[China moving forward steadily] the cultural foundation of Chinas Governance

 [China moving forward steadily] the cultural foundation of Chinas Governance

Culture is the soul of a nation. Social system is always constructed on the basis of certain cultural concepts. System is the externalization of cultural concepts, reflecting the idea of the spiritual world such as the ideal, desire, purpose and values of the subject of system construction. In a certain sense, what kind of cultural concept, what kind of corresponding system. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China pointed out that the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and the national governance system are systems and governance systems guided by Marxism, rooted in China, deeply rooted in Chinese culture and supported by the people. In particular, the cultural foundation of our system and national governance system is emphasized here. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: we said we should strengthen our confidence in socialist road with Chinese characteristics, self-confidence in theory and confidence in system. In the final analysis, we should strengthen cultural confidence. Cultural confidence is a more fundamental, deeper and lasting force. The socialist culture with Chinese characteristics originates from the excellent traditional Chinese culture nurtured by the Chinese nations more than 5000 years of civilization history. It is fused into the revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture created by the party leading the people in revolution, construction and reform. It is rooted in the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics and lays a profound cultural foundation for the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

Excellent traditional Chinese culture: an important ideological and cultural resource for governing the country

In the thousands of years of historical evolution, the Chinese nation has formed rich ideas about national system and national governance, including the idea of Great Harmony in the road, the ideal of the world is for the public, the tradition of six contracts, the unification of the four seas and one family, the idea of morality as the main principle, punishment as the auxiliary, moralization as the rule of virtue, the idea of people-oriented in which the people are valued, the monarch is despised, and the government supports the people, etc The pursuit of justice, the filial piety, the loyalty, the courtesy, the integrity and the shame, the standard of appointing people on merit, the selection of talents and the ability to employ people, the reform spirit of Zhous old country and its life reform, the diplomacy of kindheartedness, good neighborliness and harmony among nations, the peace concept of harmony as the most important and war like will perish, etc. These thoughts and ideas not only have the successful experience of social development and progress in the rising world, but also have the profound lesson of social turbulence in the declining world. They embody the knowledge wisdom and rational thinking accumulated by Chinese people for thousands of years, and can give us important enlightenment.

Governance of the country and society, many things encountered today can be found in history, many things happened in history can also be used as a mirror today. We adhere to the people as the center, serve the people wholeheartedly, adhere to and improve the system of people being the master of the country, which is in line with the people-oriented thoughts such as valuing the people and reassuring the people which are highly praised by Chinese civilization; adhere to and improve the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, and build a socialist legal country, which contains the strong adherents to the law, the strong adherents to the law, the weak adherents to the law, and the weak adherents to the good Law in the world is the rule of the world; good law in one country is the rule of one country and other traditional spirits of advocating law; the core values of socialism that we vigorously advocate are consistent with the values of benevolence and righteousness, honesty and justice advocated by Chinese traditional culture; adhering to and improving the system of ecological civilization, promoting the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, contains the transmission of unity of heaven and man and law and nature The idea of unification; promoting open cooperation, promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, which is closely related to the idea of harmony but different and harmony among nations advocated by Chinese civilization, etc. For another example, the inspection and supervision system is an important part of the ancient Chinese administrative supervision system, which plays an important role in punishing evil and eliminating adultery, fighting against corruption and eliminating discipline, and clarifying the administration of officials. It is undoubtedly positive for today to draw useful experience from history.

In a word, the governance system and capacity of a country are closely related to its historical heritage and cultural tradition. Chinese excellent traditional culture is the spiritual lifeblood of the Chinese nation, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people, influencing the Chinese way of thinking and behavior. Good governance of todays China requires an in-depth understanding of Chinas history and traditional culture, as well as a positive summary of the practice and wisdom of ancient Chinas governance and administration, and full utilization of important ideological and cultural resources.

Revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture: a powerful spiritual force for the modernization of national governance system and capacity

The vigorous revolutionary culture and the vigorous advanced socialist culture are the condensation and sublimation of the excellent traditional Chinese culture and the vivid embodiment of the great creative spirit of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people.

After modern times, due to the decadent and incompetent feudal rule and the invasion of imperialist powers, China gradually fell into a semi colonial and semi feudal society. In the face of increasingly serious political and national crises, countless people with lofty ideals began to explore new national systems and governance systems in order to change Chinas future and destiny. In the process of learning from the west, modern China tried to imitate the West and tried various institutional models, such as constitutional monarchy, parliamentary system, multi-party system, presidential system, etc., but it was orange born in Huaibei is orange, which ended in failure. After the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation have found the right way to realize national independence, peoples liberation, national prosperity and peoples happiness. After the founding of the peoples Republic of China, our Party United and led the people to determine the state system, the government system, the organizational system of state power, and then carried out socialist transformation and established the basic socialist system. Over the past 70 years, we have constantly explored and practiced, and formed a set of socialist system with Chinese characteristics and national governance system with strong vitality and great superiority. At the same time, our Party attaches great importance to cultural construction. In the long-term practice of revolution, construction and reform, it has shouldered the banner of inheriting and carrying forward Chinese culture and advocating the development of advanced culture. It has endowed advanced ideological connotation of Chinese culture with scientific theory, formed a vibrant revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture, and built a strong Chinese spirit, Chinese value and Chinese power Quantity.

Marxism reveals the basic laws of the development of human society with scientific world outlook and methodology, and points out the right direction for the construction of advanced culture. Comrade Mao Zedong once pointed out that since the Chinese learned Marxism Leninism, the Chinese people have changed from passive to active in spirit. It is with Marxism that the Chinese people have acquired a scientific ideological weapon and radiated a powerful spiritual force to create a new history and promote social progress. History and reality have repeatedly proved that to comprehensively deepen reform and promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, we must adhere to the combination of the basic principles of Marxism with Chinas specific reality, organically combine the development of the right path, the development of scientific theory and the construction of effective systems, and guide the national system and the country with Chinese Marxism and developing Marxism Construction of governance system. The decision emphasizes the fundamental system of adhering to the guiding position of Marxism in the field of ideology and makes a series of major arrangements. This is the first time that our party has explicitly put forward the guiding position of Marxs ideology in the field of ideology as a fundamental system. It is a major institutional innovation that concerns the long-term development of the party and the state and the direction and development path of our culture. It fully reflects the Central Committees understanding of the law of socialist cultural construction with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has entered a new era. Realm.

Socialist core values: the spiritual core of the modernization of national governance

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: cultivating and carrying forward the core values and effectively integrating social consciousness is an important way for the normal operation of the social system and the effective maintenance of social order, as well as an important aspect of the national governance system and governance capacity. In a certain sense, the important aspect of modern national governance ability is to cultivate and consolidate social members political identity and belief in the core values of the country, that is, to realize the integration of social ideology and strengthen the national governance ability through the construction of core values.

The core values are the spiritual pillar and action guide, which play a fundamental and decisive role in enriching peoples spiritual world and building national spiritual home. Building core values that can effectively play the role of commanding, leading and integrating, and condensing the broad value consensus and common value pursuit of social members can greatly reduce the cost of national governance and improve the efficiency of national governance. From the perspective of the world, one of the important reasons why some countries have low efficiency of governance, even great social chaos and political turbulence is that their ideology and culture have disintegrated, the people lack common value orientation, lack of a dominant ideology and culture and values to guide and shape various social factors, and then turn them into countries The loyalty and identity of the society tend to integrate and unite. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. We are engaged in a great struggle with many new historical characteristics and facing many unprecedented risks and challenges. The people have faith, the nation has hope and the country has strength. We must vigorously cultivate and carry forward the socialist core values in the whole society, build up the core value system of national governance, strengthen the deep cultural structure of the national governance system, improve the ability to integrate social ideology, culture and values, grasp the initiative, dominant power and discourse power in the field of values, and guide people to enhance their confidence in the road and theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics We will continue to consolidate the common ideological basis for the unity and struggle of all the people, and better pool our strong forces to cope with major challenges, resist major risks, overcome major resistance and solve major conflicts.

Culture has a strong permeability and persistence. Like air, it is everywhere and everywhere. It can deeply affect the tangible existence and reality, economic and social development and peoples production and life with intangible consciousness and intangible concept. In the process of promoting the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, culture is a huge spiritual, belief, ideological and moral support, which is of great significance to enhance social members recognition of the system and ensure the effective operation of the system. We need to have a deeper understanding of the status and role of culture, adhere to the path of socialist cultural development with Chinese characteristics, promote the prosperity and prosperity of socialist culture, realize cultural progress in historical progress, and provide strong ideological guarantee, public opinion support, spiritual power and cultural conditions for the development of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.