Ignorant! British Prime Minister heard that the American beheaded Iranian general was shocked to be rude

 Ignorant! British Prime Minister heard that the American beheaded Iranian general was shocked to be rude

Screenshot of British Foreign Minister Rab and US Secretary of state pompeios Guardian

The BBC reports that there are 400 British soldiers in the Middle East fighting side by side with the United States. However, President trump did not tell Johnson in advance about his order to behead Sulaimani, commander of Irans al Quds.

The mirror, a tabloid, reported that the British had learned about the attack from American soldiers stationed in Baghdad, calling Johnson, who was vacationing with his girlfriend on the Caribbean island of musique. After learning the news, Johnson blustered on the spot, f * *.

Johnson will finish his holiday on the 5th. The British government said that once Johnson returns to his post, he will fully listen to the relevant information, including the possibility of Irans retaliatory action against the UK.

The BBCs Frank Gardner said no one in the UK had been informed of the air strikes in advance. My feeling is that its largely surprising to the British government..

Labor leader Corbin has asked Johnson to confirm whether Britain has been informed of us air strikes in advance. In his letter to Johnson, he also mentioned whether the government would oppose the air strike if Britain had been informed in advance.

At the same time, Tom Tugenhart, a Conservative MP and former chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the house of Commons, complained that there was a worrying situation in the U.S. now that there was a pattern of not sharing information with allies.

However, after the air strikes, BBC reported that British Foreign Minister Rab had talked with US Secretary of state pompeio on the 3rd.

Later, pompeio tweeted, thanks to our allies for recognizing the threat of aggression posed by the Al Quds.. Rab also issued a statement saying that Britain recognized the threat posed by suleymani, but further conflict will not benefit everyone, urging all parties to ease tensions.

The Guardian reported that the British Ministry of defense and foreign affairs had begun to review measures to protect the 400 British soldiers in Iraq, as well as local citizens and diplomats.

Iran will hold a three-day national mourning for major general Sulaimani. The British foreign and Commonwealth Office warned British citizens not to hold any rallies, processions, etc. in Iran.

Today, in addition to Israel, the United States NATO allies in Europe, including Britain, France, Germany and other countries, have called on the United States to exercise restraint.

After confirming the sacrifice of major general Sulaimani, Irans top leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, vowed to severely retaliate against the United States.

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