Fear of being called up young Americans paralyze the military service registry website

 Fear of being called up young Americans paralyze the military service registry website

As the situation escalates, Americans are really flustered. In addition to the WWIII World War III hot search on twitter, another hot word dodge draft is popular all over the network.

A large number of young Americans rushed into the conscription website for consultation due to fear of war, which once paralyzed the official website of the US military service registration bureau, CNN reported Thursday.

Screenshot of CNN report

The beheading of Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards al Quds brigade in Iran, triggered a threat of retaliation from the Iranian government and led to an escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran.

American netizens are worried. There is a discussion upsurge in social media, such as whether the two countries will have a war, whether the United States will conscription for this and so on.

At the age of 18, having filled in the military service registration, American youth who meet the requirements for conscription are in a hurry to search online whether they will be conscripted, and how to avoid conscription.

According to Mashable, Googles search volume for keywords such as age of conscription and avoiding conscription surged after the US launched an air raid on Baghdad on the 3rd. In addition, the website of the U.S. military service registration bureau, which is responsible for military conscription registration, was paralyzed due to traffic overload.

Search volume of avoid conscription is surging, Google data

According to CNN, the U.S. conscription system ended in 1973. The U.S. military has a conscription system, with 1.2 million standing troops. Forced conscription is just a rumor on the Internet. But it does not mean that military service registration can be evaded. Under US law, all men between the ages of 18 and 25 must provide basic personal information to the military service registration system, otherwise they will be subject to legal sanctions.

On the 3rd local time, the U.S. military service registration bureau tweeted to refute the rumor, saying that due to the spread of false information, our website is currently experiencing a lot of traffic. If you are trying to register or verify your registration, please check back later today and we are working to resolve this issue. We thank you for your patience.

Twitter screenshot (the same below)

However, the reply did not dispel the concerns of Americans. A large number of Internet users left a message asking how to cancel the registration. The military service registration bureau had to emphasize again and again that registration is the duty of 18-25-year-old men.

Cancel registration failed, some netizens were completely angry. A netizen left a message calling the government tyrant, saying, force people to register for military service, or they will face the disaster of imprisonment, which is the door of freedom.

It is not just young American men who are worried about the outbreak of the war. You dont want my son in a tyrants war, says one mother

Another netizen asked, now that I have identified myself as a woman, how can I cancel the registration?

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