Samsungs launch on February 11, Galaxy S20 and new folding machine coming?

 Samsungs launch on February 11, Galaxy S20 and new folding machine coming?

Netease technology news on January 6, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics Company confirmed the previous rumors, confirmed that it will hold the galaxy unpacked conference in San Francisco on February 11 (Beijing time on February 12) local time, and is expected to release the next generation Galaxy flagship smartphone.

There is no doubt that we will see Galaxy S11 (it is rumored that it may be named Galaxy S20) at this conference, and Samsung is also developing a second foldable smart phone after last years launch of Galaxy fold. Samsung did confirm that more than one mobile phone was released on February 11.

Early renderings of the galaxy S11 show that it has a center aligned punch camera, a minimal top and bottom borders, and a rear camera module similar to the iPhone 11 pro or pixel 4.

It is believed that Samsungs next-generation flagship mobile phone will adopt a higher 120 Hz refresh rate, surpassing the one plus and Google. Other rumors suggest that the smartphone will have more advanced cameras and 8K video recording capabilities.

The leaked spy photos last December are in line with reports about Samsungs next vertically foldable smartphone. It is reported that it may be cheaper than the first generation of foldable smart phones and have fewer durability problems.

Samsungs Galaxy unpacked launch will be broadcast live online. Previously, Samsung has released Galaxy s10lite and note10lite, which are two cheaper versions of its main products in 2019. (small)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report