I would rather wear a wig than a bullet proof vest

 I would rather wear a wig than a bullet proof vest

New North Korean street sweeper

According to Taiwans Lianhe daily on May 5, South Korean Yu swept the streets of his first motorcade in his birthplace xinbeizhong today, accompanied by Qiu fengyao, a candidate of the Kuomintangs legislative committee. South Korean Yu said he was born in Zhonghe and developed in Kaohsiung. Although he was a little timid in his hometown, he felt that people were close to local people. Today, starting from Shoude new village, I formally got on the propaganda car for the first time. Seeing and meeting many villagers, I feel happy from the bottom of my heart, I feel very happy when I sweep the street for the first time..

Asked if he would arrange any more street sweeps in the future, South Korean Yu said he should not do so because it is getting closer to election day. This visit is not the same as street cleaning. Its a special arrangement.

Yonhap said that while standing on the bulletproof propaganda vehicle, he did not wear the bulletproof vest prepared for him by national security personnel. In response, South Korean Yu said that he would not wear a bullet proof vest. He was confident in public security and said, I would rather wear a wig than a bullet proof vest..

Screenshot of Taiwan media report

According to Taiwans Central News Agency, South Korean Yu also went to Taoyuan today to participate in a campaign. In his activity, he once again mentioned that the DPP had forcibly passed the reverse osmosis law by binding a bomb to the people around their necks. If the remote control is in the hands of the DPP, whoever wants the neck to explode, just press the remote control.. He said that everyone could be in danger, including Soong Chuyu, chairman of the people first party, Ke Wenzhe, mayor of Taipei, Ma Yingjiu, former leader of the Taiwan authorities, and even singer mayday. He said frankly, its so painful and it makes everyone full of fear and anger..

In addition, South Korean Yu also satirized the DPPs fake Taiwan independence and real corruption. He was afraid of the war in the Taiwan Strait and did not dare to be independent . He raised the Internet army, solicited the media and suppressed the opposition parties. He called on voters to say no to the DPP and let them step down.

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