The mistress of the county Party secretary was commuted to be known as the female underground organization minister

 The mistress of the county Party secretary was commuted to be known as the female underground organization minister

Yang Xiaoping was formerly Deputy Attorney General of the peoples Procuratorate of Yuci District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. In February 2014, the political and Law Commission of the Central Committee of the peoples Republic of China announced for the first time ten cases in the system, including the bribery case of Yang Xiaoping. Since May 2008, Yang Xiaoping has taken bribes of RMB 1.58 million from the parties and the clients, received bribes of more than RMB 17.91 million with others, took bribes of RMB 50000 with influence, and took bribes of more than RMB 40.05 million and 1800 grams of gold with personal property Clear source .

The Legal Daily and other media once took the title of female underground organization minister knocks down the Secretary of Shanxi county Party committee and disclosed that Yang Xiaoping is the mistress of Yang Hong, the former Secretary of Shanxi Lingshi Committee (sentenced to life imprisonment for bribery in 2013). Yang Hong once wrote a letter of guarantee to Yang Xiaoping, be loyal to feelings and not play tricks.. What Yang Xiaoping said, Yang Hong always carries out , so it is said that Yang Xiaoping, who was promoted to Deputy Attorney General of Yuci District Procuratorate, is director of underground organization .

On April 3, 2013, the intermediate peoples Court of Jinzhong City sentenced Yang Hong to life imprisonment for the crime of accepting bribes; Yang Xiaoping for the crime of accepting bribes, using influence to accept bribes, and the crime of unidentified source of huge property to life imprisonment.

After the sentence was pronounced, Yang Xiaoping refused and appealed. The higher peoples Court of Shanxi Province made a criminal ruling on May 24, 2013, rejecting the appeal and maintaining the original judgment. Since July 24, 2013, Yang Xiaoping has served in Shanxi womens prison.

In June 2017, Yang Xiaoping was commuted from life imprisonment to fixed-term imprisonment of 22 years.

According to the ruling, on November 25, 2019, Shanxi womens prison, the executive organ, put forward a proposal for commutation of sentence, and determined that Yang Xiaoping could plead guilty and repent, abide by prison rules and disciplines, actively transform, seriously participate in learning, production and labor, obey distribution, and successfully complete the labor task, and indeed show repentance. It is suggested to deduct seven months fixed-term imprisonment.

The trial of Jinzhong intermediate peoples court found out that Yang Xiaoping was able to plead guilty and repent, abide by prison rules and disciplines, actively participate in learning, and strive to complete labor tasks during the period of commutation assessment. She was praised six times by the prison, with the remaining score of 506 points.

According to the court, the evidence provided by the executive organ is sufficient to prove that the criminal Yang Xiaoping has indeed shown repentance during the period of serving the sentence and transformation and meets the conditions for commutation. However, the criminal is a duty criminal and sentenced to life imprisonment for several crimes. According to law, the scope of commutation shall be stricter. Yang Xiaoping shall be sentenced to seven months less fixed-term imprisonment from June 30, 2017 to November 29, 2038.

Previously, it was reported by the Bureau:

On September 13, 2017, the National Court released information on commutation, parole and temporary execution outside prison. Yang Hong, the former county Party Secretary of Lingshi County, Shanxi Province, was asked to commute from life imprisonment to fixed-term imprisonment of 22 years.

Opinion journalists noted that the bribe amount of the man was more than 20 million, and he once changed the local gypsum mountain into official mountain because he believed in Fengshui and influenced his official career.

And just two months ago, his mistress, Yang Xiaoping, a local deputy attorney general, had been commuted from life imprisonment to 22 years in prison.

According to the public announcement of the case, Shanxi Jinzhong prison put forward a proposal for commutation on August 21, saying that Yang Hong did show repentance during the commutation assessment period, pleaded guilty to repentance, accepted punishment, knew his crime and social harmfulness and was able to introspect deeply, self analyze the causes of crime, correct his bad habits, have correct attitude towards transformation and Atonement, and strive to reform.

In addition, he also conscientiously abides by laws and regulations and supervision disciplines, accepts education and transformation, and has no serious violations; actively participates in ideological, cultural, vocational and technical education and learning, listens to lectures carefully in class, and completes homework on time, with examination scores above 89 points.

The prison also believes that Yang Hong, as a printer and learning assistant in productive labor, can actively participate in labor and abide by labor discipline, with a attendance rate of 100%, and strive to complete his own labor tasks.

According to him, Yang Hong has been praised 11 times by the prison and can use 471 points. It is suggested that the sentence be reduced to fixed-term imprisonment of 22 years and deprivation of political rights of 10 years.

According to the public resume, Yang Hong was born in December 1958 in Zuoquan County, Shanxi Province, and was admitted to Shanxi Agricultural University the year after the college entrance examination was resumed, which was rare at that time. After graduation, he entered the official career, has been in Jinzhong, until the horse, never left.

As early as 1995, he was promoted to member of the Standing Committee of Yuci Municipal Committee and Minister of publicity. In 2005, he was appointed as the head of Heshun County, which was the department level. One year later, he was transferred to Lingshi County head and became the county Party Secretary five years later. Who knows, more than a year later, that is, June 2012.

Superstition Fengshui for promotion, renamed Shigaoshan

On July 31, 2013, the supervision department of Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection held a press conference and reported that Yang Hong, the former county Party Secretary of Lingshi County, took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and illegally accepted others money, either alone or in concert with others, with a bribe amount of 2584855 yuan. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by Jinzhong intermediate peoples court according to law. After the study and approval, Yang Hong was decided to be expelled from the party and public office.

At the intersection of the Lingshi exit connecting line of the Universiade high speed and Yongji Avenue, a sculpture with a large seal shape came to the attention of reporters, the legal weekend reported. The base of the seal is 8.4 meters wide, the body is 5 meters wide and the total height is 15.9 meters. The seal is engraved with Chinese Lingshi and Avenue Yongji on both sides. This seal sculpture is called imperial seal by Yang Hong.

According to the inscription on the creation of royal seal sculpture in the book above, the sculpture idea comes from Yang Hong. Because there needs to be a sculpture ornament at the intersection, Yang Hong thought of the story of Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty who set up the county, and then he had the idea of taking one Royal seal as the basic prototype of sculpture in his mind.

A local official, who declined to be named, told reporters that according to his speculation, Yang Hongs real purpose of erecting the sculpture was to protect and promote officials.

In addition to the imperial seal, Yang Hong also changed the name of gypsum mountain to official mountain, which means that those who go to official mountain can enter official position, and those who live in official mountain can be promoted. However, after the change of name, Shigaoshan didnt bless Yang Hongguan to be successful and improve step by step. On the contrary, in the month after the change of name, Yang Hongs official career stopped abruptly.

Nearly 60 million of his mistresss cases have been commuted

Yang Hong, born in November 1966 in Dafang County, Guizhou Province, is on the road of crime. She is eight years younger than Yang Hong.

Yang Hong and Yang Xiaoping, who were then organization ministers of Yuci District in Jinzhong City, met by chance around 2000, the Legal Daily reported. Maybe Yang Hong took a fancy to Yang Xiaopings myriad customs, maybe Yang Xiaoping took a fancy to the power in Yang Hongs hands, and the two quickly developed into lovers and began the power color trade.

Yang Xiaoping was the Deputy Attorney General of Yuci District procuratorate at the time of the crime. It was said that her promotion had a lot to do with Yang Hongs help.

Lingshi is the richest coal county in Jinzhong, with a financial revenue of more than 3 billion yuan, ranking first in Jinzhong. As the head of a county, Yang Hongs bosses have to line up. But its not everyone who wants to buy Yang Hongdus bill. Hes also looking after people. So some people think of Yang Xiaoping. People call her Yang Jian (also known as sister Yang). It turned out that they did find the right person. In the middle, two young people took bribes together.

According to Yang Xiaoping, Yang Hong always carries out without hesitation, so it is said that Yang Xiaoping, who was promoted to Deputy Attorney General of Yuci District, is Minister of underground organization. With the lead of the director of the underground organization, the third party contracted more than 547.57 million yuan of projects, and the proportion of these project funds was 5%, 8%, 10%, 15% respectively.

The court held that since May 2008, Yang Xiaoping, taking advantage of her position, has successively accepted bribes of RMB 1.58 million from the parties and clients, more than RMB 17.91 million from others, 50000 from influence, and more than RMB 4.05 million and 1800 grams of yellow gold from personal property, which cannot be explained. Yang Xiaoping was expelled from the party and public office, and sentenced to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, confiscation of all personal property.

Opinion journalists noted that Yang Xiaoping had been commuted from life imprisonment to 22 years imprisonment in June this year. According to the information network of commutation, parole and temporary execution outside prison of the national court, the man served his sentence in Shanxi womens prison, and the date of applying for commutation is May 2 this year.

The reasons for commutation include serious participation in ideological, cultural and technical learning, etc. in the aspect of labor transformation, the person has completed the post tasks well in the manual paper flower post, and the attendance rate has reached 100%. The prison also said Yang received nine more praise.

Finally, on June 30 this year, Shanxi High Court issued a criminal ruling, reducing Yang Xiaopings term of imprisonment to 22 years, that is, from June 30, 2017 to June 29, 2039

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