Wuhan health and Health Commission: 59 cases of pneumonia of unknown cause have been excluded SARS and other pathogens

 Wuhan health and Health Commission: 59 cases of pneumonia of unknown cause have been excluded SARS and other pathogens

The full text is as follows:

Since December 31, 2019, our committee has carried out case search and retrospective investigation of viral pneumonia of unknown causes in the city. As of 8:00 on January 5, 2020, 59 cases of viral pneumonia with unknown causes have been reported in our city, including 7 severe cases, and the vital signs of other patients are generally stable. At present, all patients have received isolation treatment in Wuhan medical institutions, without any death. Among the 59 patients, the earliest time of onset was December 12, 2019, and the latest time was December 29; 163 close contacts have been traced for parallel medical observation, and the tracking work of close contacts is still in progress.

According to the epidemiological survey, some of the patients were operating households in South China Seafood City (South China seafood wholesale market). Up to now, preliminary investigation shows that there is no clear evidence of human to human transmission and no infection of medical staff. Influenza, avian influenza, adenovirus, SARS and mers have been eliminated. The work of pathogen identification and etiology tracing is still in progress.

At present, with the support of the state and Hubei Province, Wuhan city has taken the following main prevention and control measures: first, to fully treat patients. Second, all cases were treated in isolation. Third, continue to carry out relevant case search and retrospective investigation in medical institutions of the city. The fourth is to seriously carry out close contacts tracking, and carry out medical observation on the close contacts that have been tracked according to the regulations. At present, no abnormal symptoms such as fever are found. Fifthly, we should take measures to shut down the South China Seafood City, and carry out environmental sanitation disposal and further hygiene investigation. Sixth, we should actively carry out epidemiological investigation. The seventh is to cooperate with the state and province to carry out pathogen identification (including nucleic acid detection and virus isolation and Culture) and etiology tracing, and the prevention and control work is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Experts suggest that at present, our city is in the season of high incidence of infectious diseases in winter and spring. The public should pay attention to maintaining indoor air circulation, avoiding closed, airless public places and places where people are concentrated. If necessary, they can wear masks. If there are fever and respiratory tract infection symptoms, especially the persistent fever, go to the medical institution in time.

Wuhan pneumonia patients transferred to infectious diseases hospital market nearby residents infected

The unexplained pneumonia in South China seafood market in Wuhan continues to attract public attention. According to a visit by the reporter of Beijing News, on December 31, 2019, the relevant patients were transferred to Jinyintan hospital, a designated hospital for medical treatment of public health emergencies and a specialized infectious disease hospital in Wuhan, for isolation treatment. No outsiders or family members were allowed to visit. Some patients said that their condition is no longer serious, I hope the outside world no longer worry.

Multiple cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in a market in Wuhan: suspected game sales

On the morning of January 1, 2020, the South China Seafood City of Wuhan, which is alleged to have found multiple cases of unknown pneumonia virus transmission sources in Wuhan, was informed by the higher authorities to close down. In the afternoon of January 1, 2020, the interface reporter noticed in South China seafood of Wuhan that there were descriptions of merchants that people on the 10th, 2nd and 4th streets of the west district were suffering from pneumonia. A woman vendor said that a familiar patient didnt notice the severity of the disease at first. When its cold and hot, she coughs. After coughing, she has a low fever. She took ten days to go to the hospital. Later, its a little serious. Small injections dont work. Two other vendors said a business in the western region and its family members were infected. In addition, several traders in the market usually gather to play cards, and this time they are also infected.