The 17-year-old boy laughed at his dinner and his lungs swelled after a few days of choking

 The 17-year-old boy laughed at his dinner and his lungs swelled after a few days of choking

The 17-year-old boy laughed at his dinner and his lungs swelled after choking for a few days

Many people like to talk and laugh when they eat, which is not a good habit. Because eating while talking is not only easy to affect appetite, when it is serious, it will hurt physical and mental health.

Some time ago, Xiao Lin (pseudonym), 17, of Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, had dinner with his family, talking and laughing. Suddenly, I was choked. I didnt pay attention at that time. I continued to eat after coughing for several times. After a few days, he began to cough, expectorate and have chest pain.

His family rushed him to the hospital. Only after an examination did they find that there was a high-density mass image in his trachea.

What is this lump? Xiao Lin then transferred to Zhongshan philanthropic hospital.

He, a physician in respiratory medicine, asked Xiao Lin many times and learned that he choked once a week ago when he had a meal and laughed, but there was nothing different at that time.

Combined with its symptoms and CT image analysis, doctors speculated that there might be foreign body blockage in its trachea.

The urgent task is to do bronchoscopy as soon as possible to clarify the endotracheal conditions. However, an abnormal phenomenon was found in the preoperative examination. Xiao Lins bronchus had congenital malformation. There was a meat pillar in the middle of bronchus, and the variant state of bronchus mucosa adhesion caused that foreign bodies could not come in or out.

Whats more, its unexpected that the main cause of Xiaolins cough and chest pain is a foreign body similar to chicken bone, about 1.5cm long.

After the operation, the troublemaker chicken bone was taken out smoothly, and Xiaolins symptoms were relieved immediately.

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});)) (); however, because the foreign body has been in the body for too long, it causes infection and lung abscess at the distal end of the foreign body. Fortunately, after a few days of treatment, Xiao Lins inflammation index decreased and reached a normal level. At present, Xiao Lin has been discharged successfully. Source: take a look at the editor in charge of news: Zhou Xinyi, nb12002

But because the foreign body in its body too long, caused the infection, the foreign body far end lung appears the lung abscess.