm master Cai Xukun playing basketball:

Learn to make food with chef Wang Gang:

After learning how to cook at P station, some foreign guys really went to open a restaurant offline.

In the case of more and more Internet payment, P station never forgets its original intention and adheres to the sharing spirit of the Internet. There are all kinds of postgraduate entrance examination teaching videos on P station, all without money.

Even some high-end theoretical teaching, such as quantum mechanics and Gaussian mixture model, can be easily found on the P station.

Users also have a passionate interaction in the comment area. Its not only popular, but also popular to come to p station for learning?

For the homework questions left by the teacher, the students are also very serious in their study. When they encounter problems that they dont understand, they take the initiative to ask other students for advice in the comment area.

Moreover, the respondents are often very friendly and patient.

In todays Internet environment, no matter what platform or news, there are netizens quarreling with each other, abusing and criticizing each other. Some of them are grumpy, some of them vent their grumpiness and make a mess of the Internet public opinion environment.

Only in P station, I can feel the truth in the world?

The most rare thing is that in the past year, foreign websites represented by Facebook, youtube and CNN have all abandoned their moral integrity and exposed their anti china nature in front of the Chinese people. There is no need to use black China.

What kind of fake news, such as the remains of 39 stowaways in the UK; what kind of double label games, such as Hong Kong riots; what kind of blocking, such as the withdrawal of Xinjiang anti-terrorism video from the oil pipeline, the massive deletion of mainland accounts by twitter, etc.

We dont have many ways to deal with these behaviors, because they control the top-level traffic and so-called authoritarianism, make rumors and slander arbitrarily, and seal our mouths from us.

Its hard for you to give a little objective report and evaluation of China on the so-called regular media websites outside the wall.

But p station is the only one that still offers us equal opportunities for dialogue. Internet users in the world are one.

So, in order to let foreigners know the truth, in the event of Hong Kong, many netizens moved the video to p station after it was deleted by Youtube.

Foreign media reported that the man in green who was burned in the Hong Kong incident was self directing and self acting, and deleted videos on YouTube on a large scale. Chinese netizens were forced to upload videos on station p to let everyone distinguish themselves.

YouTube deleted objective reports on Hong Kong events, but the real voice could be uploaded to station P unimpeded.

Moreover, the netizens who uploaded the video to station P also had a unique sense of humor, punning in the title and swearing at Hong Kongs youth abolition:

(this title, all you know)

Zeng pointed out that there was a biased blogger hot pot king in the New York Times report on China. After the video was sent out, it was also forced to limit the flow by the oil pipe.

However, as long as you come to station P, no matter when, it will not delete the video you want to watch.

In the western serious video websites, when they hit their own faces and play double signs and bans, P station has become the most abstemious and noble website among them?

With all kinds of content, ponghub is becoming a rare haven for freedom of information and expression on the Western Internet.

Whenever you like, the door is always open for you.

In this isolationist and divisive world, conflicts among people, countries and ideologies are becoming more and more intense.

Where else on the Internet, like P station, can you find a group of like-minded riders from any country, region, color and race to share knowledge and collision ideas (learn from each others driving skills)?

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