Easy beheading? The US military may have plotted against the people around Sulaimani in advance

 Easy beheading? The US military may have plotted against the people around Sulaimani in advance

As the most influential commander of special forces in Iran, Iran has implemented the most stringent security measures against Sulaimani. However, the American side has beheaded successfully in a seemingly easy way. What happened behind this? How does the U.S. military accomplish this task?

Big data analysis system helps us seize effective information

According to the response from the US side, this targeted clearance operation of the US military has been well planned and prepared for a long time. After major general Sulaimani entered Iraq, the U.S. military began to use its own comprehensive intelligence network to track and locate it and obtain a lot of information related to it.

The United States has 16 major intelligence agencies, the most famous of which is the CIA. The CIA has been deployed in the Middle East for decades. So far, it has formed a very complete intelligence network. At the same time, it has also carried out a large number of infiltration, destruction and targeted clearance operations. Hot spots such as Iraq, Syria and Iran are the focus of their activities. The targeted clean-up work was carried out by the agencies under the CIA.

According to media reports, the US military has obtained a large number of accurate intelligence information about Sulaimani by means of satellites, UAV reconnaissance and artificial intelligence network. From the experience of the US Army in clearing the leaders of the extremist organizations, it can be seen that the US Army is to collect a large number of data and use the database system for accurate analysis, so as to obtain the location information of the target mission.

After acquiring a lot of intelligence information, the US army uses the combat information processing system to eliminate the rough and refine and screen the information, and finally obtains a lot of useful information. The data processing and big data analysis system of the U.S. Army can help the U.S. Army to capture effective information from details, ensure the accurate grasp of Sulaimanis action track, and lay a solid foundation for fixed-point cleaning.

According to the information disclosed by the U.S., the U.S. military has long wanted to take targeted action against suleymani, but the timing was not mature. When the Iraqi embassy was attacked and the U.S. government needed to give an account to the people, the targeted clearance operation against Sulaimani was carried out.

The US military may have conspired against those around Sulaimani in advance

Major general Sulaimani has rich experience in overseas operations. He has been commanding the Holy City Brigade since 1998. He has been an important advisor to Khamenei for many years, and his importance can be seen.

Sulaimani is the key protected object of Iran and Iraq, and both countries have taken very strict preventive measures. In order to avoid the information leakage of suleymani operation, Iran and Iraq have reduced radio communication to the maximum extent in their operation arrangement, and replaced by military communication means with strict confidentiality measures.

In fact, Iran has operated in Iraq for many years, supported a large number of militia organizations in Iraq and had its own intelligence network. But Irans security measures and intelligence networks are clearly not comparable to those of the US military. The United States not only has more high-end technical means, but also is far ahead of Iran in the construction of intelligence network.

The United States used its own intelligence network to accurately grasp the operational information of suleymani, and may have conspired against its staff. From the experience of US Armys successful killing of bin Laden, the US Army carried out a series of intelligence reconnaissance work before the final attack, and did not carry out the operation until the target information was confirmed. More work is actually in the intelligence collection and sorting stage.

At that time, when the Russian army fixed a point to clear the then Chechen President dudaev, it spent $1 million to buy a close friend of dudaev. As the usual strategy of intelligence penetration, it can be judged that in the process of capturing Sulaimanis intelligence information, the U.S. Army is likely to buy Sulaimanis personnel in advance.

u25b2 three missiles from the U.S. army attacked near Baghdad International Airport, and two vehicles were destroyed. Photo source: Beijing News

Why not use the more powerful helfa to carry out the task?

The fixed-point clearing is usually to obtain the target information, the ground special forces personnel guide the artillery or air combat aircraft to carry out the precise strike, or directly use the observation strike integrated UAV to carry out the attack. The U.S. military has rich experience in fixed-point clearance, and likes to use drones to carry out fixed-point clearance. In history, many fixed-point clearance operations against targets have adopted air strike, most of which are also completed by drones.

When Baghdad Di, the top leader of the US Armys fixed-point clearing is, more than ten fighters including attack helicopter, mj-60 special war Black Hawk helicopter, general helicopter and armed drone were dispatched to raid Baghdad Dis hiding place. Unlike the previous large number of fighters and the use of precision guided weapons to attack, this US attack is very simple and easy.

Surprisingly, the U.S. military used air launched rockets in this targeted clearance operation. According to the common understanding, the accuracy of air launched rocket is not high, and the hit is basically based on luck. However, in this raid, the U.S. military only used three rockets to hit and completely destroy two SUVs, achieving the goal of surgical precision strike.

In fact, the rocket used by the U.S. military this time is totally different from the traditional rocket used by the general armed groups. It may be the apkws 70 mm guided rocket. Although this kind of shell is called rocket, it is a real precision guided missile. The nine headed snake apkws guided rocket is laser guided. The laser seeker is located between the warhead and the engine. The optical acquisition device is evenly distributed on the front edge of four control surfaces. This layout can provide a larger field of view for the seeker and has a higher accuracy.

Of course, Hydra is only an auxiliary weapon for the U.S. military to carry out fixed-point clearance tasks. The U.S. military fixed-point clearance Sulaimani use this kind of rocket, rather than the more powerful helfa anti tank missile, mainly because the environment at that time did not allow. It can be seen from the relevant video that the scene of the attack is a road from the airport, surrounded by a large number of other vehicles. If the powerful missile is used, it will inevitably cause a large area of collateral damage.

The use of helfa missiles in the traffic flow of Iraqi capital cities will obviously cause huge collateral damage, which is a political risk that the United States is not willing to take. According to the public information, the warhead of Hydra rocket is only 4.5kg. There is no problem to attack the unprotected SUV. More importantly, it will not cause too much collateral damage to the surrounding area. Therefore, the U.S. military chose the rocket, a less powerful weapon, to carry out the clean-up operation.

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