University Library of Thailand subverts the traditional library full of multi-functional iron frame

 University Library of Thailand subverts the traditional library full of multi-functional iron frame

Located in Chulalongkorn University, the most famous university in Thailand, this library is dedicated to the Department of architecture and is called Architecture Library. Starting from the second floor, the library has four floors, covering an area of 1260m2. From the outside, the appearance of pure white is very simple. There is nothing special and unique. It is no different from the university library we usually see. Lets go inside and have a look.

The second floor is full of the smell of industrial wind. The exposed ceiling, rough columns, pure black tables and chairs, industrial wind exhaust lights, as well as the striking iron grid shelves on the wall and in the middle, look very cool.

These big iron frames may be confusing, but they are very useful. They are attached to them with magnetic plates and become small blackboards for display. Insert the board into the gap of the iron frame horizontally, and it can also be used as a shelf to display the model on it.

There is also a transparent board on the shelf, which can put the model on it. 360 degrees of light without dead angle can make the model fully displayed. Moreover, these iron frames are not completely integrated. Some modules are with wheels, which can be extracted and used separately. These grid shelves are really very practical for students in the Department of architecture. No wonder this is a special library for architecture.

The design of the third floor continues the style of the second floor as a whole, but there are many black exhibition walls around, which are filled with various books. The tables are also placed in a more orderly way, not as scattered as the second floor.

On the fourth floor, many comfortable sofas are placed to provide more leisure reading space. The orange pillow on the sofa brings some active feeling to the whole black space, which is not too depressing.

This part of the reading area in the middle is separated by the semi transparent partition, which seems to be connected but not connected. From the top, it looks like a maze, very beautiful.

There are auditorium and rest area on the fifth floor of this library. For more information, please poke the atlas below