FA Cup - Manchester Uniteds 0-0 draw with wolves in Rushford

 FA Cup - Manchester Uniteds 0-0 draw with wolves in Rushford

The seventh minute, Greenwood with the ball into the left side of the penalty area 12 yards to shoot high. In the 12th minute, endo left the corner on the right side, and the header from 6 yards of Seth was blocked out of the baseline. Nevis left corner, the front point Dun East Kerr head after rub, after the point dorty 5 yards to shoot, Romero Shenyong saved. In the 15th minute, Seths free kick 30 yards to the right was blocked by the wall. In the 24th minute, James passed the ball, Greenwood shot the defender to slow down and Rudy got the ball.

In the 26th minute, Pereira shot high. In the 29th minute, James shot high. The first 31 minutes, Williams with the ball into the penalty area with some big ball, duntonkel has been stuck in the body position, but he somehow stumbled to let the birth position, after physical contact with Williams are in the penalty area, Manchester United want to take a penalty var referee think not. In the 35th minute Nevis shot high. The 37th minute, Mata passes, James right rib 16 yards right foot low shot far corner play. At the end of the first half, the two teams with more substitutes played badly and had no chance to draw 0-0.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 51st minute, trauley passed the ball, and Romero saved the left foot from 18 yards in midfield. In the 57th minute, Seth picks up the yellow card. Matas left footed free kick from 25 yards to the right of the main penalty was missed. In the 64th minute, trauleys right cross, marquells header failed to completely clear, and then he volleyed 7 yards away from weinagre. The 67th minute, Greenwood right cut left foot long-range shot high.

In the 70th minute, Manchester United midfield broke the ball to fight back, Greenwood passed the ball, and the unguarded Rushford shot 12 yards from the left rib was blocked by the guard and bounced up on the crossbeam. In the 72nd minute, Kilman picks up the yellow card. The 76th minute, Johnny left cross, defenceless dorty 6 yards place header to break the goal, but the playback to see his header on his arm to re-enter the net, the goal is invalid. In the 78th minute, Johnny shot from 16 yards to the left.

The 81st minute, wolves counterattack, Jimenez took the ball to the right baseline almost zero angle 8 yards to shoot, the ball hit on the right column pop. In the 83rd minute, mutino missed the long shot. The 86th minute, Ashley young tactical foul to prevent counterattack received a yellow card. The 92nd minute, Traore right cross, Jimenez 12 yards volley was blocked. In the 94th minute, Mourinho was fouled and booked by Fred. In the 95th minute, darot missed a long shot. In the end, the two teams drew 0-0.

Wolves (343): 21 Rudy / 32 duntonkel, 16 Cody, 49 Kilman / 2 dorty, 27 Seth (7128-mutinio), 8 Nevis, 29 vinagre (7519-joni) / 37 Traore, 56 Ashley Hill (469-jimenez), 7 endo

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