Its said that every womans bag contains this carcinogen

 Its said that every womans bag contains this carcinogen

Because even if you put it on your face, I cant see that you use Armani foundation and Givenchy powder.

If you rub lipstick, I can feel your aura of 2.8 meters away.

But there are always some people who cant look at lipstick, who will say something cool on the side:

So many lipsticks, are you not afraid to eat them into your stomach and cause cancer?

Does it cause cancer or not?

What I said doesnt count. Lets make this clear by putting the facts and reasoning out today.

1. Is red lead poisoning caused by mouth rubbing

The most controversial ingredient in lipstick is lead. Lead can lead to poisoning, as we all know.

There are two kinds of lead in lipstick, inorganic and organic lead compounds.

According to the international agency for research on cancer (IARC), inorganic lead compounds may be carcinogenic to humans, and they are listed at the same level as red meat.

That is to say, if the lipstick can cause cancer because of inorganic lead compounds, then you can also cause cancer if you eat pig, sheep and beef.

However, the carcinogenicity of organic lead compounds in human beings is not yet classified. The inability to classify means there is not enough evidence to prove that it causes cancer.

However, even if the lead in lipstick can actually cause cancer, regardless of the dose, its actually rogue.

So we need to find out what the lead content in lipstick is.

In other words, cosmetics manufacturers have been able to limit the lead content of lipstick to 10 ppm or less according to the current technology.

According to the report, who issued a provisional weekly tolerable intake (PTWI) of lead in 2010, which is 25 u03bc g / kg.

Lets say that there is a 50kg girl now. One lipstick is 5g. You let her eat lipstick directly.

Eat 25 Lipsticks in a week to exceed the safety value.

Li Jiaqi cant do it.

And when you put a lipstick on your lips, you eat less than 15 percent of it. (not including the part shared by boyfriend, oh, you dont have a boyfriend)

Therefore, we can boldly say that lipstick of regular brands on the market is unlikely to cause lead poisoning [7].

But some people say there is more than lead in lipstick!

Yes, another FDA study found that lipstick also contains arsenic, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, mercury and nickel [8].

But most of these metals are small and not enough to cause cancer.

There is no evidence that they are a threat to your health.

2. Is the preservative in lipstick carcinogenic

The second possible dangerous molecule in lipstick is butylbenzyl phthalate.

However, you really dont need to talk about chemical substances on the color change, after all, the world is full of chemical substances.

Lets first understand what butylbenzyl phthalate is.

It actually has similar properties to estrogen.

Scientists have done experiments in rats and found that it may cause bladder problems in male rats. It also did not increase the risk of cancer in mice.

Moreover, neither the American carcinogen report nor the international agency for cancer research has determined its carcinogenicity.

The third potential killer may be butyl hydroxyanisole.

But butylhydroxyanisole is a food grade preservative. Its used in many foods. You can buy instant noodles in the supermarket.

If lipstick causes cancer, instant noodles can also cause cancer.

Although, the FDA classified butylhydroxyanisole as a suspected carcinogen, because in some animal experiments, it can cause gastric cancer in rats, male mice and hamsters, and liver cancer in fish.

But human experiments on the substance are rare, so its not sure whether its a human carcinogen.

At present, FDA also allows it to be used as a food additive [6].

In addition, another 6.3-year-old study involving more than 120000 people shows that if you only eat a small amount of butylhydroxyanisole daily, it has nothing to do with cancer such as gastric cancer [9].

Of course, there is no absolute world, no one can say lipstick is absolutely safe.

In particular, children and pregnant women, if ingested solid or liquid lipstick, may have an impact.

Because fetuses and children are more likely to absorb lead, they are more likely to suffer from lead poisoning [1].

In addition to the controversial carcinogenic ingredients, other main substances in lipstick are oil, wax, organic dyes, spices, etc.

Generally speaking, the cost of lipstick produced by regular manufacturers must be food grade, so as long as you buy it regularly, there is no risk of cancer.

All in all, lipstick that has been tested and listed on the market at present, especially lipstick of big brands, is basically impossible to have big problems.

3. Is cheap lipstick carcinogen more

I know that many girls are worried about the problem that the manufacturers are not formal, especially a lot of cheap lipstick, tens of dollars, even tens of dollars, they can be safely painted?

Strictly speaking, the amount of lead in lipstick has nothing to do with its price.

You see, even the affordable LOreal lipstick can be low in lead.

Therefore, as long as the lipstick is produced by regular manufacturers, you can rest assured to apply it.

But what makes me speechless is that many girls on a sweet potato actually make their own lipstick at home in order to boast that its pure and natural (or to save money).

This is a picture and text of self-made lipstick teaching that I found on the Internet.

It is impossible to provide you with a sterile environment after all:

Yes, thats the basic tool:

White beeswax and candlelight tree wax are common raw materials for lipstick. Regular lipstick is food grade. Im not sure if this elder sister uses them.

There is no preservative in the raw material. How about bacteria after one use? It seems that elder sister is going to make a disposable lipstick?

The point is, the toner is the colorant of lipstick. As a result, the elder sisters understatement of imported from America is over.

Colorant, which is the source of organic metal lake or mineral, has the risk of heavy metal pollution.

The heavy metal content of colorants is strictly regulated in various countries, and regular manufacturers dare not joke about it at all.

The color powder that oneself buys casually on the net, did not pass heavy metal content detection, where to say on poisoning?

Look at this production step again. It seems that the hands exposed in the upper left corner are not wearing gloves and the brushes are not disinfected?

I cant understand. Is this a lipstick or a Petri dish?

As for the lipstick produced in this way, I can only say that its OK to watch a handicraft at home. Never put it on your mouth if you have nothing to do.

She said that the traditional Chinese medicine formula, but added some Poria powder.

However, the polysaccharides contained in Poria cocos powder are macromolecules, which cannot be absorbed by lips at all.

Readers who have seen our ovarian maintenance scam before should remember.

It is almost impossible for external drugs, including essential oils, to be absorbed by our skin.

Whats more, a lipstick with such a small area on the lips?

So its more dangerous to use substances that have not been tested.

This kind of lipstick is not made. Its heding red. Take one with you.

Anyway, its better to eat something safer.

This paper has been reviewed by Zhao Yingxi, postgraduate of clinical medicine, Oxford University, visiting scholar Huang Luqi, Department of physiology, Yang Luling Medical College, National University of Singapore


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