The brother of the forklift hit the taxi and looked at the other sides cab

 The brother of the forklift hit the taxi and looked at the other sides cab

Master Hu said, I saw a forklift. I said why it didnt brake. Suddenly I heard passengers and pedestrians shouting to be careful. There was no one on it. At that time, the forklift rushed down and was hit.

Mr. Hu told reporters that its good that everyone dodged in time. The accident did not cause any injuries, but his taxi was seriously damaged.

Master Hu said, the main reason is that the door is relatively serious. Its dented here. The steel plate has been broken and shoveled directly in. It was cut off, no one was injured, but I and the passengers were scared, and the pedestrians were scared.

According to Mr. Hu, the forklift was parked on the slope at that time. He guessed that the accident was related to the brake failure.

Master Hu said, it is estimated that the brake of this forklift is not pulled properly. Maybe its too long to stop, plus this one in front is too heavy. Its been stopped for a long time. The brake doesnt work, and it slips off.

Mr. Hu said that because the maintenance cost of the vehicle was uncertain and there was no one on the forklift, he quickly called the police. Before long, the forklift driver came and went to the traffic police team with the traffic police.

Mr. Hu said, I hope they can give me an early result. I have repaired the car and put it into operation. Because my car stops, the company has to charge a certain operating cost every day. And the damage to the vehicle, has been parked here also affects traffic, also affects safety.

Later, the reporter also found the traffic police on duty on one side to understand the situation, and learned that this was the construction vehicle on Huaxi Avenue. The police had contacted the forklift master and the person in charge of the construction party. The next day, they went to the traffic police team to negotiate with master Hu to deal with this matter.

(video source: Hu Yanqi, editor of Guizhou public channel)