Iran will take legal action or carry out cyber attacks on US military bombers

 Iran will take legal action or carry out cyber attacks on US military bombers

Several cyber security experts warned on the same day that Irans retaliation could include cyber attacks.

[legal channel

Iran will hold the United States legally responsible for the bombing of suleymani, state television reported Wednesday, citing foreign minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif as the source.

This is clearly a terrorist act... Iran will launch a variety of legal measures at the international level to hold the United States responsible for the assassination of suleymani.

Iran told the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres that under international law, Iran has the right to defend itself.

In a letter, Majid taht lavanci, permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations, wrote that the killing of suleymani by US troops was typical state terrorism and criminal act contrary to the basic principles of international law, especially the Charter of the United Nations.

Guterres is very concerned about recent tensions in the Middle East. His spokesman, Farhan HAQ, said in a statement Wednesday that this is a time when leaders of many countries must exercise maximum restraint and the world cannot afford another Gulf War.

[cyber attack?

Several cyber security experts warned Wednesday that hackers supported by Iran may use malware to attack us targets such as factories, oil and gas processing facilities.

The websites of Bank of America, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Stock Exchange and other financial institutions were attacked by hackers in 2012 and 2013, and their services were interrupted. After that, the server of a casino in Las Vegas was attacked by hackers, and gambling and hotel services were interrupted. Those hackers are supported by Iran in response to US sanctions against Iran, the Associated Press reported.

After the signing of the comprehensive agreement on Irans nuclear issue by the United States, Iran and other relevant countries in 2015, Irans cyber offensive against us targets weakened. According to the associated press, the US military bombing of suleymani completely broke the balance.

John heltequist, director of intelligence analysis at fireeye, a U.S. cyber security company, believes that Iraq has an opportunity to launch destructive cyber attacks, fearing that the situation before the signing of the Iranian nuclear agreement will return.

Charlotte Wright, a former analyst with the U.S. National Security Agency, said Iran could launch cyber attacks against targets in Israel and the United States.

Christopher Krebs, cybersecurity officer of the U.S. Department of homeland security, tweeted on social media to remind government agencies and businesses to update their perceptions of Irans support for hacking cyber attacks and keep an eye on key systems.

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