A media: Wu Leis influence on his debut was 14 times that of Messi. He depressed Messi

 A media: Wu Leis influence on his debut was 14 times that of Messi. He depressed Messi

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In the GATT Derby, Barca finally gained bitterness, because Wu Lei equalised in the last minute. Who is this amazing Chinese? What kind of story does he have? Before we begin to introduce him, we will return to the 2008 Olympic Games. At that time, he took a picture with Messi for the first time, and 12 years later, he made Messi depressed on the court.

In this picture, you can see 16-year-old Wu Lei, who is wearing an Argentine Jersey and hugging Aguero.

Nowadays, Wu Lei is regarded as the best player in China. He is a Chinese Super history shooter, who has scored 169 goals for Shanghai in 344 games.

Although Wu Lei has a high standard, one of the driving forces for the Spaniard to sign him is still commercial development. In February 2019, Spaniards had 40 million fans in China. Wu Leis first goal was 14 times as influential as Messis goal in the same period. Yes, its amazing!

Weve sold more than 20000 jerseys in four months. And its not the final number, its probably three times that, said the Spaniards head of marketing at the end of last season After Wu Lei joined, Spaniards sometimes wear Chinese jerseys.

Lets refocus on the court. Wu Lei has won the golden boots of CSL for four consecutive years, and he has been selected as the best team of CSL for three consecutive years. After scoring on Saturday, he became the first Chinese player to knock on Barcelonas goal.