U.S. new rules restrict the export of artificial intelligence software to China, effective Monday

 U.S. new rules restrict the export of artificial intelligence software to China, effective Monday

In the report, Reuters wrote that under the new rules, which will take effect on Monday, U.S. companies exporting certain geospatial imaging software must apply for a license to send the software overseas (except Canada).

Limiting the export of such AI software is one of the means for the United States to prevent sensitive technologies from being mastered by rival countries.

According to the document, the target recognition software applied to intelligent sensors, UAVs, satellites and other automatic equipment (whether civil or military) is within the limits.

The act was issued by the Department of Commerces Bureau of industry and security (BIS). It aims to safeguard the national security of the United States, promote the implementation of foreign policy and economic objectives, and ensure the sustained leadership of the United States in strategic technology by ensuring the implementation of an effective export control and treaty compliance system.

James Lewis, a senior cyber security researcher and vice president of CSIS, a think-tank in the US, said the rule could be welcomed by the industry because they had feared that the export of most AI hardware and software would be hit more widely.

According to the public documents issued by the U.S. government, the geospatial image software in the new regulations refers to the software specially designed for training depth neural network to automatically analyze geospatial images and point clouds. Such software includes the following features:

Provide a graphical user interface to enable users to identify objects (such as vehicles, houses, etc.) from geospatial images and point clouds, so as to extract positive and negative samples of interested objects;

By normalizing the size, color and rotation of the front sample, the pixel change can be reduced;

Training deep convolution neural network to detect interested objects from positive and negative samples;

By using the trained depth convolution neural network, the rotation pattern in the front sample is matched with the rotation pattern of the target in the geospatial image, so as to identify the target in the geospatial image.

Technical note: point cloud is a set of data points defined in a given coordinate system. Point clouds are also considered digitized surface models.

Document definition of restricted software.

Reuters also pointed out that the regulation only came into force in the United States, but after that, the U.S. authorities may refer it to other international agencies to create a fair global competition environment.

At the same time, overseas media also said that U.S. Republican and Democratic lawmakers were increasingly disappointed by the slow implementation of export control rules, and Democratic Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer urged the Department of Commerce to speed up the process.




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