No casualties were caused by rocket attacks on two Iraqi military bases

 No casualties were caused by rocket attacks on two Iraqi military bases

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On the night of January 4, there were two rocket attacks near the coalition bases in Baghdad and Ballard, and a total of 13 attacks in the past two months, coalition spokesman Colonel Colonel Myers B. carkins III said

Kagins also said that the attack took place in the evening of the 4th local time, just four minutes, the shelling did not cause us casualties.

According to AFP, RT and other foreign media, on the night of January 4 local time in Baghdad, the Iraqi security department issued a statement saying that many areas in Iraq were attacked by rockets and mortars, including near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in the green zone and Balad Air Force Base in the north of Baghdad, where U.S. troops are stationed. Three Iraqi soldiers were injured and the runway of the airport was damaged by the rocket that attacked Balad Air Force base. The Iraqi security forces are currently conducting an investigation.

U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq, source: Reuters

Shortly after that, President trump of the United States updated his tweet, accusing Iran vehemently. Iran is brave enough to talk about retaliation against specific U.S. assets because we just got rid of their terrorist leader, the one who just killed an American and seriously injured many people, not to mention how many people he killed in Iran in his life (including hundreds of Iranian demonstrators) This man has attacked our embassy and is planning to attack other targets. Iran has been an unsolved problem for many years. Take this (twitter) as a warning. If Iranians dare to attack Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian targets (yes, the number is corresponding to that years 52 American hostages were taken by Iran). Some of these targets are extremely important to Iran and its culture, and they will be hit fast and hard! The United States does not want to see any more threats! Trump wrote.

Multiple rockets fired in unison! Attack on US embassy and base in Iraq

According to Reuters, two Katyusha rockets attacked the Balad Air Force Base in northern Baghdad, Iraq, where US troops are stationed. The same type of rocket landed in the green zone near the US embassy in Baghdad. According to press TV, witnesses earlier claimed to have heard explosions in the Iraqi capital. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, has been hit by missiles, BBC reporter nafiseh kohnavard wrote on twitter Shortly after hearing the explosion, American helicopters circled over Baghdad.