Rabbit legs haunted by luxury cars in the late night beside the graveyard; police caught ghosts in the wild

 Rabbit legs haunted by luxury cars in the late night beside the graveyard; police caught ghosts in the wild

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At the edge of the graveyard, the lights are blazing in the night, people are roaring and cars are coming and going, and the police are catching ghosts in the wilderness (source: Yangzi Evening News)

In front is the ancient Yellow River, in the rear is the graveyard, and on the left and right are the common poplar trees in the countryside. This is an extremely remote area, but recently it is bustling. There are always cars coming in and out. At night, the lights are bright. From time to time, there is a Scream: hurry up!

What kind of place is this? Occasionally, the residents in the distance are curious to pass by at night, and are quickly driven away. Recently, the mysterious place beside the tomb, where talented people are singing and lighting, was unveiled by Lianshui police of Huaian City. Recently, Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News conducted an interview.

New gambling methods exposed in bloody video

Fine dog hunting rabbit scene is exciting and cruel

Now, Zinius journalists have not been able to witness the mysterious place in person, but from the video taken by the group captured by the police, they saw a fierce and bloody scene.

In one of the videos, the reporter saw that the scene was a flat space surrounded by poplar trees. Obviously, the land used to be a forest, which was cut and leveled in order to hold such activities. A rabbit was released from the cage, and then there was the excited barking of the dog. Two strange looking hounds appeared in the video. They began to chase the rabbit in the field. The whole process was only 15 seconds from the release of the rabbit to the final hunting by the fine dog. The rabbit is running fast on the ground fenced with fishing net. When he hears the barking of the dog behind him, the running rabbit will make a chirping sound. However, the running rabbit doesnt know that no matter how hard it tries to run, its fate is doomed. It is doomed to be the dish lunch of the hounds. The only suspense is which hounds will catch it first. I saw the rabbits running around in the field. Two hounds spread their limbs like hungry wolves, barking and chasing the rabbits in the field. The hounds ran hard, and the mud was flying in the field. After 15 seconds, the rabbit ran into the fishing net, and a hound immediately jumped up to catch it. In another 10 second video, when a hound first bites a rabbit, another hound comes up and grabs it. The rabbit in the mouth of two hounds makes a dying cry.

The suspects own video of fine dog hunting rabbit

Yang Xiaohuai, deputy chief of the public security team of Lianshui County Public Security Bureau, told reporters that the video was shot by the suspects themselves, and what they found was a new type of gambling case, which gamblers called fine dog hunting rabbit. The way to gamble is to bet which dog can bite the rabbit first, or it is more bloody and cruel. He told reporters that Zhang Mou, one of the gamblers, later confessed to make him more angry: after Zhang Mou was arrested, he tearfully told the police that he had twin daughters, one of whom was suffering from congenital diseases and went to Nanjing to see a doctor every week. This time, he did not know when he would come out. Yang Xiaohuai said that he really wanted to ask Zhang, when he saw the bloody scene of the dog chasing and biting the rabbit during gambling, didnt he think that his daughters were still waiting for him at home?

Ziniu news reporter learned from online inquiry that in some places, a popular folk competitive activity called the dog drives the rabbit is originated from the local folk competitive activity custom in Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province. It is a traditional activity integrating local folk custom and folk entertainment. On the fixed festival day, the dog owner takes the dog to hunt the rabbit. The thin dog is also called the thin hound. It has a sharp face and two long ears. It is thin, tall and straight, sensitive, explosive and fast. It is famous for being good at running competitions. It can stop or change its direction properly in the fast running and deal with the difficult movements. It was originally a folk sport, but now it is used by some outlaws to gamble.

Data map of fine dog hunting rabbit

For the sake of confidentiality, we rent land between graves and forests

Driving an off-road vehicle to level the ground

The white starting line can be seen on the flat ground, and the torn rabbit leg can also be seen. On the morning of December 30, 2019, at the edge of the ancient Yellow River in Xuji Township, Lianshui County, Huaian City, Ziniu news reporter followed Lianshui police to find the gambling ground with a land of 50 mu: the ancient Yellow River in front, the graveyard in the back, the common poplar trees in the countryside on the left and right, and the gambling ground with an area of more than 50 mu in the middle was blocked by fishing nets.

Bitten rabbit leg

A member of Lianshui special police brigade, who participated in the capture, pointed to the gambling ground and told the Ziniu news reporter. It can be seen that the place was originally planted by villagers. According to the local actual situation, if we rent more than 50 mu of land, we should pay at least 200 yuan for each tree. It can be imagined that Xia, the renter of the place, is to provide the gambling ground Land also costs a lot. From township road to Village Road, there is only enough for a car to pass. It is impossible to use large machinery to level the site. In the face of Zinius doubts, the team member pointed to an iron roller next to Ziniu and told Ziniu that Xia was driving his own SUV and pulling the iron roller to level the ground.

More than 50 acres of gambling grounds are surrounded by fishing nets

Ziniu news reporter and the police on their way to the gambling scene noticed that there were only residents far away from the casino. How did the police know? The team member told Ziniu news that although there were no residents around, before the arrest, they received a report from residents along the way that after dark, there would be more than one luxury car in and out. Once in a while, it is understandable, but many times, it is not normal. So the police arranged investigators to investigate. It was a gambling Gang, and decided to arrest it on the night of December 23.

Late night raid

Gambler drives away in a luxury car and turns into a ditch

At about 10:00 p.m. on the 23rd, under the illumination of six high-power lights, there were a lot of people in the gambling ground of more than 50 mu, and there were more than ten luxury cars of gamblers parked in the surrounding woods and rural roads. What they dont know is that at this time, more than 60 auxiliary police officers of Lianshui Patrol Special Police Brigade have quietly surrounded this gambling den. With a single command and in the face of the unexpected police officers, the members of this gambling gang are in a panic, some of them are caught without hesitation, some of them are stubborn.

Pointing to a narrow forest Lane next to the gambling ground, Wang Feng, deputy commander of Lianshui special police brigade, who participated in the capture, told the Ziniu news reporter that during the day, driving on the forest lane should be careful, but that night, some gamblers took advantage of the chaos to drive their luxury cars and tried to escape, but the police knew that there was no way for the gang to escape, and they even turned their cars into the ancient times In the ditch by the Yellow River, he was caught.

Because of the large area of gambling ground and the fast running speed of dogs and rabbits, lighting must be provided. Its in a remote place. What should I do? Wang Feng told reporters that Xia found a van and generator to generate electricity by himself, and installed six high-power lights on one side of the site.

Xia Mou finds a minibus and a generator

Ive heard of it before, but it happened in Lianshui or for the first time, vice captain Yang Xiaohuai told reporters that no matter what form of gambling, the public security organs will not be soft to crack down on it.

500 yuan a note, no ceiling

The scene was bloody and the gamblers were extremely excited

Gambling frequency is relatively high, a few minutes a game; gambling money is huge, there are many people; the scene is relatively bloody, the stimulation to the gambling personnel is relatively large, the gambling personnel are easily excited, and the gambling form is novel. This is the summary of vice captain Yang Xiaohuai on the characteristics of the gambling case of the fine dog and rabbit hunting Gang. According to his introduction, at present, three people have been detained in criminal cases, four have been released on bail, two have been detained administratively, and 25000 yuan has been seized on the spot. The criminal facts of the rest of the gamblers are still under further investigation. There were more than 50 dogs and thirty or forty rabbits on the spot (some of them have been killed). At present, these dogs and rabbits have been properly placed.

Arrested gambler

According to the members who participated in the arrest, because this kind of gambling case happened for the first time in Lianshui, the police didnt know the name of the gambling was thin dog and rabbit hunting until the gambler was arrested. It was only after the gambler was arrested that they knew that when the police rushed into the gambling scene, the gamblers were engaged in a warm-up match similar to that before the game. After watching the dog and betting, the owner of the dog presses two thin dogs on the starting line. With a start, the person who is responsible for providing the rabbit throws the rabbit out. The two thin dogs start to chase the rabbit in the casino that has been blocked by the fishing net. Whoever bet on the thin dog first bites the rabbit will win. According to the gamblers statement to the police, at least 500 yuan is a bet, and there is no ceiling. In addition to the bet, the gambler who loses has to pay two to three hundred yuan for a rabbit, and the rabbit is also the food for the dog. The scene is very bloody.

The dog bites the rabbit in the video

The warm-up race will not be over until the dogs finish eating the rabbits, and then the owners will try to let the dogs excrete, so as to achieve the purpose of putting on the line lightly and start the real gambling. According to Xia, who provides gambling venues, when the gamble really starts, when the bet reaches 5000 yuan, a special person starts to draw: 20%, and then draws part of it to the dog owner. In the previous gambling, the people who draw can make more than 30000 profits every night. All the gamblers pursue blood and stimulation at the same time, but ultimately benefit.

The casino took pictures of the scene for justice

Instead, it becomes evidence of its own crime

It takes only a few minutes to gamble in a game, but the real process of dog hunting rabbit is only a dozen seconds. In the interview, the reporter learned that in order to prevent the gambling gang from having differences on which dog caught the rabbit first, there were also special cameras in the gang. When there was ambiguity, the process of fine dog hunting rabbit would be played back to gamblers in the form of slow lens to determine the final gambling result. But what they didnt expect was that the videos were just evidence of their crimes.

Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Lianshui Gamblers come from all over the country. How do they gather in Lianshui to gamble? Vice captain Yang Xiaohuai told Ziniu news that the group has a clear division of labor. There are dog owners who are specially responsible for providing fine dogs, rabbits, places, etc. but they are all gathered together through different wechat groups. According to the polices preliminary investigation, dog owners usually drive minibuses or business cars, put the dog cage behind the car, drive to Lianshui, some people provide accommodation in the hotel, on the night they were arrested, the police found the hotel room card from them.

Fine dogs can eat rabbits for free, and dog owners can get hundreds of yuan. In the whole gambling interest chain, dog owners dont seem to get too much profit. Why do they gather for gambling? According to the suspect, although it seems that only one or two hundred yuan will be given to the dog owner by the person who makes a draw every time, the dog owner will make a considerable profit every night. Whats more, if the dog owners fine dog is the leader that night, the price of the dog will soar in the gambling circle. If the dog owner is willing, the people in the gambling circle will buy his dog with a huge sum of money, which can be described as both fame and wealth.

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