This app save love is worth billions every year! There are ladies who are generous with the result of payment

 This app save love is worth billions every year! There are ladies who are generous with the result of payment

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According to upstream news reports, Liu Yin, a post-90s woman (pseudonym), spent 5800 yuan on the fawn emotion app to try to recover her last relationship. Unexpectedly, two months later, the relationship was not recovered and the other party refused to refund. Liu Yin said frankly that she felt cheated.

Pay to save the relationship?

It turned out to be a waste of money

According to upstream news reports, Liu Yin said she and her ex husband divorced because of personality differences and other reasons, but she still hopes to redeem the relationship.

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Anton, the mentor of the flying emotion team, told her that as long as she cooperated with the mentor, the success rate was very high, the recovery rate was 98%, and one cycle could be effective. Anton said that they have professional separation tutors to help customers operate.

Mentor Anton said to Liu Yin, we will teach you how to operate, as long as you listen to our words. Ill be available at any time after you study with me.

You are not my student now, many skills can not tell you.

After preliminary communication with the mentor, on October 26, 2019, Liu Yin spent 5800 yuan to purchase the broken mirror Reunion (high-end recovery) service on the deer emotion platform, with a service cycle of 30 days.

Within 48 hours after the payment, Anton, the mentor of the flying emotion team, has set up 4 wechat groups. Anton, the mentor is the group leader. In addition to Liu Yin, there are 2 wechat groups named Xiaolu.

Photo source: screenshot of fawn emotion official website

During the first 48 hours, Anton actively reported the progress, asked for help and told her to wait patiently. After two days of payment, Liu Yin slowly found out the difference. The progress needs to be inquired by herself before Anton replies.

Liu Yin said that for more than two months, the mentor just added wechat and sent her several pictures about her ex husband. Ask about the progress of recovery, Anton said that it can be recovered by a unique move, but the service needs to be paid separately. Liu Yin thought that she had been cheated.

Liu Yins experience is not unique. According to surging news reports, in 2018, Henan woman Xiaobing (pseudonym) said that in the first half of 2018, she spent a total of more than 20000 yuan before and after, twice through the deer emotion platform to buy the plan to save ex boyfriend service. At that time, the platform emotional tutor repeatedly promised that it would be effective in two months, and the recovery rate was close to 100%. But two months later, my ex boyfriend didnt get it back, and it was hard to get a refund, and I lost money.

Fawn emotion has been complained by many people

Each editor noted that only on 21CN complaint platform, there were 575 complaints about fawn emotion.

Many complainants believe that fawn emotion deceives consumers, and there are false propaganda, induced consumption, violation of commitments and other behaviors.

In order to find out, every editor tries to download the fawn emotion app. After opening the app, the platform first requires users to select gender and age, and then it will jump to the customized content interface to ask users to select their concerns.

Problems include falling in love, breaking up and recovering, marriage and family, and chatting skills.

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After entering, each editor found that the app is rich in content, not only a large number of articles about love and other skills, but also the current popular live broadcast, small video and other content.

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In the consultant, each editor found the flying emotion in charge of breaking up and recovering mentioned above. Flying emotion wrote in the introduction: ten years of experience recovery, senior professional experience, high difficulty recovery experts.

There are also three articles on the page with the signature of flying emotion.

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As for the service fee of breaking up and recovering provided by flying emotion, each editor noticed that the service fee was divided into three prices, namely 3000 yuan, 6800 yuan and 9800 yuan.

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Among other star teams, each editor found that the marriage recovery and marriage restoration service provided by a team named original feelings was as high as 12988 yuan.

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Hes just catching you when youre most vulnerable and asking you to give money. Wan Wei, director of the marriage and family legal affairs professional committee of Hunan Lawyers Association, thinks that, generally speaking, most of the deer emotion users complete the payment when they are not suitable for making decisions, and the transaction has no contract, so the so-called compound can not be quantified.

4 times listed in the list of business exceptions

According to its official website, deer emotion is affiliated to Beijing Meili Power Education Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Meili power), a leading Internet enterprise in Chinas emotional psychology and marriage and family industry, serving more than 12 million registered users through content and service platforms.

Industrial and commercial data shows that fawn emotion has won five rounds of financing of several hundred million yuan in three years.

Qixinbao shows that the legal representative of Meili power is wujiamin, with a registered capital of 1.469799 million yuan.

It is worth noting that from January 2019 to November 2019, Meili power was listed in the list of business exceptions by Beijing Chaoyang District market supervision and Administration Bureau for four times due to the situation that registered residence or business place cannot be contacted.

According to previous media reports, as the founder of fawn emotion, Wu Jiamin, born in 1985, graduated from the Kelley School of business, Indiana University and obtained a degree in finance, economy and public policy with the highest honors. He worked for Morgan Stanley, a Wall Street investment bank, and participated in the establishment of universal processing, a credit consumption data processing company, which was acquired by Wells Fargo Bank.

In 2012, wujiamin founded the main power of deer emotion.

In 2015, wujiamin founded the emotional content platform fawn emotion.

In March 2015, Meili power obtained Angel round investment from Zhenshun fund Li Zhujie and Kong Yi, and a round of investment from Xijin capital in April a month later.

In June 2017, Xiaolu emotion was invested by Wuhan Science and technology investment company as a leading fund, and became the first enterprise in the field of marriage, family and psychological emotion in China to obtain government guiding funds.

Edited by Xu Hao and Du Hengfeng