Platform short of weight and short of weight Rider back pot takeout: hope to establish an industry association

 Platform short of weight and short of weight Rider back pot takeout: hope to establish an industry association

A take away rider provides pictures on the way to delivery / Xinhua News Agency

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Three meals a day take out, do not want to go out to find a substitute, take out platform development greatly facilitates peoples life. But did you know that behind every delivery on time, there is a delivery boy competing against the clock. In order to earn the distribution fee of less than 5 yuan per order, whether its windy or windy, whether its cold or hot, they keep going back and forth between businesses and customers. Is there any guarantee for traffic accidents? Whats the loss of bad comments from customers? How to provide the best service? Recently, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily interviewed some ordinary delivery riders to hear what they thought about the job.

Take out platform positioning is prone to problems

Calculating time and distance

With the development of technology, the area radiated by takeout is larger, and the location and delivery time are displayed more accurately. Because of this, the work intensity of riders is also increasing.

In the past two years, the delivery platforms have gradually reduced the unit price of meal delivery, from the lowest 6 yuan per order to less than 5 yuan. As in the past, there are fewer and fewer riders entering 10000 yuan per month. If riders want to make more money, they need to run more orders. Zhao Lei, a delivery rider, told the Beijing Youth Daily that for riders, the pressure of receiving orders is mainly on the delivery time. Because the delivery time given by the platform starts from the merchant receiving the order. After the merchant delivers the meal, the rider takes and delivers the meal, which is equivalent to that the merchant and the rider are a baton. When the merchant delivers the meal slowly, the time consumed must be chased back by the rider.

Some businesses have piled up orders at once, or some customers have ordered several complex dishes, and the time for meals may be slow. The platform may give 50 minutes to deliver meals. The time for businesses to deliver meals is 40 minutes, and the time for riders is only 10 minutes. Zhao Lei said that although the time for the rider to pick up and deliver the meal will be shown to the customers separately on the ordering platform, if the waiting time is too long for the customers, they will not carefully consider whether the business is slow or the rider is slow in delivering the meal.

In the past two years, Zhao Lei found that every delivery platform has a hidden rule: the distance displayed on the mobile phone is always shorter than that displayed on the road navigation.

For example, he took his mobile phone to Beiqing newspaper reporter, such as a single from Paris betaine (old palace Vanke store) to antou cuichengxinyuan, which was displayed as 9km on the riders mobile phone, but if Baidu navigation was used, the shortest distance of this route was 9.6km. For example, from yangxiezi (Panjiayuan store) in Scorpio palace to building 2 of Huamao apartment, the mobile phone display is 5.1km, but the shortest road navigation display is 5.4km.

The distance displayed by the platform is all less than that displayed by the navigation. The farther the distance is, the more the difference is. On average, one single can be 500 meters away. If I send three bills at the same time, it can be 1.2 kilometers away. In terms of time, it will take five minutes or even 10 minutes to run.

In the wechat group of chivalry Alliance launched by Zhao Lei, riders also thought that the platform was short of weight when calculating time and distance. Some riders measured 10 orders provided on the platform with Baidu navigation, all shorter than the navigation distance.

The riders think that this situation will bring a variety of adverse effects. First, it will bring wrong judgment to the riders. They think that they can run several more orders when they are close to each other. As a result, they find that the distance is not right when they run, which leads to the late order being punished. Second, after the distance is shortened, the riders delivery fee will be correspondingly reduced. Although it may be only a few cents less, it is not easy to be detected, but it will add up a lot Every rider in the world will lose more than ten yuan; third, the customers who place the order will subconsciously feel that the distance is very close, which increases the customers impatience, while the riders only speed up in order to recover the distance.

A bad review deduct money and lose reward

Work is hard to avoid grievance

Because riders have been running on the road, the probability of traffic accidents is relatively high. Every other day or two, people in the wechat group of the Knights League will send out videos of riders traffic accidents. In order to ensure the medical expenses of the takeout staff who have personal accidents, the takeout platform provides insurance for each rider. The insurance is 3 yuan per day, which is automatically deducted from the order fee. But there are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to real claims, which cant be settled. Zhao Lei said.

The most common problem between riders and customers is to write the wrong address. Zhao Lei received an order from Songjiazhuang to building 113, zone B, Baiziwan home, but when he arrived at zone B, Baiziwan home with the goods, he found that there was no building 113. When Zhao Lei called the customer, he repeatedly said that the address was correct. I had four orders at that time, and this one was delayed for a long time. Later, the community security reminded me whether it would be the nearby coastal Salo city community. I found No. 113 building in coastal Salo city before I found the customer who ordered the goods.

When Zhao Lei saw the customer, he said to him: you have written the address wrong. I didnt expect the other side to come up and ask him directly: do you want money. Zhao Lei said, Im not asking you for money. Im just explaining to you why the order is overdue.. As a result, the other party cancelled the order and gave Zhao Lei 27 yuan to leave his things. Zhao Lei went on to deliver several other orders, but two of the other three orders were overdue and the money was deducted. When he was walking back, he received the first customers complaint: bad service attitude, so he was fined 50 yuan. For one complaint, I lost the weekly reward, and the other two were late, so I lost at least 150 yuan. Zhao Lei said.

Communication skills are very important

Sometimes we have to give up

Huang, 40, has won the champion of single quantity running for many times. He told Zhao Lei and other young riders that they should learn to communicate with customers. For example, the same situation is that no one gets the order online. If the customer calls to urge, I will say that your order has been hanging online and no one gets it. I have no overtime here. Laohuang said, at this time, we need to appease the customer quickly and say to him, wait patiently, Ill send you this bill as soon as I finish. In most cases, it can be understood by customers.

We must find a way to reduce the loss. If you argue with the other party and the other party complains about the poor evaluation, you will be deducted more, which will also affect the reward later. Its not worth it. Lao Huang said.

Communication with the platform cant be all online

Hope to establish an industry association to provide help

Lao Huang felt that the management of the platform for riders was too loose. He rarely saw the platforms stationmaster. Whether communicating with the stationmaster or customer service, he had to go through the phone and network. The platform should strengthen the psychological guidance and quality training for riders. Riders are under a lot of pressure, and most of them are young people. If they dont know how to deal with things, they may have quarrels.

Decompression is also one of the original intention of Zhao Lei to build the wechat group of the knight alliance, the platform will not give you training and guidance, and there is not even a channel to vent. Now we have the wechat group of Knight alliance. We will organize the riders to have dinner and have a chat from time to time. In addition, the riders in the wechat group of the knight alliance will help each other. If their car runs out of power halfway, there will be riders on the way to recharge it.

Zhao Lei hopes to establish an industry association based on the wechat group of the Knights alliance, which will provide training, help and guarantee for the delivery riders.

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