Hong Xiuzhu, South Korea, Yu, Tainan, building momentum, Taiwan police shoot down UAV

 Hong Xiuzhu, South Korea, Yu, Tainan, building momentum, Taiwan police shoot down UAV

Zhu lilun (second from left), Hong Xiuzhu (middle), Han Guoyu (second from right) (photo source: Taiwan media)

Hong Xiuzhu, Han Guoyu and Zhu lilun, former mayor of Xinbei City, attended the joint momentum building conference held in Guiren Sports Park in Tainan yesterday afternoon, Taiwans Lianhe Daily reported Thursday. According to the report, Hong Xiuzhu chose to build the biggest momentum before Guiren held the election because Guiren is a green camp big ticket warehouse, and directly pounding the enemy base camp can effectively improve the morale of the blue camp.

However, after the announcement of Hong Xiuzhu and South Korean Yus momentum building conference, Taiwan police found that there were green camp supporters who incited the protest on the Internet and threatened to lose things. Police sent people to patrol early Thursday morning, saying they had mastered monitoring and would prevent out of order behavior. Just before Han Guoyu got on the stage, police and Guoan personnel found that there was an unidentified drone appeared at a high altitude above the stage, and immediately shot down it with radio interference. Reported that police will then land drones away confiscated, tens of thousands of people on the scene almost no one found.

Hong Xiuzhus campaign headquarters hosted the rally Thursday, according to Taiwans China Times electronic news. As a result of the recent Black Hawk helicopter crash, Hong Xiuzhus campaign headquarters not only appealed in advance to the supporters of the event to wear black or plain clothes, but also accompanied 10 retired Taiwanese generals such as Chen Zhenxiang, as well as the candidates of South Korean Yu, Zhu lilun and blue camp legislative committee to take off their hats and pray for the people.

According to the report, the Guiren Sports Park, where the joint momentum building conference is located, is crowded with people. Hong Xiuzhus campaign headquarters said 100000 people participated in the day, and a large number of supporting people also appeared in the surrounding small pepper market and other stalls. The organizers arranged performances of puppet show and Gezai show. Senior artists Yang Yan and Ye Qing also performed on the stage. The people on the scene also played a game of holding up the strips, which said, break through the South Pass, guard Taiwan, turn over Tainan, and take down the Democratic Progressive party. Wang Dingyu, the current legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party in the dark green constituency. Hong once said it was not a easy way, but she still decided to run and stick to it until the end.

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