Shenzhen payment companys illegal settlement has been investigated! 9.2 billion cases involved have been invested by Baidu

 Shenzhen payment companys illegal settlement has been investigated! 9.2 billion cases involved have been invested by Baidu

Tianyancha information shows that since its establishment, Aibei information has also been invested by northern lights venture capital, Baidu and other institutions.

On December 30, the Xinhua News Agency reported that the police in Dalian, Liaoning Province, under the deployment and command of the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security, had recently uncovered a major illegal business case. Shenzhen Aibei Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aibei) is engaged in the illegal fund payment and settlement business in the name of aggregate payment and intercepts the funds of merchants, involving more than 9.2 billion yuan.

In Abbeys case, it involves the phenomenon of two clearing of illegal settlement, the most obvious feature is that after the settlement of funds, it is not directly to the merchants account. A senior payment industry person in East China told the securities firm China reporter, its difficult to guarantee the fund security of the merchants of Erqing settlement, but because Erqing machine can avoid some payment procedures and the rate is low, it is still circulating among some merchants.

The aggregation payment itself is not illegal, but if the aggregation payment platform engages in settlement business and intercepts the funds of merchants, forming the so-called fund pool , it is an illegal act with great risk. According to the person in charge of the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security, a distinctive feature of the illegal payment and settlement business is that the platform intercepts the money paid by consumers to merchants without the payment business license issued by the peoples Bank of China, directly withdraws the handling fee from it, and then transfers it to the merchant account.

According to the person in charge of the case handling and economic investigation, since May this year, due to the private misappropriation of business funds by Albert, at least 30 million yuan of funds has been unable to be paid to businesses.

Although it has been severely cracked down by the supervision for a long time, it is not uncommon for illegal payment and settlement to swallow the merchants money, but there are other reasons for the huge amount of money involved in the interception of merchants like Abbey.

According to the police, these illegal online payment platforms have also become hotbeds for the development and spread of other illegal crimes. For example, they provide financial settlement services for websites engaged in online crimes such as gambling and pornography.

There is actually a phenomenon of black eating and black eating in this field, the police told Xinhua news agency, a total of 519 merchants funds have been frozen, but now only 115 have submitted materials to apply for unfreezing. Abbe company knows that some businesses are engaged in illegal business, even if their funds are withheld, they dare not call the police.

According to the police, illegal online payment activities build underground channels between legal capital channels and illegal and criminal activities, make up the transaction background, help illegal and criminal funds escape supervision, seriously disrupt the order of financial market and endanger the payment safety; it will continue to crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as online payment, effectively maintain the order of financial market, and maintain the safety and purity of public funds The environment of payment market.

Seize the mobile payment outlet, once covering 340 million users

What is the origin of this Shenzhen platform?

According to the industrial and commercial information revealed by the enterprise investigation, Shenzhen Aibei Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2010, with a paid in registered capital of 2 million yuan. There are 12 registered industrial and commercial shareholders, among which Qiu yuekun, the founder and CEO of the company, holds 30.46% of the shares and is a major shareholder and the actual controller of the company.

According to some official publicity materials of the company, Qiu yuekun acted in a low-key way, born in 1975, and joined chinaonline in 1998; in 2000, he joined, HR Director, and was responsible for the recruitment of the whole technical team of Shenzhen company. In 2001, he joined Zhuowang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and participated in China mobile data business support system mobile dream network business.

Around 2012, Chinas mobile Internet continued to gallop forward, countless apps were born, and mobile payment has become the entrance for giants to compete.

Qiu yuekun, a technical background, obviously has a very accurate sense of the market. Since all apps are operators, except for super operators like wechat and Baidu map, most apps cant build their own payment channels, complete transaction systems and perfect service systems, so lets help them.

Based on the prediction that all apps in the future are one operator, Qiu yuekun founded Abbey cloud billing in 2010 to provide payment solutions and supporting services for apps. According to entrepreneurs, Abbey cloud billing was founded in 2010. By December 2015, Abbeys services had 12000 cooperative application developers, covering 340 million users.

From Qiu yuekuns recollection, in March 2012, Aibei once fell into a two-month low and more than 30 employees of the company didnt pay wages for three months. At that time, it was invested by the famous venture capital, northern lights. However, according to the information from the enterprise investigation, no Aurora Borealis has been found among the current 12 registered industrial and commercial shareholders.

It is noteworthy that Beijing Fuhui Yida Technology Co., Ltd., a shareholder holding 5.13% of the equity, has 38 foreign investment enterprises, covering Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other places. Besides information technology, half of the businesses involved involve commercial factoring, which is often complicated supply chain and trade finance.

In general, fund clearing, UnionPay, bank or payment company directly deal with the merchant, and the money goes directly to the merchants account, while Abbeys is equivalent to that the merchants money has another hand on it. If its payment chain collapses or it runs maliciously, the merchants money will be lost. The above payment industry told reporters.

The second Qing Dynasty institutions and unlicensed illegal payment institutions, which were separated from the formal payment and clearing system and drilled holes, formed a complex payment gray financial network nested layer by layer. When they challenged the difficulty of penetrating supervision, they would also bring greater losses to a wider range of investors, which has been a phenomenon of strict supervision. In recent years, some illegal online payment platforms provide payment interface services for illegal and criminal behaviors such as yellow gambling, telecommunication fraud and underground bank through technical means, so as to make huge profits. The public security organs have cracked a number of illegal online payment cases, destroyed a number of illegal payment platforms, and maintained the national financial management order.

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