4K restoration and release of the movie beautiful life in China

 4K restoration and release of the movie beautiful life in China

However, in such a tough day, mom and dad use their love for their children to turn this originally dark experience into a tender memory in their childrens heart. As the slogan when the game is over, lets go home revealed in the Chinese version of the commemorative poster released this time, in Joshuas cognition, mom just plays hide and seek, while dad tries to win the game points, and the victory of the game can win a tank. Although the black-and-white stripes on the prison clothes as the background reveal the sad background, the love of parents and the smiling faces of children make the posters bright. As director Roberto Benigni said, take disaster as a game, conquer everything with a smile, nothing terrible, as long as your lover is still alive, happiness and happiness will never leave you.

The most beautiful lie born in the desperate situation is known as the greatest comedy in the world

In this period of suffering history, guiduos father used lies to protect the innocence of his son Joshua. When Joshua saw that Jews and dogs are not allowed to enter, his father used witty language to change the topic and told Joshua that we can also set up a sign at the bookstore door, Visigoth people and spiders are not allowed to enter, which defused the doubts in childrens hearts. When being caught on the train leading to the concentration camp, Guido tricked Joshua to say that we were just going to travel; in the face of all kinds of hardships in the life of the concentration camp, Guido told Joshua that it was just a game. If we persist, we can win the tank. How can we deny that such a lie is the most beautiful one.

As a movie history classic spanning time, beautiful life caused a sensation at the beginning of its release. When the film premiered at Cannes Film Festival, the whole audience stood up and clapped for 12 minutes. Without any suspense, they won the jury prize of the main unit competition. In addition, beautiful life has also swept the European Film Festival and other major international film festivals, and won 70 international awards and 51 nominations, including the best foreign language film, the best actor, the best original score and so on. In the past 22 years, Douban has maintained a divine rating of 9.5 points, ranking top 6, while IMDB, the most authoritative fan rating website in foreign countries, has also maintained the high position of top 23. It can be seen that fans at home and abroad appreciate and love this film.

The 4K restored version of beautiful life will be released on January 3.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)