A farewell ceremony for the murdered doctor was held in Beijing. I believe that the murderer will be severely punished

 A farewell ceremony for the murdered doctor was held in Beijing. I believe that the murderer will be severely punished

Leaders of Civil Aviation Administration, national health and Health Commission, Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission and other relevant units, representatives of medical staff of Civil Aviation General Hospital, representatives of Beijing medical institutions, relatives and friends of Comrade Yang Wen, and spontaneous masses wait to see him off.

Comrade Yang Wen took part in the work in September 1992, and worked diligently in the front line of saving the dead and helping the wounded.

Comrade Yang Wen is loyal to the party, upholds the partys line, principles and policies, adheres to principles, is open-minded, aboveboard, honest and upright. In 2003, she was fearless of risks and always stood at the forefront of the fight against SARS. She worked in the second hospital of Huairou District in Beijing for seven consecutive months to rescue many critically ill patients from the mountain area. In 2008, she represented the emergency department in the volunteer service of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games and the 13th Beijing Paralympic Games. She has always been strict with herself, and has achieved at ordinary times she can see that she can stand at a critical moment and get out of danger. She has demonstrated the advanced nature of the Communists with practical actions and fully played the exemplary vanguard role of Communists.

Comrade Yang Wen has always adhered to the doctors practice spirit of fearing life, rescuing the dead and helping the wounded, being willing to contribute and loving the boundless. In the 22 years of working in the emergency department, he has been conscientious, diligent and practical, hard-working and hard-working, never mind personal gains and losses. Her business ability is solid, service attitude is amiable, regard patients as family members, and think about patients life safety everywhere. She unites her comrades, is ready to help others and is highly respected by everyone. She is known as a good elder sister and a good doctor.

Recently, the Party group of CAAC decided to award Yang Wen the title of Excellent Communist Party member of civil aviation, the national civil aviation trade union decided to award Yang Wen the honorary title of national civil aviation May 1 Labor Medal, and the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission and the Coordination Committee of mental civilization construction of the capital health system awarded Yang Wen the special honorary title of capital health guard.

Yang Wens family members said: thanks to the teachers, classmates, colleagues, friends of Beijing Municipality, civil aviation administration, health care Commission and Civil Aviation General Hospital of Dr. Yang Wen as well as the caring people from all walks of life for the deep memory of Dr. Yang Wen and the care and help of Dr. Yang Wens family. We will support the elderly and take good care of his family so as to comfort Dr. Yang Wens spirit in the world. I believe that the judiciary will punish the murderer severely.

Civil aviation general hospital reported the murder of female doctors: no fee reduction

Civil Aviation General Hospital denied that it was the mother who killed the doctor to reduce the expenses: the relevant expenses were settled according to the medical insurance regulations; the family members did not cooperate with the treatment, and had signed 10 times to refuse the examination and treatment.

Beijings medical suspect is unemployed. His sister said, he shows no sign of killing.

Yang Wen, a doctor at the Civil Aviation General Hospital, was stabbed in the back with a knife by the family member of the patient and died later. Three days later, when the surveillance screen came out, people saw that the so-called stabbing was to cut the neck in an extremely cruel way.

Sun Ying, the elder sister of the suspect sun Wenbin, said that sun Wenbin had no sign of killing Yang Wen before the incident, and she did not know where the knife came from.