Xi Jinping personally commented on Zhu Ting: you smash the ball very much like Lang Ping.

 Xi Jinping personally commented on Zhu Ting: you smash the ball very much like Lang Ping.

Zhu Ting said that compared with the keyword stable in 2018, her most important word in 2019 is Bo -- broad Bo, fraternal Bo and hard work.

Zhu Ting thinks that the most important thing for you in 2019 is to win the world cup. Especially after winning the championship, I didnt expect to be met by General Secretary Xi when I returned to Beijing.

Zhu also revealed some details during the interview. Some time ago, General Secretary Xi visited Henan Province and then talked about me with you. General Secretary Xi said that you are very popular in Henan and that all the people in your hometown know you. Zhu Ting recalled, and then said that my skills have improved. Its a smashing position. Its very similar to that of Lang

Zhu Ting said that receiving the affirmation from the most respected people is a high motivation. However, what surprised her even more was that during the national day, the whole team had to board the floats of long live the motherland to participate in the parade.

Leader Lai sent the news to the group and it exploded. Its like playing the Olympic champion in 2016: is the medal real, is it gold?

Zhu Ting recalled that before going to the floats, director Lang introduced that after winning the gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Games, she once went to the floats for the second time. In fact, you can see from this point that the continuity of this event is not easy for Chinese womens volleyball team.

In Zhu Tings opinion, what impressed her most during the floats parade was that she had just started shouting to the soldiers, Chinese womens volleyball team, the first in the world, you are the most handsome; the other was a group photo with her mentor Lang Ping while waiting for the floats.

Zhu Ting introduced that this photo is the best one she thinks. Because the long live the motherland square is a kind of affirmation for us, and also a kind of affirmation given by the fans and the people of the country to the womens volleyball team. Zhu Ting said frankly, Chinese red clothes, plus red floats, a typical Chinese color, just like the national flag. Really.