The individual charge for agricultural power contracted in Henan agricultural county is several times higher than the national standard

 The individual charge for agricultural power contracted in Henan agricultural county is several times higher than the national standard

Recently, local farmers have reported to the voice of China that the collection of electricity charges for agricultural irrigation in many villages and towns in Qi county is chaotic. The price of agricultural electricity approved by the price department of Henan province is 40 Fen times, but the number of villages in the village has been charged for more than one yuan. The village committee has contracted agricultural electricity to individuals, and has the final say of the electrician. Why are local electricity prices different? Does the agricultural irrigation power exceeding the standard several times meet the relevant regulations?

As much as one block of electricity is used at night in many villages of Qixian County, which is charged by electricians who are not grid employees

Reporters in Qixian suburban township, peicundian Township, Shiyuan Township and other townships visited and learned that the price of agricultural irrigation electricity in these townships is mostly between one yuan once and one yuan once, and the price of each village in the same township is not the same.

Garlic farmer told reporters that a piece of agricultural irrigation power is indeed on the high side. Garlic has a high demand for water. It needs to be watered frequently after autumn sowing to make the land saturated. Some garlic farmers have calculated an account for the reporter, planting garlic at least four times a season water, a mu of land water usually need more than 20 degrees of electricity. The market price of garlic fluctuates a lot. In case of bad market, garlic farmers may compensate for the electricity cost of watering the land. In addition to different charging standards, many garlic farmers also reflect that they usually give the electricity cost directly to the village electrician, but they have never received the payment certificate.

The reporter inquired and found that the agricultural production power consumption in Henan Province is divided into three charging steps according to the voltage level, 35-110 kV agricultural power consumption is 0.4662 yuan per degree, 1-10 kV agricultural power consumption is 0.4752 yuan per degree, and the highest price less than 1 kV agricultural power consumption is only 0.4842 yuan per degree.

Qi county these villages and towns high price agricultural electricity is according to what standard to receive? The reporter came to Qixian power supply company of State Grid, and the staff said that the agricultural power supply facilities in these villages are invested by the village collective or individual. The power supply company collects the total electricity fee of each village according to the national standard, while the specific amount of money collected by the farmers in the village is not under their control: some transformers built by the village themselves are invested by themselves. For a time we couldnt control how much he charged.

Reporter: this one is not approved, is it?

Staff member: yes, its not approved. If its the type of network reform and construction, its the type approved by the government. Its more than 40 cents. Its 0.4752 yuan once, which is the price.

Reporter: where is the electricity used?

Staff: electricity belongs to the electric power bureau. The money collected from the equipment invested in the village is relatively high, so we have to get the equipment money back. We cant solve this for him.

According to the staff of the power supply company, the electricians in charge of collecting electricity fees in these villages do not belong to the employees of the power supply company: the electricians in our unit dare not charge so much. If its an electrician from the electric power bureau, hell get more than 40 cents, and hell have invoices.

According to the state, the price increase for agricultural power consumption shall not exceed 0.2 yuan per kilowatt hour

Agricultural irrigation power in xiboniugang village, peicundian Township, Qixian County is once a piece of electricity. Nie Heqi, member of xiboniugang village committee, said that the price is indeed quite different from more than 40% of one-time electricity stipulated by the state. This is because the transformation of agricultural power grid has not covered Xibo Niugang village. The village has invested and built transformers with collective funds, and set up power lines to the field to solve the irrigation problem of farmers. But the electricity charge collection, the line maintenance and so on work has contracted to the village electrician, the extra money equivalent to the electricians wages.

Nie said: what is the situation in this village? If we do not return to the home appliances network management system, we will return to the rural electricians. The price of electricity is quite different from the national regulations. After I gave it to the electrician, for example, the voltmeter ran 10000 degrees. Then one four. Collect according to the money the country should collect, and then all the rest are electricians. Electricians themselves are not people of the State Grid. Pay, dont you? The village has no money to subsidise them. That is to say, the rest of the money belongs to him.

Does the agricultural irrigation power exceeding the standard several times meet the relevant regulations? According to the reporters inquiry, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a notice in 2018, which made it clear that for agricultural production electricity, if the power supply facilities are invested and constructed by the government and managed by the countryside, they can voluntarily choose to transfer them to the power grid enterprises; if they cant be transferred, for the power supply loss, power supply and maintenance cost of irrigation facilities caused by agricultural irrigation electricity, the village committee can transfer them to the The public shall charge a reasonable fee, and the price increase shall not be higher than 0.2 yuan per degree. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to increase the price on the standard of agricultural production electricity.

Electricians say they cant earn money by charging high prices for electricity, and they are looking forward to grid transformation

It is obvious that in some villages of Qi County, the price increase of agricultural electricity is far more than 20 cents per kilowatt hour. Nie Gang Village village committee member Nie Heqi admitted that their village has received a four - one time and has not passed the village committee resolution, how much money is charged by the electrician has the final say.

Reporter: whats the basis of the money he collected from the electrician? Do you want to invoice?

Nie Heqi: no, no basis.

Reporter: I just want to know how to calculate this one piece and four pieces?

Nie Heqi: our village is not very clear. Our village manages the power supply for the common people, without power failure or accident.

Reporter: how much does the village charge for electricians without intervention?

Nie Qiqi: its useless to intervene in the village. For example, if you intervene, you say you should take one piece, if you say he doesnt do one piece, he cant find the electrician if he doesnt do it.

Zhu, who works as an electrician in Changzhai village, Shiyuan Township, Qixian County, told reporters that electricians are also very difficult to do. Now the agricultural power lines in the village are old, and the power consumption is serious, so he doesnt make any money except for the maintenance cost and the power consumed. He is also looking forward to the villages rural power grid transformation, so that everyone can use cheap electricity: now this line, basically, cant be used, is still the line for shelves in the 1970s. At present, there are lumps in the middle of the line, and the transformation of the power grid has not been carried out until now. Not much money. More than 1000 yuan a month. Theres a time to lose money. Its not a stable business to pay more than 1000 yuan.

Reporter: why not reform?

Mr. Zhu: I dont know. I cant come down without money, and I cant rectify it. If we can change the electricity, it will be easy to manage. Whether the village needs an electrician or not will do.

The reporter called Shiyuan township power supply office in Qixian County, and the staff said that the transformation of rural power grid is progressing according to the plan. There are 33 administrative villages in Shiyuan Township, and more than a dozen villages have completed the transformation, using cheap electricity. It will take a process to achieve full coverage, which will speed up the relevant work: we have been making efforts to transform, have reported projects, and have been reporting. Because he has to declare at the first level. Ive been working hard.

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