The Irishman character archetype rage refers to the story of the films devil changing himself

 The Irishman character archetype rage refers to the story of the films devil changing himself

Netease Entertainment reported on January 4 that Martin Scorseses new film the Irishman involves the real character Jimmy Hoffa (played by Al Pacino) and his adopted son chuck IEO Brien (played by Jesse premon), according to foreign media. Recently, Jack goldsmith, the stepson of OBrien, wrote in the New York Times that the 86 year old OBrien was furious, referring to the films magical transformation of his deeds:

(Note: the following is about the Irish spoiler)

He also accused the film of misappropriating the real relationship between OBrien and Hoffa to frank Sheeran (played by Robert De Niro) and Hoffa. He said that the real Sheeran was not Hoffas right arm. OBrien was Hoffas closest partner, bodyguard, driver and trouble solver. OBrien himself said that the movie could change a monkey into a monkey Peanuts.

In the Irishman, OBrien has two important plays: one is that he was attacked by a fake gun during Hoffas trial, and the other is that OBrien accompanied Sheeran to pick up Hoffa from the parking lot and sent him to the house where he was finally killed, after which Sheeran killed Hoffa.

In reality, the case of Hoffas disappearance has also aroused great concern in the United States. Goldsmith once wrote a book in Hoffas shadow about the relationship between Hoffa and OBrien. He said that he had done a lot of investigations and knew a lot about the relationship between the two people in reality and some information about Hoffas disappearance.

Goldsmith wrote in the new article: for so many years, the public reasonably believed that OBrien was involved in Hoffas murder because within two weeks after Hoffas disappearance on July 30, 1975, the FBI determined, based on some indirect evidence, that OBrien kidnapped Hoffa in the parking lot on the same day through coercion and violence. The U.S. government has also taken some shameful measures to coerce OBrien into cooperation, including illegal eavesdropping and deliberately disclosing some false information to the outside world.

Because of the false news, OBrien was isolated by the truck Union, lost many friends, and the accusation deeply tarnished his reputation..

Since then, OBrien has seen a lot of novels about Hoffa and claimed that his deeds in these books are false. Goldsmith said: in recent decades, he has seen a lot of false information about him, but he is powerless about it.

OBrien has always been afraid of the release of the Irishman. After the movie was released, Goldsmith went home to chat with OBrien. He said OBrien is not in good health, but his mind is still healthy, and OBrien commented on the film: this is the biggest fake film I have ever seen.

OBrien read the original work I heard you did the house painting on which the film was based. He also knew that he had written it and said that he had carried Hoffa from the parking lot to the house where he was killed on the day of Hoffas disappearance, so he was worried that the film would not reach the level of the previous films and books. In the popular culture, he gave the assumption that OBrien participated in Hoffas disappearance to sit on the ground And damage your reputation.

First of all, no one knows exactly how and by whom Hoffa was killed, but were sure its not as depicted in the film, goldsmith said. OBrien did not receive Hoffa on July 30, 1975. Ive written about it elsewhere, and its almost certain that Frank Sheeran wasnt in Detroit at all that day, and his untrustworthy story doesnt match a lot of known facts.

He said that he talked with many people who had seen the Irishman, and they would think that what the film shows is the real situation, and that OBrien is directly related to Hoffas disappearance.

As well, the film portrays Hiran as Hoffas right-hand assistant: to help Hoffa out of trouble when he is in power, to accompany him to the union hall and to the road at night. Goldsmith said that in reality, OBrien is Hoffas closest partner, and revealed that OBrien told himself: the Irishman (Hiran) has never been so close to Hoffa. He was drunk all day, because he could not run a union, and was finally thrown out. The only thing he would do was to burn down a building from time to time.

OBrien is not the first time he has been brought to the big screen. He thinks that his portrayal of himself in previous films is also quite different from the facts. OBrien has no control over how his life is told in movies, novels and other ways, and the impact of these presentations on him is also hard to come by. For a long time, he has been a little resigned to this, and said: Mr. Hoffa often teaches me: you cant change what the news writes, dont care about them, look ahead. But its still very hurtful. Youre standing in the ring and youre in tears, but you cant fight back.

But goldsmith said watching the Irishman was the most painful experience for OBrien, who was furious at being portrayed in the film as a fool who sent his adoptive father to the place where he was killed.. After watching the movie, he said: watching this happen makes me crazy. I want to catch Scorsese, then strangle his throat like a chicken. When I solve him, I want to catch the other little guy, the Irishman.

Goldsmith said: OBrien is weak now, and these words obviously do not constitute a real threat. At the end of the conversation, OBrien calmed down and said: I think so about the movie. Hollywood can turn a monkey into a peanut. Its their business. They dont care what the truth is. Its all entertainment. If the audience who bought the ticket is attracted by the film, they will not write to complain about the discrepancy with the facts.

This article quotes Scorseses opinion expressed in an interview with entertainment weekly, which is similar to OBriens opinion: asked about the real history of Hoffas disappearance, how important do you think it is to know the real situation at that time? Do you believe that what you have is reality? Scorsese said: I dont really care about this The point of the film is not facts. He said that the focus of the movie is the world in which the characters live, what they do, what a character will do in a specific situation, when your responsibility requires you to act in a specific way, and you realize that you may have made a mistake, but you have to continue..

Goldsmith finally wrote: for films involving real history, there is indeed an artistic creation license for adaptation of facts, which is the Convention, but in the case of the Irishman, this Convention has culminated in the humiliation my stepfather has suffered for 44 years.