Police yelled at Gao Yans daughter suspect Xie Liping: do you know about Lao Rongzhi?

 Police yelled at Gao Yans daughter suspect Xie Liping: do you know about Lao Rongzhi?

Chai Baojun and Xie Liping, two fugitives and their relatives:

The public security organs will never give up the arrest of the fugitives! But at the same time, we also welcome those at large to turn themselves in. Because the criminal law stipulates that the person who surrenders himself may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. This is the legal plot.

Therefore, some words must be said to you:

u2014u2014As a fugitive, maybe you and Lao Rongzhi have been doing the same in the past 20 years: drinking, dancing, makeup and money.

But do you know the people and things associated with her? After the death of his disgraceful father, his 70 year old mother rented an old house, and his brothers and sisters accepted the coldness and criticism of their neighbors.

Of course, her family is not your family.

Can you imagine the expressions of our police officers when they visit your husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, siblings and other relatives? What is their inner feelings? What kind of eyes are the street people around?

Escape is not the way out! You have been arrested nationwide as a suspect without limitation of prosecution period.

u2014u2014As relatives of the fugitives, you should understand that under the vigorous pursuit and arrest of the public security organs, a large number of the fugitives have been arrested one after another, and they can only be severely punished by law.

At the same time, many fugitives, under the advice of their relatives and friends, voluntarily surrendered and were leniently dealt with by the government.

Theres also a homicide escapee! On December 5 last year, Wang Fei, a fugitive of robbery and homicide who had absconded for 12 years in Wenxi County, surrendered himself at the advice of his family.

Here, I hope the relatives of the fugitives can understand the truth.

If we ignore the rules of the rule of law society because of family affection, this kind of mentality and behavior will only lead to a double-edged sword.

u2014u2014There are both parents in the hall and their hometown.

Contact person: Branch Director No.: 18903596056

Yumen branch of Yuncheng Public Security Bureau January 4, 2020

Previous news:

Notice of Yumen branch on offering a reward and wanted for chaibaojun and jieliping

Reward notice

In order to eliminate the social hidden danger, Yumen branch of Yuncheng Public Security Bureau will continue to offer a reward to two suspects of Qaidam Baojun and jieliping who are running for their lives in 2020.

1u3001 Chai Baojun

RMB 100000 as reward

Basic information:

It used to be called Chai Junhui. Should have been born in 1972. Native place: Junling village, Yangcun Township, Hejin City, Shanxi Province. Once opened a small restaurant and set up a fruit stand.

From December 1995 to January 1996, I practiced in the benzene recovery workshop of Baoding coking plant (Dingzhou City), Hebei Province. After that, I worked in the coking workshop of the gas branch of Shanxi Aluminum Plant. During the period, there are gambling hobbies such as playing mahjong, and illegal behaviors such as stealing and hurting people with knives. In March 1998, he was chased online on suspicion of intentional homicide.

2u3001 Xie Liping

RMB 100000 as reward

Attachment: three fingerprints of suspect Xie Liping:

Basic information:

Born in 1968 in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, native place: Jinjing village, jiajiazhuang Township, Fenyang City, Shanxi Province.

From 1991 to 1993, I was willing to report to the University of letters and enter the TV station, and I like painting. After his divorce, he went to Yuncheng to study painting. In July 1999, he was chased online on suspicion of intentional homicide.

Yumen branch welcomes the masses to pay attention to every suspicious object around them. For the personnel who provide effective clues and play a key role in the arrest work, RMB 100000 will be awarded and strictly kept confidential.

Yumen branch urged the fugitives to surrender. Those who shelter will be severely punished!

Clue contact: Officer Zhang

Tel: 15333696588

Wechat: zxf390772624

Defectors: please call 0359-5262110 at any time

Yumen branch of Yuncheng Public Security Bureau

January 2, 2020

51 year old Gao yanvalueis mother has offered a new reward photo. She was suspected of killing and absconded for 17 years

Recently, Yumen branch of Yuncheng Public Security Bureau issued a reward notice. The police wanted three fugitives at one time, and each offered 100000 yuan to collect effective clues. After the announcement, 51 year old murder suspect Xie Liping attracted attention because of her high beauty, and was called beauty Viper by netizens.