Trump targeted 52 targets in Iran! Global stock market hold your breath

 Trump targeted 52 targets in Iran! Global stock market hold your breath

At this point, the confrontation is continuously upgrading! Iran has vowed to retaliate.

Trumps renewed threat: if Iran dares to attack US bases

Were going to launch new equipment at them

On Thursday local time, trump warned Iran in a social platform that if Iran strikes any American or American assets, the U.S. military will strike 52 important Iranian locations it has targeted.

The full text of Trumps Twitter is as follows:

How dare Iran dare to talk about retaliation against specific assets of the United States? Just because we have just eliminated their terrorist leader, the one who just killed an American and seriously injured many people, not to mention how many people he killed in his life in Iran (including hundreds of Iranian demonstrators) This man has attacked our embassy and is planning to attack other targets. Iran has been an unsolved problem for many years. Take this (twitter) as a warning. If the Iranians dare to attack the Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian targets (yes, the number is corresponding to that years 52 American hostages were taken by Iran). Some of these targets are extremely important to Iran and its culture, and they will be hit fast and hard! America doesnt want to see any more threats!

The number of 52 mentioned in Trumps tweet also highlights the US Iraq resentment. In 1979, after the Islamic revolution in Iran, the US embassy was occupied and 52 US diplomats and civilians were taken hostage.

Commander of Irans Islamic revolutionary guard navy:

Well prepared to retaliate against the United States

According to Tasnim news agency, on the evening of January 4, Ali Reza tangisili, commander of the navy of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, said to the outside world that Iran was fully prepared and could not wait to retaliate against the enemy. The enemy mistakenly believes that by completely eliminating Sulaimani, we can eliminate the fanatical revolutionary movement rooted in the whole region, he said We are ready and cant wait for severe reprisals against the perpetrators behind this crime.

On January 4 local time, the Balad Air base, which is used by US forces in northern Baghdad, Iraq, was attacked by rockets.

Two Katyusha rockets exploded inside the base, the report said.

Iraqi security forces sources said earlier that the green zone in the center of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, exploded again on January 4. According to local media, the rocket may have landed near the US embassy in Iraq.

According to Sky News, citing the Iraqi military, several rockets landed at Baghdads green zone, the jadriya community and the Balad Air Force base, where U.S. forces are based, but did not cause death.

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, has been hit by missiles, BBC reporter nafiseh kohnavard wrote on twitter Shortly after hearing the explosion, American helicopters circled over Baghdad.

Earlier, the Iraqi militia group Allah brigades issued a warning to Iraqi security forces through a Lebanese television station, asking them not to step within a kilometer of the US military base from Sunday night.

Attack on a US military base in Kenya

A source and Somali extremist group Al Shabab said it attacked a military base in Lamu, a coastal area of Kenya used by U.S. and Kenyan military personnel, Reuters reported Friday. However, it is not clear whether there were casualties.

Al Shabab is an extremist organization associated with Al Qaeda. In recent years, it has launched many terrorist attacks in Somalia and its neighboring countries.

Agence France Presse also quoted government officials as saying that Shabab militants attacked the military bases where the U.S. military and Kenyan soldiers were stationed.

A military source told Reuters: they attacked the runway of Manda airport in Lamu next to the military camp, where there are military personnel from many countries, including Kenya and the United States. We understand that the fighting continues.

Homepage of US government agencies website:

Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guards fight trump!

CNN quoted a senior U.S. government official as saying Friday night that the federal library program (FDLP) website operated by the U.S. Government Publication Office (GPO) was apparently hacked by the Department of homeland security. That night, a picture of Iran Revolutionary Guard fighting trump appeared on the front page of the website. The chief public relations officer of the U.S. governments Bureau of publishing also confirmed the incident, saying the site is now offline.

After being attacked by hackers, the front page of the website showed a close-up of Trumps face being punched, with blood still running in his mouth, the report said. On the sleeve of the fist that attacked trump, the banner of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard was also printed. In addition, the background of this picture is the map of Iran, Syria and other Middle East countries.

The report also mentioned that Arabic, Farsi and English were the words on the pictures. The picture also clearly mentions general Sulaimani, the senior general of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, who was killed by us air strikes. His martyrdom is a reward for his unremitting efforts over the years. With his efforts and the power of God, his work and his path will not stop. Severe reprisals are also waiting for criminals whose dirty hands are stained with the blood of him and other martyrs in last nights incident.

US officials also confirmed the hacking. CNN noted that Gary Somerset, chief public relations officer of the U.S. governments Bureau of publishing, said: an intrusion was detected on GPOs FDLP website, which has been shut down. We are coordinating with relevant departments for further investigation.

Iran raises the red flag of revenge

After the incident, Irans supreme leader Khamenei ordered the country to mourn for three days, and vowed that the criminals who killed Sulaimani would be severely retaliated.

On the 4th, Khamenei received Sulaimanis family. Khamenei praised Sulaimanis bravery and said that Sulaimani has always followed the path of Gods guidance and is not afraid of anyone.

Ismail Kani, the new commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade, warned the United States about the death of his predecessor, Sulaimani, according to the guardian. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their presence and cooperation. We advise everyone to be patient and you will see the bodies of the Americans all over the Middle East.

It is reported that Kani and Sulaimani have also adhered to the firm anti American position and the principle of Islamic revolution. In 2017, he told Iranian media that Trumps threat to Iran will harm the United States. We buried many people like trump and knew how to fight.

Abu Hamza, commander of Irans Revolutionary Guard, said Iran decided to retaliate against 35 targets of the United States and Israels Tel Aviv, Reuters reported.

The Strait of Hormuz is an important Western stronghold from which a large number of American destroyers and warships pass. About 35 U.S. targets in the region, as well as Tel Aviv, are within our reach. Hamza said.

Brigadier general akrafaz Secchi, a senior spokesman for the general staff of the Revolutionary Guard, said Iran would avoid any hasty action, but would certainly retaliate severely against the United States.

A day after Sulaimani was killed, a red flag symbolizing revenge was hoisted for the first time in the history of the jamkalan mosque in Qom, Irans holy city, according to According to the report, the red flag symbolizes unfair bloodshed and calls for revenge for the dead. Ali arouzi, a twitter certified NBC correspondent in Tehran, also tweeted photos of red flags flying in mosques, saying the move was extremely unusual.. The red flag symbolizes revenge, he added.

The Third World War and avoid conscription

According to CNN, a large number of American youths came to the conscription website for consultation due to fear of war, which once paralyzed the official website of the US military service registration bureau and spread the hot word avoid conscription all over the network.

According to American media, trump is making a big bet. CNN reported Wednesday that Trumps decision to air strike senior Iranian officers has become his most dangerous gamble so far, betting on the lives of others and his own political fate.

Trumps gambles have also angered the international community.

Washington is on alert

Chinese Embassy reminds Chinese citizens in the United States to pay attention to safety

The announcement said that recently, after the death of Qasim Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade, in the vicinity of Baghdad airport in Iraq, cities across the United States strengthened security measures and the capital, Washington, was on alert.

The announcement said that the Chinese Embassy in the United States recommended and reminded Chinese citizens in the United States to pay close attention to the local security situation, increase vigilance, pay attention to security precautions and carefully consider going to public places. In case of danger or emergency, call 911 in time.

The announcement said that if you need consular assistance, you can call the 24-hour global emergency call center for consular protection and services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (01186-10-1230801186-10-59913991), or contact the Chinese Embassy and consulate in the United States.

How about oil price in stock market and bond market?

Looking back on history, in 2004, after the second Iraq war, oil prices rose by $10 / barrel overnight. But now, the presence of shale oil in the United States has become an important factor in dealing with supply shortages and rising prices.

Michael Widmer, a commodities analyst at Bank of America, said the biggest factor that has changed the oil competition since 2004 is the rapid development of the US shale oil industry, which has led to a lack of dependence on crude oil in the Middle East, the BBC reported. This air attack on Iran has no lasting impact on global oil supply, he said Now, the rules have changed.

Recently, in September 2019, Saudi Arabias oil plant was attacked by drones. After the incident, Brent crude oil rose 14.6% per day, the largest daily increase since 1988, but the market fell a week later. On that day, the market soared nearly $10 a barrel, but after that, the oil price didnt happen much, Widmer recalled This is a sign that the market is focused on oversupply rather than shortage.

On the gold side, Peter Hu, Global trade director at kitco metals, said: the escalation of the situation in Iran has made short sellers in the gold market reluctant to leave. He believes that technically, the $1555 area is crucial for gold. If we can break through this point, there will be many gold bulls entering the market. At that time, the price of gold is likely to be much higher and could test $1600. In addition, Mr. Hughes said the strength of the dollar might support gold prices.

In terms of bonds, CNBC reported that after the US air raid, investors voted with their feet, and a large number of funds pushed up the price of gold, while also pouring into the bond market. Yields on German and US Treasuries, often considered the safest asset, have fallen sharply. Whenever there is a major event that causes panic at home or abroad, interest rates go down, Goldman said

David Donabedian, chief investment officer of CIBC private wealth management, said the stock market was in its best annual increase since 2013 and investors should not see new geopolitical risks as a major threat to the long-term bull market. Our view of the bull market has not changed. Iran is something to watch out for, but investors should not overreact, Donabedian said Donabedian also said the US inflation rate, monetary policy stance and strong corporate earnings are strong signs of the economy. In addition, the upcoming Sino US trade agreement is also a major positive for the stock market.

What is the impact on a share?

So which sectors will be affected by the tension in the Middle East and the escalation of the US Iraq conflict reflected in the A-share?

On Friday, the oil sector of a shares was obviously stimulated by international oil prices, and the whole sector bucked the trend and rose 2.39% under the overall decline of the market. Among them, China and Omans oil price limit, international industry, petrochemical oil service and Shanghai Petrochemical rose by 7.77%, 6% and beiken energy and potential Hengxin by 5%.

Similarly, the performance of gold stocks is also remarkable, basically consistent with the rise of international gold prices. Last Friday, there were also a few bright colors in the gold plate. Cihang rose 9.78%, Ronghua industry rose over 7%, and Shandong gold, the gold leading stock, rose nearly 6%.

In the short term, the military industry shares are stimulated by the regional military conflict and soar. In the medium and long term, the military industry sector is also expected to usher in opportunities.

Source: responsible editor of China Fund News: Li Zhaoyuan u00b7 b7890