What is the source of suleymanis successor to American corpses?

 What is the source of suleymanis successor to American corpses?

Once fought alongside Sulaimani

Irans top spiritual leader Khamenei appointed Deputy Commander Karni of the Holy City Brigade to replace Sulaimani as the new Commander Wednesday, the Guardian reported Thursday. In the 1980s, general Kani made great contributions to the Iran Iraq war and was known as one of the most decorated commanders. Khamenei said in a statement that the mission of the Holy City Brigade has not changed since Kani took over as commander, just like that of Sulaimani.

Kani was born in 1957 in Mashhad, one of the Islamic Shiite holy places. Carney joined Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard at the age of 20, according to information released on the US website global security Thursday. He has served in different departments, and served as division chief of nasr-5 and imamreza-21 of the Revolutionary Guard. Irans Islamic news agency reported that Kani took part in many military operations during the Iran Iraq war and played a very important role.

In 1997, Kani and Sulaimani were appointed Deputy commanders and commanders of the Holy City Brigade. Kani is responsible for the financial expenditure and arms transportation of Al Quds, as well as providing financial support to Hezbollah. As one of the leaders of the Iranian special forces, Kani highly praised the Holy City Brigade: I have the honor to work in this force We have contacts with people from all over the world and cooperate with them in various fields. We are everywhere, but no one can find us. Thanks to God, we can do anything.

Talking about the relationship with Sulaimani, Kani said, we become friends on the battlefield and friends in the battle.. He added that following the path of martyrs and inheriting their ideals were the most important task of our time. Us Newsweek said Thursday that the rapid appointment of Carney and his military background indicated that Holy City Brigade would continue the strategy Sulaimani pursued in his lifetime.

Tough anti American

In March 2012, Kani was sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department, frozen overseas assets and banned from doing business with the U.S. because of the arms traffic intercepted in Nigerias seaport, AP reported Thursday. He then shelled Washington saying that the US presence in the region, as well as the two major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, had achieved nothing but humiliation and loss of credibility. Kani also said that over the past decade, the more the U.S. and other enemies increased their attacks, the more resistance the Iranian people had.

During his military career, Kani has always adhered to the principles of Irans Islamic Revolution and spared no effort to realize the ideal of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard. In 2017, he told Iranian media that Trumps threat to Iran would harm the United States, we buried a lot of Trumps people and knew how to resist the United States. We are not warmongers, but whoever uses force against Iran will sooner or later regret it.

Irans Farda radio reported Thursday that Kani had strongly condemned Israel, and that he was the most influential figure in Irans Syrian policy. In commenting on the Syrian issue, Carney denounced the unfair practices of the United States, saying if the United States cannot achieve its goal with war, it is better to hold up the flag to negotiate.. Carney said the United States and Israel cant defeat the Iranian army. He accused the United States of spending $7 trillion in support of the Islamic state, killing thousands of people. In a speech in 2017, Kani also said that the United States invested 6 trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a platform to attack Iran, but this was in vain, the United States has lost more than we have..

Not favored by public opinion

Iranian political analyst abdian, who lives abroad, told Arabian satellite TV Friday that Kani would not be the second Sulaimani. Irans rush to fill the vacancy for the commander of the Al Quds is to send a signal that they will not be deterred and that there are many sulaimanian characters in Iran, he said. But this is not the case. Carneys ability cannot be compared with Sulaimanis

The Wall Street Journal also said Friday that Carney has been Sulaimanis reliable deputy for many years. He has some of the same qualities as Sulaimani, such as being experienced in high-risk reconnaissance missions, having a good sense of war, and being good at innovation. In addition, Kani and suleymani have a wide range of contacts in the military and have a long personal relationship with Khamenei. But Carneys charm is far less than Sulaimanis, and his political inclination is unknown.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it is not clear how Kani will act or how far he will follow or deviate from Sulaimanis practice, but Sulaimanis death will not have a substantial impact on Irans regional operations, because the Holy City Brigade has created a complete operation in the region Network.

Kani continues to export Irans Islamic Revolution and is likely to deliver what Irans leaders call severe retaliation against the United States in a typical Iranian way, Israeli state news said Thursday. This means that Irans proxy war is about to start.

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