The first two presidents of the United States were very cautious about killing suleymani

 The first two presidents of the United States were very cautious about killing suleymani

Some U.S. officials and analysts have questioned that Trumps reasons are intended to justify the attack, but could pose greater risks.

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Suleymani plans to launch an imminent insidious attack on U.S. diplomats and military personnel, but we ended up with him in that operation, trump told reporters at sea lake manor in Florida Wednesday

Us air strikes on Baghdad International Airport, the capital of Iraq, were ordered by trump to kill Sulaimani.

We took action last night to stop the war, trump said, not to start it.

Mark Millie, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, said the US side had convincing and clear information that Sulaimani planned violent actions. He reminded that those attacks were still possible.

With regard to possible retaliation on the Iranian side, trump warned that the U.S. military knew Irans targets well.


Some U.S. officials question whether the threat from Sulaimani is as imminent as trump calls it.

I believe in threats, said Democratic Senator Mark Warner, but I want to ask, how close is it?

According to Reuters, the word imminent means that an attack aimed at the United States is about to take place, which can provide the trump government with a legal explanation that the United States attacked and killed suleymani in self-defence.

However, a U.S. congressional source familiar with the threat intelligence report told Reuters that the briefing presented by intelligence officials to congress showed widespread exaggeration about Irans imminent attack on the U.S. side in the Middle East.

According to the associated press, officials who once worked in the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations are the sources. Although they belong to different parties, the last two administrations under the leadership of the president are cautious about killing suleymani. Because they assessed that Sulaimanis death was as dangerous as his life.

According to Eliza Slotkin, a former CIA analyst, the reason why the former two presidents did not order the killing of Sulaimani is simple, that is, in their view, the results of the attack on Sulaimani are not worth the risk to the United States compared with the possible retaliation and the potential risk of the United States being dragged into a long-term conflict.

Some analysts noted the domestic political motivation behind Trumps ordered attack, noting that he criticized the Obama administrations failed Middle East Policy on social media earlier this week, possibly trying to prove his strength to American voters by killing suleymani.

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In the Washington Post, Max bout, a senior researcher in the field of security at the Institute of foreign affairs, a think-tank, wrote that Sulaimani was the highest level foreign military commander killed by Yamamoto, a Japanese Navy General and the mastermind of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1943.

Iran claimed that it would take tough retaliation, while Iraq identified the US side as aggression and considered driving away the US military.

Some lawmakers and national security analysts question whether the trump administration is prepared for Irans retaliation and the U.S. militarys future situation in Iraq.

Iran has a range of counter attack options, including military options and others, AP reported. The United States has tens of thousands of troops in the Gulf, all within the range of Iranian missiles. Iran, on the other hand, has the ability to use cyber attacks or military agents against us overseas targets.

To guard against retaliation, the Israeli military raised its level of vigilance; US European allies Britain, France and Germany expressed concern. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said by telephone that the U.S. approach violates international law and may have serious consequences for peace and stability in the Middle East. (Liu Xiuling) (special draft of Xinhua News Agency)

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