Trump: if Iran hurts Americans, it will hit 52 targets quickly and severely

 Trump: if Iran hurts Americans, it will hit 52 targets quickly and severely

Screenshot of trump twitter

The full text of Trumps Twitter is as follows:

How dare Iran dare to talk about retaliation against specific assets of the United States? Just because we have just eliminated their terrorist leader, the one who just killed an American and seriously injured many people, not to mention how many people he killed in his life in Iran (including hundreds of Iranian demonstrators) This man has attacked our embassy and is planning to attack other targets. Iran has been an unsolved problem for many years. Take this (twitter) as a warning. If the Iranians dare to attack the Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian targets (yes, the number is corresponding to that years 52 American hostages were taken by Iran). Some of the targets are extremely important to Iran and its culture, and they will be hit fast and hard! The United States does not want to see any more threats!

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A screenshot of Trumps Twitter.

On the 3rd local time in Washington, US President trump also tweeted about the killing of major general sleimani of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Holy City Brigade in the early morning of the 3rd US military air strike (local time in Iraq).

Trump tweeted as follows:

For quite a long time. General solamani has killed or seriously injured thousands of Americans, and is planning to kill many more But he was caught! He was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions of people, including the recent killing of a large number of protesters in Iran. Iran will never admit that solani was hated and feared in that country. They (Iranians) will not be as sad as their leaders want the world to believe, and solani should have been killed many years ago!

Its not hard to see that trump has always used emotional words in twitter, and showed no pity for the death of the Iranian general.

A screenshot of Trumps Twitter.

Trump then updated twitter again, as follows:

The United States has been paying Iraq billions of dollars a year for many years, and thats the best we can do for them. The Iraqi people do not want to be ruled or controlled by Iran, but in the end, that will be their choice. Over the past 15 years, Iran has gained more and more control in Iraq. The Iraqi people dont like this. It wont have a good result!

Trumps words are like that he is the real spokesman of the Iraqi people

Before these tweets, trump just tweeted that Iran has never won a war, but has not lost a negotiation.

Not long before Trumps launch, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio tweeted early Wednesday, saying the United States is committed to easing tensions. On twitter, he said he had talked to Dominique RAB, the British foreign secretary. We discussed with Dominic Rab the recent decision to take defensive action to eliminate Kassem solemani, he said. Thank our allies for recognizing the continuing threat of aggression posed by Irans al Quds. The United States remains committed to easing tensions.