Soshuais response to Rafael Benitez: bogba will not leave Manchester United, he will not leave, you say not

 Soshuais response to Rafael Benitez: bogba will not leave Manchester United, he will not leave, you say not

When the BBC asked about the future of borgba, soshuai replied: you will definitely not see borgba leave in January. This week, the sun revealed that bogbas Manchester United career was actually over because both the players and the team wanted to end the sadistic love earlier. In the near future, bogba is recuperating. There are too many variables in his future.

Pogbas agent, Raiola, has been very active recently. He has bombarded Manchester United, saying that he will never let his players play in Manchester again, because Maradona, Bailey and Maldini will be destroyed when they go there. In addition, Raiola insists that the current situation of borgba is caused by Manchester United, and he has asked manager SOHO to talk to him: he has my phone and can call me at any time.

For Raiolas big mouth, Saussure was speechless. Can agents evaluate the clubs affairs? No, he pointed out In Harlands transfer, SOHO is expected to have a lot of opinions on Raiola. As we all know, SOHO appreciates Harland very much. He flew back to Norway in December to persuade him to join Manchester United. However, Harland finally chose Dortmund, and Raiola played an important role in this process.

It is reported that Manchester United had intended to bypass Raiola to sign Harland, but failed. It has been pointed out that the main reason why Manchester United finally gave up Harland is that Raiola asked for the buyout clause and the share of the second transfer in the contract. For this, Raiola satirized Manchester United and said: I dont know who released this news. If its Manchester United, its theyre covering up their failure

Ill have a good chat with bogba, he said. I dont think I need to talk to my agent. Bogba is our player and the agent is hired by the players. Please note that players are not agents, but ours. Will you talk to bogbarliaolaiola? I wont tell you what were talking about. Its between us.

Since the end of September, Pogba has not started for Manchester United. At the end of December, he returned from a truce of nearly three months, but was injured again after two appearances on the bench. Soshuai said borgba will be suspended for at least another 3-4 weeks, and United will decide whether to operate on borgba according to the results of the examination.

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