British Defence Department: escorting British flag ships through the Strait of Hormuz

 British Defence Department: escorting British flag ships through the Strait of Hormuz

Rt said the mod had ordered the Royal Navys frigate monterose and destroyer defender to escort all British flagged vessels through the Strait of Hormuz. RT quoted Ben Wallace as saying: at this time, the government will take all necessary measures to protect our ships and citizens.

Previously, according to the order of President trump, the U.S. military attacked Baghdad airport in Iraq in the early morning of the 3rd, killing general Sulaimani, commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard in charge of overseas operations. Iran condemned and repeatedly stressed the need for severe retaliation, and the situation between the two countries escalated abruptly.

According to RT, Iran called the air strike international terrorism, while the United States insisted it was self-defense. Wallace said that under international law, the United States has the right to defend itself against countries that pose an urgent threat to its citizens.. The report commented that the UK clearly shares the position of its strategic ally. However, Wallace also called on all parties to ease tensions.. Rt said the rising tensions in the Middle East were clearly unsettling to the British government and that its foreign ministry had advised its citizens not to travel to Iraq and Iran.

Moreover, it is not the first time that Britain has sent warships to escort ships flying the British flag. In July 2019, British special forces seized an Iranian oil tanker in the waters near the Strait of Gibraltar. Soon, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard seized an oil tanker flying the British flag in the Persian Gulf. The Royal Navy will escort ships flying the British flag through the Strait of Hormuz, the MoD said that month.

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