Silent call for help from online shopping orders suicide intervention division and intervention from all parties

 Silent call for help from online shopping orders suicide intervention division and intervention from all parties

In the late winter night, Wu Gang was lying on the bed, feeling cold or soaked for four weeks. Most of the time, he felt that his post was full of absurdity. He worked on an e-commerce platform and was responsible for intercepting some orders when others sold goods.

Is it only useful to stop the goods? He often asked himself that if he could not buy a knife and a rope on the Internet, the suicide at the other end of the screen might plug himself into the wheel at any time, or jump off the roof. If you dont sell it to me, Ill jump off the eighth floor. After a while, when my parents are asleep. Wu Gang received this urgent help from a business on the platform in the evening. At the end of the screen was a 12-year-old girl.

Like every suicide he intervened in, Wu Gang desperately thought about the childs appearance and her environment. Did she get angry with anyone? Or did you fail in one test? Hes been exposed to so many situations that the overwhelming majority of people who are trying to end their lives under stress, a lot of times theyre a devil in their heart. Wu Gang felt that he was not intercepting commodities, but was going to save all the words, experiences, emotions and wit in the world to defeat the devil. If the devil moves forward, there will be another tragedy in the world. They won thousands of times in this half year. He and his friends named their post: suicide intervention division.

At 8:00 p.m. in December 2019, a strange customer came to Taobaos store. The customer service used to ask about the purpose of shopping. Suddenly, the customer said, I cant live any longer..

This is a 12-year-old girl. Because she was criticized by her parents, she wanted to commit suicide. The customer service was startled and worried that it was a prank. Unexpectedly, the other side said that she had also committed suicide before, bought medicine from the store next to her home, and was rescued.

At the same time, the customer service of the store tried to appease the company and fed back the information to Alis security department, which soon reached Wugang.

In a sense, Wugangs work is to race against the God of death, or, to be exact, against the will to survive of those who intend to live lightly.

Once, businesses reported that users could consult online to find out what could make them die quickly. We soon found that many businesses reported that the consumer was looking for light birth tools everywhere, and they also made it clear that dont stop me, its useless to stop me, I dont want to die for the first time . What we can do is to contact the local public security at the first time Neighborhood committee and other departments, and her mood for time

How to avoid the normal products sold on the platform being abused by the suicidal consumers? At the beginning of 2019, Wu Gang and his colleagues planned to protect lives. They hoped to use artificial intelligence technology and establish an intervention mechanism with businesses, public security and third-party organizations to appease and intervene people with suicidal tendencies. When necessary, they cooperated with offline government departments to intervene quickly to avoid tragedy. In the past six months, they have saved thousands of lives.

A distress signal hidden behind an order

I cant live... At 8:00 p.m. on December 1, 2019, online customer service Lulu received a special customer online.

Tingting, a 12-year-old girl, asked how to buy sleeping pills. Although the related prescription drugs had already stopped selling on the platform, Lu Lu still asked her what diseases she used to treat according to the routine because of the products involved.

No cure, I just cant live. The girls reply was very worrying: if I didnt succeed in taking the medicine last time, Ill think of another way.

According to the first suicide prevention report issued by the World Health Organization in September 2014, more than 800000 people die of suicide every year in the world.

Its been more than five years, and this number hasnt been officially updated. But it is undeniable that in recent years, suicide has become the focus of social attention.

On October 14, 2019, South Korean entertainer Cui Xueli committed suicide. Just 40 days later, on November 24, his friend and South Korean female entertainer sukhola also died of suicide, causing great concern.

In the face of the growing problem of suicide, many people ask: before the suicide decision, did the light born people also hope for the world? Have they tried their best to call for help?

For Alis security platform, the answer to this question is obviously yes.

Alibaba security is a department specially responsible for dealing with risks at all levels. In addition to cracking down on fake goods for consumers, creating a better business environment for businesses and helping buyers and sellers buy at ease and sell at ease, this department has been trying to solve social problems with the mode of technology + CO governance for many years.

For example, as of November 15, 2019, 4204 children have been helped to go home by the Reunion system, which is developed by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security and supported by Ali security. The Qian Dun anti fraud robot, which provides technical support, displays the public security anti fraud special number by calling, dials the phone to potential victims of telecommunication network fraud, sends SMS, flash message and other reminders, improves the success rate of anti fraud persuasion and reduces the occurrence of telecommunication network fraud cases, with an average of more than 3000 people being dissuaded every day, and the success rate of dissuasion exceeds 96%.

Wu Gangs task is to work with other colleagues in the project team to appease and intervene those found to be suicidal.

Many people who live lightly do not mean that they are determined to die at the beginning, but struggle between survival and death. This kind of pain may be difficult to show with family members, friends and other close people. But on the Internet, its easier to open up to strangers. Wu Gang said that many times, their impulsive behavior shows the crisis they are experiencing.

Thats how he and his colleagues caught the call signal hidden behind the order on the night of December 15.

A rescue collaboration thousands of miles apart

Kiss, you want to open up a bit, the world is so big, so good.

Think about who you are going to see, what you are going to do, who you are going to be.

You see, December is so beautiful, with the first snow, the new years bell, and the fireworks after the countdown. We all need to have a good time in December.

When Tingting reveals the meaning of light birth in the lines, Lulu immediately reflects this situation to Alis safety, and keeps in touch with Tingting for the next few hours, trying to pacify the girls already fragile and sensitive heart.

Lu Lu found in the dialogue that it seems that the girl has not intended to commit suicide for the first time, and her will to survive is very weak.

Wu Gang said that according to the relevant rating standards of the intervention, people like Tingting who clearly show the idea of suicide and are ready to commit suicide, or even have alternatives, are high-risk groups.

Wu Gang still remembered that it was the night of the weekend when he received Tingtings warning information.

We dont care about going to rest or work at all. We want to contact the girls family as soon as possible to ensure her safety. He synchronized the relevant information to colleagues of the relevant business team at the first time, and promptly called the police at the girls location with the cooperation of colleagues.

Wu Gang said that in addition to the intervention of businesses and platforms, the successful intervention can not be separated from the help of public security, neighborhood committees and other departments.

Banning sales alone cant solve the problem of suicide

Pro, sleeping pills are not on sale now.

Wu Gang said that to his surprise, many daily necessities have become the high-risk commodities they are facing.

In the case of Wugang contact, there are often users who place orders for common products, while in the process of communication, they reveal little information about Qingsheng.

Once someone bought a lot of chili peppers, and he showed his desire to kill himself by eating chili peppers in the conversation. Wu Gang lamented that if we only rely on passive defense, even if we exhaust all commodity categories, it is very difficult to find out the situation as soon as possible. Fortunately, more and more businesses are joining in, becoming a part of guard life.

Wang Bin, who has been engaged in pesticide business for many years, said that it is not allowed to sell highly toxic pesticides on the Internet. Before every customer service in the shop goes on duty, he will carry out special training, in which aspect is this pesticide purchased to be used? Is it an orchard or a vegetable field? All this has to be asked.

Wang Bin recalled that in November 2019, he had received a user who wanted to buy pesticide Qingsheng. The other side is a little girl from Henan, who said she wanted to buy pesticides. During the communication, she said, if people drink it carelessly, will they be able to go there soon? I thought it was wrong as soon as I heard it. I asked her what was wrong. After chatting, she mentioned that her mother was ill, so she borrowed more than 300000 yuan of foreign debt. Now the debt collectors call every day, and the pressure is too great.

On that day, they talked to each other until midnight. The little girl was in a lot of mood, and then she took the initiative to return the order.

Most people who cant think of it are impulsive

From 8 p.m. to 0 oclock the next day, Lulus company for several hours gradually changed Tingtings attitude.

From the beginning of repeating no one will care if I am alive to the beginning of timidly asking will it get better? before the police found her, everyone felt Tingtings inner loosening through a dialogue window.

I hope you get better. If I dont see you tomorrow, I will be very sad. When Lulu offered to say good morning to each other in the morning, the girl was silent for nearly a minute and replied, maybe..

According to statistics, after Alibaba securitys suicide intervention division project officially runs, multiple suicidal tendency events can be found every day through the mechanism of algorithm model early warning and business feedback.

There are many students who have just entered the society or are still in school. Because of lovelorn, economic problems and other reasons, they are easy to fall into dead ends. But its very different from long-term mental problems. Most people can get better after a little delay. In Wu Gangs view, what the suicide intervention division can do is to identify their distress signal at the first time, intercept orders that may have been placed, and help them through the most dangerous time.

Wu Gang studied medicine related major in University. After graduation, he successfully obtained the qualification of licensed pharmacist. Later, he joined the Internet enterprise and has been engaged in medicine related work. He said he always remembered that the oath of college entrance was to serve the patients with benevolence.

What I wanted to do at that time and what I want to do now is to protect life. Wu Gang said.

For businesses like Wang Bin, protecting users lives has more profound significance.

How to get people out of trouble

You must be lovely. Grow up healthy and happy.

When the police knocked open the door, Tingtings parents still dont know what kind of struggle her daughter had experienced when she locked herself in the room at night.

In the past few months, Wu Gang has experienced many such breathtaking moments. Since July last year, the whole team has communicated and intervened with more than 1000 people with suicidal characteristics, and more than 200 incidents involving police intervention and appeasement have been linked, each of which is a matter of life and death.

On October 14, 2019, a netizen wrote on his microblog: when I was most desperate and helpless, when I asked about the medical customer service, they all said, how can it be you again? Dont ask me again, just call the police for medical treatment . Finally, a phone call from Taobao gave me a warm and hope. Thank you for your attention to an ordinary family.

At that time, the netizens brother bought psychoactive drugs through other channels and was sent to intensive care after taking them in large quantities. Because he didnt cooperate with the treatment, he also tore off the trademark on the medicine bottle in advance, which made the treatment plan difficult to determine all the time.

Family members went for help through microblogging platform, which was noticed by Wu Gang and his team.

Although its not a product sold on its own platform, Wu Gang and his team members contacted pharmaceutical companies and merchants at the first time based on their previous experience, determined the drug model through the remaining traces, and provided doctors with symptomatic treatment plans.

It is because of these successful cases of intervention that Wu Gang and other colleagues of the team are willing to persist no matter how busy or tired they are.

Wu Gang said that the suicide intervention division team is growing, but in addition to the efforts of the platform and businesses, more forces are needed to join.

How to use technology to link more forces to solve social governance problems is also the focus of this years new Fengqiao Experience Summit Forum. On January 7, Wu Gang and his team members will share their stories and explore solutions to problems at the Beijing National Convention Center.

We want to save more people, more teams and social forces are joining us, but we need more professional institutions to really lift people out of their misery. Wu Gang said there is no doubt that suicide is a social problem. Consumers, businesses, platforms, government agencies Today, when the Internet and digital economy have been connected online and offline, the solution of social problems also depends on the strength of online and offline integration, we are trying to solve more social problems by means of technology and initiating social co governance with the characteristics of digital economic governance.

Wugang people are giving warmth to strangers, and the world is responding to them with warmth.

At 8:44 a.m. on December 16, 2019, Lulu sent a good morning greeting to Tingting, which was the agreement of the two people the night before. Ten seconds later, Tingting replied with a smile of love you.

(some of the characters in the article are pseudonyms)

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