Paid ticket grabbing for apps: service or luck

 Paid ticket grabbing for apps: service or luck

Acceleration pack, VIP members There are many charging patterns for ticket grabbing software

In an app called same journey travel, reporters try to grab a train ticket from Beijing to Harbin on January 23. The app shows that ticket grabbing needs to be accelerated. The acceleration levels include low speed, extreme speed, lightning, star speed and light speed. The success rate of low-speed ticket snatching is 42.77%; that of high-speed ticket snatching is 20 yuan, the success rate is 62.77%; after that, each level is increased by 10 yuan, and that of light speed is 50 yuan, the success rate is 77.77%.

Another app is called where to go. The acceleration level of ticket grabbing is divided into low speed, fast speed, high speed, extreme speed and light speed. The charge is also progressive from 0 to 50 yuan. The reporter also tried to snatch the train ticket from Beijing to Harbin on January 23, showing that the success rate of low-speed ticket snatching was 34.2%, indicating that after spending 50 yuan to reach the speed of light, the success rate was 58.2%. In the process of reporters trying to grab tickets, almost every step of the operation will prompt the purchase of light speed acceleration package.

Most of the ticket grabbing software will divide ticket grabbing speed channels like this. If the user doesnt choose to pay and only grabs tickets at the lowest speed, most of the software will instead provide the user with the option of forwarding friends to help speed up for free. The reporter tried to send the same journey travel link to group chat, and found that 40 acceleration packages were needed to upgrade to star speed ticket grabbing. A friend can only help one acceleration package in most cases, that is to say, at no cost, nearly 40 friends need to click on the link to speed up for you. At the same time, the software will also obtain the wechat related information of the acceleration friend, and authorize login. In addition, friends help more, and they cant speed up the speed of light.

How can I find so many people to help me with the links? In this case, I am in a hurry to buy tickets. Generally, I can only pay for the acceleration package in the end. Ms. Qiao, a Wuhan citizen who has used this function, said. Another user told reporters that these apps let users forward links. In fact, they disguised themselves to advertise their software as a marketing method.

Is it service or luck?

Can I get a ticket if I buy an acceleration pack? The answer is not always.

After buying the acceleration package, the reporter contacted the customer service of the same journey tour. The customer service said that there was no guarantee that the ticket would be obtained.

Tickets for the Spring Festival are still being robbed. I dont know if I can get them at last. Ms. Li from Beijing said, in the first eleven days, she had software on the computer to grab tickets, bought an acceleration package of 40 yuan, and prompted to grab tickets the day before she left. If not, the plan would be in chaos.

In the interview, most of the citizens told reporters that they had to modify the itinerary or give up the itinerary basically because they didnt get tickets.

According to the customer service of the same journey travel app, ticket grabbing will last until two hours before the departure time of the robbed train, while where to go will be decided by the passenger himself, at the latest 30 minutes before the departure time. If there is no rush ticket, you can return the fee of the acceleration package, but if the customer buys the VIP member who is rush ticket, the fee will not be returned. As for the large amount of time cost spent by passengers, the app did not provide relevant compensation measures.

Sometimes when I didnt pay attention, I bought the acceleration pack by default and found it after I settled the account. I made a reservation a few hours in advance on the smart line for the ticket snatching of the Spring Festival games, said Ms. Chen of Guangxi. In order to have a better chance, I also added a 30 yuan upgrade package. As a result, I didnt see any movement until the point. Open the software, pop up a power link, and ask me to click power to start robbing. Its a real waste of my time.

It seems that the principle of black technology is very simple. It is to replace manual operation with program and constantly monitor the remaining ticket information on 12306. Software Engineer zurim said that the acceleration package is nominally to change the refresh frequency to improve the success rate of ticket grabbing. In essence, it is a technology queue jumping, whether you can buy it or not depends on luck.

Dont let ticket grabbing ruin fairness

In May 2019, the railway department launched the standby ticket purchase function, which enables passengers to register on the official website for waiting in line for standby ticket purchase without buying a ticket. Once there is a ticket, it will be automatically filled in sequence. This is the official queue ticket purchase function in the context that the ticket supply is less than the demand. To a certain extent, it gives more opportunities to people who cannot buy a ticket temporarily.

In fact, even if it costs hundreds of yuan to buy acceleration bags, the railway cant get tickets without tickets. Industry insiders believe that the ticket grabbing software is to use the publics poor information, and the publics travel anxiety is what they sell. In addition, for social resources such as Spring Festival railway tickets, these apps snatch tickets that can be sold to this passenger and sell them to that passenger, so as to make profits, which is no different from the ticket dealers. What affects is the fairness of most people who do not need the ticket software.

Recently, the railway department said that because the online ticket scalper and ticket grabbing software are attached to 12306 system, they add greater pressure to 12306 service system by automatically refreshing the page, and occupy the service broadband of 12036 server, which affects the normal ticket purchase of passengers and disturbs the order of normal ticket purchase of passengers. Recently, many online ticket grabbing software has been blocked.

Before using the software, users need to authorize the platform to use their 12306 ticket account and password, the railway official said. In the process of authorization, these platforms will also obtain the names and ID card numbers of all frequently used contacts in the passenger account, which may lead to the risk of information disclosure. It is recommended that passengers go to the official website 12306 to purchase tickets.

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