After studying, I know why so many people are depressed

 After studying, I know why so many people are depressed

I, biological doctor, was studying. Six months ago, I was depressed.

You may have heard of many stars who died of depression, such as Cui Xueli and juhora some time ago. In addition to feeling sorry for them, many people also realize that depression is not so far away.

But there is such a group, many people are also suffering from unimaginable depression, which is often ignored or even questioned by people. They are graduate students.

In half a year, I experienced a depressive experience that I had never experienced before.

The cause of depression doesnt need to be so special, and depression has never been a cause. When they are tangled together like a mountain torrent, the collapse of mentality is just a moment.

There is no such dog blood bridge in the TV series that cries and shouts in the middle of the night. At first, I thought I was just in a bad mood and didnt even care. But after a brief period of depression, insomnia followed.

Qiao yingzi in little joy was diagnosed with moderate depression and severe insomnia. She said that she was still not happy to see the stars and the sea. In fact, real depressed patients may not even have the strength to record it

From the first three or five days of insomnia per month to the next three or five days of insomnia per week. Every sleepless night, I try to close my eyes. In fact, pretending to sleep is quite painful. The tighter the eyes are closed, the more active the brain is. It is not controlled at all.

In front of me, the movie flashed those moments that made me feel unhappy. I quarreled with my tutor over and over, and then left school. I have to say, its nice to think about it.

But after dark cool, always face the gloom and uneasiness in real life.

But what we insist on is not that insomnia gets better and the mood gets better, but that the skin itches all night, just like itch sings itch more itch more itch. Itching only appears in the evening, but when I finally want to sleep, I collude with insomnia and attack the fragile spirit of me.

I wandered in the city of no night in the daytime, but I saw the gray light, and the confused shadow under the light, feeling the color of the world disappeared. Its not that you cant see, its that you cant feel.

Ted talks about the experience of depression, I have a funeral in my mind, and there are a lot of mourners / BiliBili

After nearly a month of this, I realized that it was not simply a bad mood. So I told my situation to a doctoral student in psychology.

Then I tested the Becker Depression Scale (BDI). Test results: mild depression, moderate anxiety.

At the same time, she also told me that the test results of the scale are only one of the reference indicators for clinical diagnosis of depression, so I dont have to be too stressed.

After seeing the results, I am more sure that the situation is more complicated than expected, so after my friends advice and reading some literature about depression, I set myself a two-month period to adjust. If the situation does not improve, I will go to seek professional help.

Just after I started to understand depression, I was surprised to find that the situation of depression in graduate students is not optimistic.

Im not alone on the hard road to depression.

Graduate students in depression, you are not alone

If I mention these people, Tao Chongyuan, Lu Jingwei, Hou Jingjing and Chen Huixiang, how many have you heard? How many people pay attention to these graduate students suffering from depression, who finally choose to end all this by death?

For the pressure of graduate students, people either dont care, or turn a blind eye to it, or even think that these people are reading to the bulls-eye, making a mountain out of a molehill.

Social, family and friends, all aspects of the incomprehension, exacerbated the helplessness of graduate students. Postgraduate education seems to be calm, high-yielding articles, pleasant quantity, and the great leap forward type of development, but behind it is at the cost of spiritual harm.

Many people think that graduate students are doing research and innovation work, but in fact, they may be repeating experiments / pixabay

Some people will say that in modern society, the pressure of competition is so great that it is too much of a fuss to bring out graduate students alone. However, research shows that the incidence of anxiety and depression in graduate students is more than six times that of ordinary people [1].

The international authoritative journal Nature conducts a survey of graduate students around the world every two years. In 2019, more than 6300 graduate students participated in the survey [2], nearly 700 of them from China. The results show that 36% of graduate students in the world have asked for help because of depression caused by stress [2].

This is just because of the proportion of people who seek help because of depression. How many people suffer alone in depression without getting help in time, and how many people cant be rescued in suffering, and go to extremes?

The results of a small study scared me. According to the survey, 7.3% of the respondents wanted to commit suicide in the past; 2.3% were planning suicide [3].

Some graduate students suffer from serious depression or anxiety because they are afraid that they will not graduate

I just want to tell you that the pressure of graduate students is no longer a simple educational omission or a personal case. This kind of bad mental state is spreading like plague among graduate students.

Is it really not worth paying attention to the graduate students who have been under great pressure for a long time?

Its like being in a cold house

I have to say that the position of graduate students is very awkward.

First of all, you are a student; second, you are a real research worker working in the front line of scientific research.

Graduate students are faced with at least two kinds of pressure: the pressure of achievement, graduation and employment, as well as the competition and pressure brought by scientific research tasks.

However, no matter the results or the scientific research tasks, they will come down to one point, SCI article.

Maybe you dont understand why a good person is driven to mental breakdown by a so-called paper.

So to speak, graduate students without articles are like concubines without children.

The women in the harem need nothing but to give birth to one and a half children, because as long as they have children, they will have more security. For graduate students, with articles, its easier no matter what you choose in the future.

But article is not you want to send, want to send can send.

Concubines may lose their children in the fierce competition, or they may be pregnant with a stillborn child, but the child fails to survive after being tortured.

The same is true for graduate students. How many people spend their time on their own topics day and night, and experience various hardships, but finally find that the assumption of the topic is not tenable, stillborn, there is no way but to bury time and youth together with the topic of death.

A high grade makes you hopeless to have a child before graduation, and the new students in the lab have more time and energy, which makes people how stress-free.

Postgraduates who cant publish SCI papers during their postgraduate study are equivalent to concubines without children in the harem / Legend of Zhen Huan

Of course, if her family has a background, the emperor will also hold other peoples children for her. Like the graduate students loved by their tutors, they also have the opportunity to take other peoples articles as their own, and take them as springboard, so that they can go smoothly from then on.

So, in the harem, its very important to compete for favor. In the laboratory, the same is true. As a graduate student of Lenggong, I am very clear.

All of these are only from the pressure of the laboratory.

Many schools and tutors regard articles as almost the only standard to evaluate graduation. Without articles, graduation is impossible. Delay graduation has become a helpless and only choice.

When your classmates and friends have already started their own business and have cars and houses, you are likely to be swept out because of the long delay and no articles, and you are also a clean out with a degree certificate withheld.

Graduate students, in the end, are the technological reserves for training? Or a tool for posting?

A qualified graduate student is usually faced with endless papers and books, but what are the real professional needs and what are the needs of thesis / HIPPA

According to the statistics of the Ministry of education, in 2018, the number of graduate students in school reached 2.73 million, and the number of graduates reached 600000 [5]. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of graduate students in school will reach 2.9 million [6].

In the future, the competition will be more intense. Is it possible to make these people have articles? Where to go for graduate students without articles?

Entering the postgraduate study, only chicken soup tells you how good there is an article, but no one has said what to do if there is no article.

The whole life of graduate students seems to be working hard for articles.

Like you, you need articles, and mentors.

The imperial concubines depend on the emperor, while in the laboratory, the tutor is the only one.

According to a survey, quite a number of graduate students are not satisfied with their relationship with their tutors [1] [4], and even have been bullied by their tutors [7].

Although the proportion of bullied and discriminated people in the survey of China is less, it does not mean that Chinese graduate students have not been treated unfairly.

I dare to guess that maybe we dont know what bullying is, or we have become accustomed to bullying.

Many laboratories in China are like private factories. Students will call their tutors bosses in the dark, and even some tutors will tell students directly, tutors and graduate students are employment relations.

I once met a tutor, in front of other tutors and students, to make an evaluation of the graduate students in my presence, which is simply two words - easy to use.

As a student, or a person, I can think of many words to describe, diligence, hard work, self-improvement, modesty And easy to use is not one of them, because what can be described as easy to use is tools. It reminds me of the assembly line workers in modern times who can only screw.

Chaplin plays a screw driver exploited by capitalists, like a working machine without feelings / modern times

When students are treated like this by their tutors, is there any fairness between them?

The tutor naturally also has the pressure of the tutor, and the graduate students should share part of the pressure of scientific research, but which needs to be borne by the students, to what extent, and how to guarantee the equal relationship between them are really what we should think about.

In addition to the subtle relationship with the tutor, the imbalance of life and work is also the reason for the excessive pressure of graduate students [1] [2].

Many graduate students around said that after graduate school, there was almost no private life. The 996 working system is a luxury for many graduate students, because they spend no less time in the laboratory than the 996 [2] [4].

Without a life of your own, it means that you cant get rest and release from the heavy work.

This kind of long-term work, day and night reversed situation has almost become the norm of many graduate students [1] [2] [4]. Even when the famous academician Shi Yigong talked about the basic quality of Postgraduates in public, he put time giving first.

But I dont understand why in the field of scientific research, we should take overwork and overtime work as virtues?

The overworked work in the work can also apply for overtime allowance and compensatory leave. Graduate students can work all week and all day without any corresponding guarantee channels

As a biological migrant worker, I respect different experimental habits very much. If you are very satisfied with your living and working conditions, congratulations.

I also understand the importance of one quick step in scientific research competition, so overtime is not excluded.

Whats more, people who are in this value system are used to reinforcing them.

Besides, behind overtime work, there is no perfect support system and subsidy system.

For graduate students, overtime work is a daily routine, and the extra subsidy only exists in fantasy. Many peoples subsidies are not even enough to support their daily living expenses, and many tutors even deduct the subsidies for graduate students, with little or no payment.

Think of the friends and classmates around you, think of the parents who have to subsidize themselves at a certain age, and the pressure is always there.

QIPA said that Pang Ying, a debater, said that when she was 28 years old, she was a graduate student, poor and poor, and her anxiety was inevitable

For my biology major, the income level is not optimistic. Even if you get a relatively high salary, it cant be directly proportional to the high intensity of these years.

Pay more, output is not bad, because there is no overseas experience and was rejected by employers, which has become the plight of Dr. Tu (domestic doctoral) and also increased their tension.

Hundreds of thousands of graduate students graduate every year and squeeze into the job market

Dropping out of school, for many graduate students, such as me, is an idea that flashed 800 times a day. But dropping out is not easy.

I am a graduate student with a five-year schooling. Compared with the way of first masters degree (3 years) and then doctors degree (3 years), masters degree seems to save one year. However, postgraduates are transferred to postgraduates through assessment, and no masters degree will be issued in the middle, only a doctors degree certificate will be issued after graduation.

If you drop out of school, you will not only waste a few years of time and energy, but also lose your masters degree. You can only participate in the employment competition as a non current senior undergraduate.

Ive also heard that many well-off students have the resources to choose to transfer to a master or drop out of school, but for more poor students, the cost of turning back cannot be borne at all.

The more so, the more forced they are to accept unfair treatment, the more likely they are to fall into depression.

I just want to tell you that the depression faced by postgraduates is not personal hypocrisy or obsession. There are many practical reasons behind it.

My current situation has improved a lot. Last month, I tested it and it has returned to normal. Im not going to share my process of fighting depression in detail here, because everyones state is different and the solutions are not the same.

But there are several points I think are common, you can refer to.

First, talk.

Its easy to talk and hard to do, because its really difficult to find someone who understands your situation. However, I still suggest that everyone should learn to Tucao.

I personally dont recommend that you talk about your situation with your parents, because their understanding of depression may still be at the level of neuropathy. When I went to the hospital with my friends, I saw a father scolding his depressed daughter.

In the movie Jin Zhiying in 82, Jin Zhiying has depression symptoms, but her mother-in-law doesnt understand it, and even thinks it will affect her son / Jin Zhiying in 82

Some might think that a mentor with more experience in life might be able to talk. But that is far from the case.

This is not to say that mentors in the world are generally black, nor that all graduate students depression mistakes are in mentors. Some students will also find a mentor to communicate well, anyway, I dare not.

In some countries, students form mutual aid associations where they can share experiences, tell about pain and ask for help. But I havent heard of this kind of entity Mutual Aid Association around me. Even online communication groups, once they get the attention of their superiors, will be stopped immediately.

So talk, it just seems simple.

Second, look for hobbies.

Its very important to find a hobby that suits you. In particular, some hands-on activities will greatly ease the anxiety in your heart and make you feel happy. Personally, I found great fun in painting and clay, even a little reluctant to give up, which was my harvest during depression.

Sponge baby made of super light clay, this kind of activity will make people feel calm / BiliBili

During this period, I also began to write popular science. The purpose of writing popular science articles was to distract my attention. Dont pay too much attention to experiments and graduation, which bothered me.

I didnt expect an unexpected opportunity. I made a little pocket money by writing popular science articles.

It has to be said that in this difficult time, a small contribution fee is essential for my self-confidence recovery. I dont know if money can make me happy. Its true that money can make me happy.

Although later things exposed, the boss in the group meeting in front of all the people in the laboratory directly denied the article I wrote, and ordered to stop, but the restored confidence was not defeated.

Its not that you need to give up your studies to make money to improve your mood. As long as you can find hobbies that make you happy, it will make you feel that life is not easy, but beautiful.

Third, seek professional help.

Professional help is undoubtedly the most effective way to help you solve problems. Professional psychological consultation and the use of antidepressants can directly improve your current situation.

These are the measures we can take to deal with depression. But the graduate students depression problem, not only needs the individual to change.

According to the survey, 40% of Chinese doctoral students have asked for help [4]. However, only 10% of those who have asked for help have received useful help in school, compared with 28% in the rest of the world.

Most of the time, you can only see graduate students working hard, but not the psychological suffering they suffer / HIPPA

However, at present, many research institutes and universities have realized the seriousness of this kind of problem, and opened the channels of psychological consultation. With the beginning, there is hope.

Many graduate students psychological state, work pressure, employment environment, etc. can not be solved by themselves. They need more attention and support. Instead of waiting for the life to ring the alarm.

If we cant face up to these situations, even personal tragedy will be covered with a handful of Loess by time, no matter how bloody it was.





[5] Information of all kinds of academic education students at all levels. Ministry of education of the peoples Republic of China

[6] The 13th five year plan for the development of degree and graduate education




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