Afraid of being sent to fight Iran, the US young people will collapse the conscription website

 Afraid of being sent to fight Iran, the US young people will collapse the conscription website

Photo source: US Army

In addition to causing global tension, the killing of Sulaimani, commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard al Quds, triggered an unexpected reaction in the United States: the collapse of the website of the U.S. military service registry.

The collapse of the website was not due to the desire of the American people to join the army, but to the fear that once the United States and Iran start war, they will be forced to recruit.

Because of the spread of false information, the number of visits to our website has increased dramatically, the military service registry explained in a twitter post. In another tweet, the military service registration office pointed out that if there is a national emergency that requires conscription, the relevant bills need to be approved by the Congress and the president first. At present, the registration office only operates as usual.

The service registry is an independent agency under the federal government, which is responsible for registering the number and contact information of domestic servicemen.

Under U.S. law, all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 25, regardless of their place of residence, and all male immigrants living in the United States within that age group, regardless of whether they have immigration related documents, must be registered with the U.S. military service registry within 30 days after reaching the age of 18. The latest age limit for late registration is 26. Once the information provided on the registration card changes, such as the address, the registrant must notify the military service registration office within 10 days.

Those who do not register in accordance with the law will face a series of penalties, including not receiving federal aid, not working in the federal government, etc. Most young Americans register with the service registry when they apply for a drivers license or college grant.

But registration with the service registry does not automatically mean conscription. Only when Congress and the president approve the conscription will young people on the register be recruited according to random selection or the year of birth.

The first American conscription was during the civil war. Later, the conscription system was strongly opposed by the public during the Vietnam War. After 1973, the United States did not carry out conscription.

But the U.S. action on Iran on Friday raised concerns among Americans about a war with Iran. Young people who have registered with the military service registration bureau are flocking to the registration bureaus website, trying to find out whether they will be recruited into the military service.

One netizen even tweeted a solution: block US military twitter accounts, if they cant see you, they cant call you up..

For the young peoples concerns, the US media immediately sent an explanation, pointing out that at present, the US military adopts the system of voluntary enlistment; even if the war starts with Iran, 1.3 million soldiers in active service participate in the war.

In addition to the young, Democratic members of Congress also expressed concern about the targeted air strikes ordered by President trump, accusing the trump administration of not consulting Congress before the operation.

The White House formally notified Congress Saturday night of Fridays air strikes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the White Houses approach raised serious and urgent questions about the timing, manner and reasons for trump administrations military action.

After trump tweeted warning of a crackdown on 52 locations in Iran, Warren, a Democratic congressman and presidential candidate, tweeted to trump, accusing him of threatening war crimes and we didnt fight Iran, and the American people didnt want to fight Iran..

Former vice president and presidential candidate Biden also expressed the same view, pointing out that no president has the right to bring the United States into war without the consent of the American people.

Concerns have been dealt a direct blow, and US allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, have called on the US and Iran to exercise restraint.

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