Its not the Mediterranean! Ball balls head is broken, long hair is flowing like no hair loss

 Its not the Mediterranean! Ball balls head is broken, long hair is flowing like no hair loss

In this game, bell also tied the head of the ball. But in the game, bell also had a moment when his hair was out of control. With Bells long hair swinging, Welsh people can go for shampoo commercials with the amount of hair and the amount of hair flowing. Before that, a photographer photographed that Bells head was already hollow, and the long-term binding of the head was to cover up the fact that he was in the Mediterranean.

But on the court, Bells performance is still not to be praised. In the game, bell missed a single shot twice. In the 65th minute, Real Madrid sent a long pass from the backcourt, bell forbidden area arc top anti offside. Bell pulled the ball to his left in front of him. He tried to shoot with his left foot on the left side of the arc of the penalty area, but the hetafe goalkeeper took the ball easily.

In the 92nd minute, bell missed the golden opportunity. After receiving the direct pass from his teammate, bell faced the goalkeeper in the middle of the penalty area. Bells choice at this time was wordless. He chose to make a ball to his left front. As a result, the smaller the angle of the shot, the smaller the shot angle. His shot was easily resolved by the goalkeeper again. If Bells feet are more balanced, he doesnt have to turn the ball to the left at all.

After turning in the white paper again, Bells data this season is still very embarrassing. Bell played 14 games for Real Madrid, and he turned in 13 blank papers. Bell only scored twice against Villarreal, but he was also sent off in that game. Isko has been in good shape recently, and after Azars recovery from injury, bell seems to have to return to the bench.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473