Ghosns escape accomplice came to the surface, and the airline manager said he was forced to help him escape

 Ghosns escape accomplice came to the surface, and the airline manager said he was forced to help him escape

Turkish police have arrested a number of people suspected of smuggling migrants in order to investigate how Ghosn moved from Turkey to Lebanon, MNGs manager koseman is one of them, Turkeys freedom Daily reported. Koseman told Turkish authorities that an old acquaintance from Beirut threatened him and his family would be hurt if he refused to help in a matter of international significance.. Im afraid that Im moving someone from one plane to another at the airport, and I dont know who he is, the report quoted koseman as saying in a statement The report didnt point out the old name that coseman said.

MNG company admitted Wednesday that two of its planes were illegally used for the flight of Ghosn. An employee falsified records. The name of Ghosn did not appear on any flight related documents. MNG said it rented two private jets: one from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Osaka, Japan, and then to Istanbul; the other from Istanbul to Beirut. The company said it only learned from the media that two charter flights helped Ghosn.

Mr Ghosn, 65, of Lebanese origin, was born in Brazil and has French and Lebanese citizenship. In Japan, Mr. Ghosn faced four charges, including failing to report huge incomes and transferring personal investment losses to Nissan. The court of Japan was scheduled to hear the case of Ghosn in April 2020. Ghosn was released on bail but could not leave Japan. Nissan hired a private security company to monitor Ghosn, but Ghosns lawyer warned the company to stop the surveillance, saying it violated Ghosns human rights, according to a source Thursday. The security company stopped the surveillance on December 29 last year. According to the surveillance camera at Ghosns home, he left home alone at noon that day and never came back.

Ghosns lawyer recently revealed that Ghosn will hold a press conference in Beirut on the 8th.

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