Trump threatens to strike 52 target Iran: ready to take action

 Trump threatens to strike 52 target Iran: ready to take action

Musawi, commander of the Iranian army. (source: presstv)

Overseas network, Jan. 5 - the U.S. warned earlier that if Iran strikes any U.S. individuals or U.S. assets, the U.S. military will target 52 important Iranian targets. To this end, Iran responded that the US military may not dare to really start. This threat aims to save the international face lost by the US military for assassinating the senior officials of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran, and criticized the US behavior as equivalent to war crimes. Iran is ready to respond to or take action against any threat at any time.

According to press TV, the commander of the Iranian army, abdolrahim Mousavi, responded on the same day to the threat of 52 US targets. Mousavi said that the U.S. side issued such a threat to save their face lost in the ugly and unreasonable act of assassinating general Sulaimani, commander of the Holy City Brigade. I wonder if they really dare to do so in a possible future conflict (against 52 targets in Iran), when they know exactly where the numbers 5 and 2 belong, Mousavi said

On the same day, Abbas araqchi, Irans Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs, said that according to international law, the hostile remarks of us leaders clearly constituted war crimes. He said Trumps threat to attack cultural sites in Iran reminds people of the actions taken by terrorists and criminal groups to destroy cultural and historical sites, which amounts to war crimes under international law. Abbas also said that the Iraqi side will not yield to any threat or threat, and is ready to respond to or take action against any threat.

US President trump (source: CNN)

U.S. President trump warned Iran in a social platform Thursday that if Iran strikes any U.S. individuals or U.S. assets, the U.S. military will strike 52 important Iranian targets it has targeted. For many years, Iran has been a problem. If Iran strikes any US individuals or US assets, as a warning, we have targeted 52 Iranian targets (representing 52 US hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some of which are very important to Iran and its culture, and these locations will be hit very quickly and severely, trump said. America doesnt want to be threatened any more!

Irans foreign minister Zarif responded Friday on a social networking platform, accusing the US of once again violating the mandatory norms of international law. Zarif accused that it was a war crime for the United States to aim at cultural sites, and both the outcry and roar of the United States indicated that the vicious existence of the United States in the Middle East has begun to end. Zarif said that those who pretend to be diplomats, as well as those who target Iranian culture and civilians, do not even care about the provisions of international law.

Sulaimani (source: New York Post)

At least eight people were killed when three US rockets attacked Baghdad International Airport in the early hours of this month, including Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards al Quds brigade, and muhandis, deputy commander of the Iraqi Shiite militia peoples mobilization organization. According to reports, Sulaimani was a senior military adviser and policy adviser to major general and supreme leader of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Khamenei, and a former commander of the Holy City Brigade of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard. He is mainly responsible for reviewing Irans training and support for all anti Israel forces, and controlling the delivery of military materials to Syria, with military, diplomatic, intelligence and other powers. He once directed the anti American war in Iraq and was suspected of sending people to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States. His action affected the situation in the Middle East and was known as Irans spy king.

After that, the air raid and assassination of the U.S. Army were condemned by many parties. Irans leaders, including Khamenei, have vowed to retaliate. Many Iranians held demonstrations to protest the assassination of Sulaimani by the United States. Russias foreign ministry said the killing of Iranian generals by the United States would increase tensions across the Middle East. Speaking with French President Marcon, Putin also expressed concern about the death of Iranian general Sulaimani caused by the US missile attack, and both sides agreed that the US action might cause extreme deterioration of the situation in the region.

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